As a guide to friendship with dragons.

In this yakuza: As a guide to the friendship of the dragons we explain how you can deepen the friendship with the members of your party. Under the yakuza: Like the dragon, you fight enemies with your entire group, and it’s important that you make friends and improve your relationships with your group members so that each of them can behave well with you in different scenarios.

Friendship officer – Yakuza: Like the dragon

Our Yakuza: As in the Dragon Friendship Manual, everything you need to know to maintain and develop friendships with the Yakuza is described in detail: Like the dragon.

The importance of friendship among yakuza: Like the dragon.

The members of your party are like your family in the Yakuza: Just like the dragon and the more you take care of them, the stronger your bond will be and the more useful they will be to you. There are also other aspects of the game that will only be unlocked for you with higher friendships. These include certain types of work that require a certain friendship with certain characters.

If you reach the maximum XP with your party members, they will get the maximum XP at the end of each battle. Once you have reached the mandatory maximum level, all party members will get the maximum XP level, even if they are not currently active in your party for that particular battle. In addition, members with a higher level of friendship will also carry out multiple strikes on their enemies in subsequent attacks.

To raise the level of friendship among the Yakuza: Like the dragon.

Raising the level of friendship is crucial in the game, but it is not so difficult. There are many ways to increase the level of friendship with the members of your party. The first thing you have to do is take them into battle. The more you involve your party members in the battle, the more they will react and become your friends. This is one of the easiest ways to improve your relationships with party members. Also make sure that you communicate with your party members every time a text balloon appears.

In addition to the fighting, many side activities in the game are a good way to increase the level of friendship with the members of your party. You can visit and eat in several restaurants that will not only increase your communication level, but will also fill the MP and HP levels of your entire party. You can also go with your group to hostess clubs to eat and talk to different hostesses to please your group. In addition, any other sideline activity is also a great way to increase your connectivity while playing fun little games.

Exceptional treatment

All party members abide by the above rules, except Erie, who will not join your party until you start managing the minigames. She is also the only member of the party not directly involved in one of the most important missions of the plot. That’s why you can only strengthen your ties by taking higher steps in the management of the minigame. Keep playing with her and she’ll deepen your bond even further.

Alignment of the membership deposit

The last step to increase the level of friendship between the party members is to talk to them while enjoying a drink at the Survive Bar. You will talk to them and they will reveal their past and their personal affairs to you. They’re called drinking conversations, and they’re vital. If you see a dialogue bubble with a heart symbol, it’s time to talk to that particular party member to deepen their friendship.

That’s all you need to know to intensify relations with your party members. If you need more help with the yakuza: Like the dragon, you can see the instructions below.

That’s the end of our yakuza: As a guide to friendship with dragons. If you want to add something to this guide, you can use the comment section below.

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