World of Warcraft has four world leaders: Shady areas, and they rotate every week. Every week there’s a new boss in a new place, and you don’t have to be part of a raiding party to kill him and get his loot. The chiefs are Mortanis of Maldrax, Oranomonos of Ardenveald, Nurgash MacFormed of Revendreth and Valinor of Bastion. In this article, we present the WoW Shadowlands World Leaders Rotation Calendar for the coming weeks.

World Bosses are probably the easiest way to get high level loot of ilvl 207 type, which is equivalent to Natria’s castle pieces in normal difficulty. Look for an overall pattern in each of the four main twilight regions.

WoW Shadowlands Global Boss Rotation Program

Here’s the next World Boss rotation in World of Warcraft: Shaded areas:

  • 12. January: Oranomonos
  • 26. January: Valinor
  • 2. February: Mortanis
  • 9. February: Oranomonos
  • 16. February: Nurgash
  • 23. February: Valinor
  • 2. Mars: Mortanis
  • 9. Mars: Oranomonos
  • 16. Mars: Nurgash
  • 23. Mars: Valinor
  • 30. Mars: Mortanis


Mortanis is in the House of the Chosen, closest to the trajectory of the spearhead. You will find it in the south-central part of Muldrax. Its powers are as follows:

  • Crawl down the spine: Bone spikes that cause physical damage in a straight line in front of them.
  • A disgusting madness: Increases the rush by 100%.
  • Bone fission: Clears all targets in the front area, causing physical damage that is spread across everyone.
  • Skull screaming: Attach a skull to an enemy that explodes after eight seconds, inflicting Shadow damage to all nearby enemies combined.
  • Lord of the fallen: Bones that form an uncomfortable residue and reduce spinal hypothermia.
  • Skeleton: Sugar skeletons to help Mortanis.

Mortanis drops the memory of Kiefer (the dualistic monk), the memory of the Talisman of Betrayal (the rogue monk), and the memory of Fujida (the evil warrior). WoW Shadowlands World Boss Rotation Program for Mortanis for 2. February, 2. March and 30. Mars.


Nurgash lies in the upper northwest corner of Revendreth. Take the shortest path to dominance. The capabilities of this world leader:

  • Hardened manure: Increases physical damage by 10% and reduces attack speed by 5%. It can be stacked.
  • Stone Fist: Hits the target and inflicts heavy physical damage.
  • Stone Stop: Corkscrew on the ground, causing physical harm to nearby players.
  • Love at first sight: Explodes an area of rock projectiles causing physical damage.
  • The hailstones: Throws heavy stones and inflicts physical damage on enemies at a distance.
  • It’s a deep slum: Falling asleep, healing every second.

Nurgash drops Memory of the Mad Monster (Unholy DK), Memory of the Unpredictable Fellon (Havoc DH), Memory of Azjakir’s Madness (Destructive Wizard). The WoW Shadowlands World Boss rotation schedule for Nurgash is 16. February and 16. Mars.


Valinor, the Light of the Ages, is located in the Temple of Devotion on the northwest bastion. The nearest escape route is Collectors Terrace, so get there as soon as possible. These are his skills:

  • Anima Wind: It evacuates excess anime and inflicts dark damage on nearby enemies within a 60 meter radius.
  • Anima unleashed: Bombard the area with anima every 0.5 seconds.
  • Reload Anima: Turn off the power for 30 seconds to recharge Anima’s reserves.
  • Sign of repentance: Humiliates the enemy and reduces diligence by 20%.
  • Lisonia’s call: Lysonia sends a shout to the neighboring Forsaken and marks you as an enemy, increasing their range.
  • An explosion of loaded animals: Shoot a concentrated animation that deals dark damage and jumps to an ally. Chains with nearby enemies and increases each jump by 25%.
  • Anima Charge: Shoot an Anima bolt that deals stealth damage to enemies within twenty feet.

Valinor drops the memory of Judgment (Ret Pally), the memory of Archbishop Benedict (Holy Priest), and the memory of the resurrection of the Lava Wind (Elemental Shaman).


Oranomonos is located in the southwest corner of the Ardennes forest. You can take the flight path to Ruth’s house and fly over it. Pay attention to these skills:

  • Dry winds: It damages every second and reduces the risk of being hit by 30%.
  • Implant: Focus on the roots that are damaging nature every second.
  • Reproduction : Cures Oranomonos every three seconds for one minute.
  • Mud from the fallen shrine: It inflicts heavy damage every three seconds to anyone within range and slows the speed of movement.
  • Rapid growth: It roots the enemy and inflicts thirty seconds of damage on nature every second.
  • Seeds of mourning: Releasing seeds that harm the nature of nearby enemies.

Oranomonos reactivates the Save Beast Influence (Restoration Druid), Save Shot (Sniper Hunter) and Save Hash (Fire Mage) spells. WoW Shadowlands World Patron rotation for the Oranomonos in Ardenveald on the 12th. January 9. February and February 9. Mars.

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