After my first guide with Thundererer I decided to present my favorite 10 BB level, the French battleship Bourgogne.

They thought Thunderbird was the strongest BB, but…

52kgxs4gkb961 - The world of warships written in lead:Burgundy

Is Burgundy a reference to Jojo?

This ship has often been overlooked and poorly played, despite being the number one winner and the destroyer of all the other level 10 battleships in the game. It was on average the most damaged ship in the game until the Roosevelt arrived.


Burgundy was the 4th planned Alsatian battleship of the French Navy, together with Alsace, Flanders and Normandy. In the world of warships, this is the Alsace #3 model (3×4 380mm guns), (correct me if I’m wrong), and you can currently get it for 30,000 ** steel**. The deck ship is identical to her brother of level 9, but uses 127 mm French guns because she is subordinate to the 100 mm guns in Alsace. In my opinion, this ship is the most versatile battleship in the game (at the moment) and the most fun of all, and if some captains have trouble playing it, I hope this guide will help.

Parameter analysis

Let’s see what’s waiting for you when you get the boat.

  1. Burgundy has the lowest HP pole of all level 10 battleships, with 74,700 points, below the 82,900 points of Thunderer and Conqueror.
  2. They have an impressive 44% torpedo defense, making this ship top of the list when it comes to torpedoing, only 46% in the Kremlin and 55% in the Yamato/Shikishima.

It’s one of the most shady ships on level 10.

  • Artillery(95) : Main battery

  1. Alsace’s 12 380 mm cannons are housed in three quadruple domes, two at the front, one at the back, but with much more powerful calibres.
  2. Burgundy has a sigma value of 1.8, which means that your shots will be more regular, a better value than the 1.7 sigma value for Alsace for the Nerf, but the accuracy of your weapon will still haunt you from time to time (NOTE: the sigma value does not affect the radius of spread of your weapon, only the regularity with which your projectiles will move towards the center of the beam!)
  3. With all these advantages, the basic battery charging time is reduced to 24.6 seconds, making Burgundy the 12-weapon battleship with the fastest firing rate in the game (not counting the charging booster).
  4. The turn of the revolver takes 45 seconds (quite average), nothing special here.
  5. You have a HE penetration of 63mm (380 divided by 6), you can write the deck armour on all battleships except the Pomerania and Freidrich the Great.
  6. AP alpha damage is quite low, but that’s normal because you have the smallest caliber of a T10 BB in the game.
  7. They have a very good range of 24.3 kilometres.
  8. Burgundian bullets have an astonishing velocity of 830m/s when hitting the Kremlin, but 10m/s less than the Republic, but keep in mind that because of their small calibre, your bullets will slow down at longer distances due to air resistance.
  9. They have the lowest AP penetration of all Level 10 battleships.

The guns may not look impressive, but they are.

  • Artillery(95) : Secondary battery

  1. Burgundy found 127 mm French cannons on the Marceau and the Colbert. They have a pretty good reload time of 4 seconds, the ship carries 8 domes with 2 guns each, 4 on each side.
  2. The Burgundian also had 3×3 152 mm guns, 2 domes at the rear and 1 at the front.
  3. They have a standard range of 7.9 km, one km less than secondary replicas.

In the end I won’t talk so much about the secondary, because even if the secondary is decent, the ship is too soft to enter the secondary and survive a considerable amount of time to have any effect. Please no secondary

  1. They have a pretty good aura of 494 DPS in the middle area.
  2. You’ve got a fair amount of flake explosions (8 of them): Flak only exists until the planes are 3.5 km away from the ship, after which it is only a visual effect that does not cause any real damage. 7b7

Because if a résumé wants to ruin your day, it’ll ruin your day.

  1. At 32 knots, Burgundy has the highest crew speed of any 10-storey battleship.
  2. You’d think the smallest of the Tier X BB’s would turn around quickly, but the GT said nada. They have a medium turning circle of 910 meters.
  3. The turnaround time is 16.6 seconds, which is sufficient. 9cd97c98f94c2de

Their detectability at a distance from the sea (with all its advantages) is a good 13.2 km.

vy0xxb5ypb961 - World of Warships how to write a guide:Burgundy


Since Burgundy is a ship that depends on consumables to do its work, we will look at it and give some examples of when it is time to use them.

  • Damage limitation side: If you have been playing this game for a while, you need to know how to use it, it is mainly intended for new players.
  1. Don’t use it if you get set on fire somewhere. If you are constantly under the influence of highly explosive projectiles, wait until you are set on fire in different parts before using it effectively, I also recommend that you try to get out of this situation so that you don’t get set on fire again.
  2. If you are under attack, but manage to disable or flee from target ships, use it.
  • Repair group: Pretty standard healing, you can heal a larger part of your ship as you HE and concentrated fire as they are 100% curable, compared to AP penetration which is only 50% cured and citadel hits which are only 10% cured.
  • **Main Battery Recharge Booster (*****Comes Fun)*** For 20 seconds, your main battery will be charged twice as fast, reducing Burgundy’s charging time to 11.8 seconds, the correct charging time and you can spit out 36 grenades in about 30 seconds:
  1. AP: Since battleships are opportunistic ships designed to punish mistakes and take control of the map to maximize your AP power in that ship, you want to wait until your enemy shows wide sides and then use rechargeable boosters. It is ideally used when you reload and your weapons are not ready in time to punish the enemy ship, or if you manage to catch a ship with a wide flank that you know will not come to you soon.
  2. IL: If you have to blow up enemy ships and have no other option than HE, the idea in this scenario is to use MBRB to fire and wait for the enemy to use the damage limitation to repair them, and then after 30 seconds to fire another 36 HE shells and set up a Permafire for them.

These are some of the basic situations in which this consumable can be used optimally. There are other situations, but they mainly depend on the way the game is played.

  • Give the engine a boost: By default this consumable takes up to 3 minutes, but with the improved modification you can get from Arsenal, it can take up to 4 minutes. This is a very important consumable because it can help you reach 39 knots in BB (absurd), and I will talk about it in the game style section of this guide, but I will give you 3 important applications of this consumable:
  1. Going to the flanks fast enough to surprise the enemy by moving on the flanks and creating crossfire on enemy ships is probably the most effective style of play (we’ll come back to this later).
  2. With this ship you refuel while walking a medium distance to effectively avoid enemy fire.
  3. Shake it.

Shielded installation

I will not go into the details of the foreclosure project, but I will simply show you what is important and relevant for a better execution in this boat.

  • Bridge painting : From bow to stern you have 32 mm at your disposal, which means spammers like to shoot you, so you have to be careful if you go too far or you will be severely punished. ced711498aefcd4ff261b59f80119a

  • Citadel: You have a citadel above the waterline where it is protected by a French turtle, which means you will not eat citadels very often NOTE: Since you don’t have an icebreaker on the front, this means that theoretically you can be shipped off the front by Yamato/Shikishima and Musashi!

The heights of the citadel


The towers: You always have the famous French turrets down, when you’re in melee, you want to use your damage control team wisely to make sure the turrets survive the battle. You can also try to make them in the corner of the target to make sure enemy AP bullets bounce off the side armor of the turrets.

The front of the tower is 430 mm.


This is what I prefer and recommend (updates are displayed in the order they appear in the game interface, from left to right).

  • Changing the main armament 1 (1st point) : Standard, especially useful on this ship because of the vulnerability of the dome.
  • **Modification of the acceleration of engine 1 (2nd item) : **Speed is an essential aspect of this ship’s playing style, so the extra time needed to increase speed is always an advantage. (You can get them for charcoal in the armory).
  • **Change of target system 1 (3rd item) : ** As a general rule, the more accurate your weapon, the better.
  • **Damage limitation Amendment 2 (4th digit) : **Standard for me, I always prefer damage resistance to the effects of time on a battleship.
  • **Ment 1 (5th bullet) : **The standard is not only passive tanning protection, but also allows you to walk into an ambush.
  • **Battery upgrade 3(6th point):**No more DAKKA, charging is always good.

Master’s authority

This is what I recommend (take the skills in the following order)

  • **Priority objective : ** As I said with my Thunderbird, if you know how many ships are after you, that can help you decide if you want to play more aggressive or safer. Even if DD is chasing you and the number of indicators drops to 1, it means he is using his torpedo tubes and you are torpedoed, with this information you can take evasive action faster.
  • ** Adrenaline rush: **The loss of health doesn’t seem so bad anymore, if you lose 50% of your health, you get an extra 10%.
  • **Superintendent:**As Burgundy relies on its consumables to maximise its efficiency, it is always good to have each of them and use them in addition.
  • **Percussion expert: **The concussion is passively bronzed and also allows ambushes.
  • **Fire protection : **10% less chance of fire+ reduces the maximum number of fires you can have at the same time from 4 to 3, very important.
  • **Fundamentals of Survivability: **Reduces the duration of floods and fires significantly, and since you have the lowest HP pool of all T10 BBs, you want to save as much HP as possible for future battles (NOTE: This doesn’t mean you have to play super passively, but intelligent).
  • **Expert Marksman ** because I don’t like the 45-second dome on my battleships.

Instructions for use

The part you’re probably all waiting for: how to use this ship.

Let me first summarize some aspects that determine the playing style of this ship before focusing on the different playing styles and positioning.

  1. Burgundy is a medium sized and very versatile ship. The combination of the firepower of the ammunition you can fire, together with the highest speed of the battleship at level 10, makes it a glass cannon capable of delivering a devastating blow to any part of the map with relative ease.
  2. This ship style of play is very active, you want to reposition yourself where you are needed, either push and force the enemy to crash, or kick the enemy cargo to avoid taking control of the map, your style of play should change as the game progresses, because of this versatility, I think the ship is the most powerful battleship in the game, and if you play it well, you can influence the outcome of the game.

For this tutorial I decided to split this chapter (How to use it) into 2 sections : Game and positioning with examples, let’s go!

Game mode

Burgundy is a ship that does not specialise in any particular trade, it is a ship of all trades and that does not master any of these trades, that is why I think it is a ship that requires great skill and that many people find it difficult to find their way around. Depending on the course of events in your game, you will need to change your style of play to help your team.TLDR : The ability to adapt to any situation is the key to success.

  • KitingKiting is a tactic where you actively flee from your opponent and avoid his projectiles. This tactic is ideal if you want to stop your opponent by buying time from your team and trying to stop your opponent from pushing so that your opponents don’t take control of the card and shoot at your teammates.

First use : When the flank you’re standing on collapses and your team is forced to leave it, you have to start flying kites. Usually the enemy team will push on that flank and try to take control of the map and shoot at your teammates. Your goal is to be a thorn in the side of every enemy ship that tries to be aggressive. Usually the enemy comes your way and you have to rely on your UN to get the job done. The goal is to save your team time to recover and put pressure on the enemy.

! Fault! File name not specified. (05kpwj3e61 )

Second use : You can force the enemy ship (or ships) to do too much and put them in a bad position, making them an easier target for your team carrier, but also for you, because this ship is very depleted (see the Consumables tab on the sensible use of rechargeable boosters).

  • Mid-race sniperThe best way to use it is at the beginning of the game, the idea is to sit behind the flanks or behind the middle of the card and try to sit about 15-17 km away from your opponent with AP/HE (depending on the situation), it’s an intermediate style of play between pushing and kiting.

NOTE: It is a very flexible reading style (even if it is more of a positioning).

  • Forward/Forward In this scenario you use your enormous firepower to collapse the enemy flank and secure it for your team, then you need to get closer to the center and create crossfire with your teammates on the other flank. However, if you move forward, you don’t want to be literally in the front line. You want to go wide on the flank where you are and make a cross shot while your teammates push the opponent directly from the front. There are a few conditions that must be met before considering playing Burgundy aggressively, because it cannot make a tank.

NOTE: There are times when you can be at the head of the push, but only if they have far fewer ships than your crew. Basically, you want to be the last nail in the coffin.

Here are the conditions that must be met (not necessarily all, but at least 1 or 2) that can contribute to increasing the chances of success (and survival) of your aggressive game:

  1. There’s no significant threat of DD: Either their DD was killed on that flank or he escaped, an easy way to avoid DDs torpedoing you to death would be to have a radar cruiser on your flank or to have a CV found and hit their DD (sorry DD network: P).
  2. They won’t target the cruisers that are bothering them: I don’t need to stress enough, because of the small scale of this ship, if there are enemy cruisers targeting you and setting you on fire, you might want to retreat and get halfway there.
  3. They have a certain level of combat support: If you have someone who makes some (preferably most) movements, that takes a lot of pressure off.


As I said before, positioning is the most important aspect of this game. Learning to position yourself according to the flow of the game can make the difference between winning and losing.

  • **This position is suitable if you’re an enemy citadel hunter and you’re positioned somewhere in the middle looking at the minimum hood for anyone showing a wide flank.Burgon has fast projectiles, which means long-range fire should be fairly easy, but the spread can be trollistic in some cases, and penetration is quite low, so you may have to dodge
    on the flanks.
for Other
Flexible: Allows you to quickly switch locations to get where you need it most. Strange dispersion and penetration means that your shots may not be effective in time.
High efficiency thanks to cross-fire generation. A low power pole and armor means you have to give up this position when you concentrate.
The ability to shoot on either side with ease. Cannot be used on all cards
  • Flanker / KiterFor this position you want to go wide on the flank of your choice and surprise the enemy, the idea behind this is to create a crossfire between your team trying to get the cap and you going wide, you have a speed boost of 3 minutes that you can use to get there first and be a bad surprise for your opponents. This position suited me best because after reaching the flank I could fall back to the middle quite easily.

for Other
Works on all cards It doesn’t have that much flexibility, if your team wins the flank, you’ll have to wait a while to position yourself closer to the enemy again.
Medium to short distance -> Weapon is more reliable It’s not easy to create a crossfire.
Less concentrated enemy fire In the beginning, you won’t be able to shoot tramps that easily.

I want to write 3 scenarios that are most likely if I take this position.

  1. You crush the enemy team on that flank and go to the middle, the other flank is on a dead end, you move to create a crossfire with your team on the other flank.
  2. You win this flank for your team, but your teammates on the other flank are dead, so now you have to fight for the dominance of the half-capsule, so you have the advantage, usually the enemy will push the half-capsule, so you want to blow them up and delay the pushing so your DD’s have time to catch up. If you are the team pushing the middle cap, you want to go wide and get a crossfire on the defending enemy ships.
  3. Your team is overwhelmed on your flank and you are forced to use a dragon to save time.

BONUS CONTENT: Passing the lady

You’re tired of ramming and your game is over early, well I’m here to help you, I’m going to show you the 2 most possible scenarios that can happen at drive-by.

I consider this ship to be the Drive-By Queen because…

  1. You have a speed of 39 knots (including acceleration), so your opponent will find it hard to ram you if you turn in time.
  2. They have a turtle, so it’s quite difficult (not impossible) to get the citadel and to devalue it…

Here are two of the most common scenarios:

  • A trip to Aries: In this scenario you want to pass but the enemy ship wants to ram, so first you have to anticipate the ramming, to prevent it you have to turn our good part and show some width, the next step is to block your guns at the back. So normally you want his intended ram to land on your midship, after which you can turn it on and use that inertia to keep your stern intact ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) **), so you land with your ship at an angle of about 45 degrees to the bow of the enemy ship, unlock your turrets from their bearing, and you get your free unlocking (I’ll try to place a video example of this)**Not:By the grace of the turrets, make sure your weapons are loaded and use the DCP only at the last moment (in case your weapons break sooner!).)
  • Drive-By to Drive-By: In this scenario, the enemy battleship is also about to pass. Here are some tips that can give you a head start:
  1. Knowing that the enemy is not interested in ramming you, you can pretend to ram your ship in the corner at the last minute and avoid heavy damage.
  2. You don’t have to have a perfect 90-degree angle to hit an enemy citadel. I have citadels on things like the Kremlin in Burgundy, even though the citadel was at an angle of about 30 degrees to my front towers.


Burgundy is a very versatile but poorly defended battleship that depends on absurd speed to survive while dodging incoming missiles. Usually you want to be halfway and often go from EO to PA, the key to success is the ability to adapt to any situation. After all, Burgundy is just an oversized cruiser…

Pay attention: This is not a step-by-step guide, but a basic knowledge that allows you to form your own style to play on this ship, experiment with different tactics and see which one suits you best, I just hope you have used my information as a basis.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if there are things I forgot, I will edit and add the post, I would also like to be able to take more photos, reddit has a limit of 20 photos per post, I will also try to find videos of a few cuts.

I also plan to present technical tree-ships during the week and premium ships at weekends. We apologize for any misspelling.

2020 will satisfy both classic and modern players. To be included in the list, the game must be confirmed for 2020, or there must be a compelling reason to publish it in that year. Therefore, upcoming matches with a simple announcement and no important release date will not be considered.

In 2020 there will be a ton… in the world of video games. Here are fifteen games waiting for you in the first half of 2020.

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