Funcom has just posted the patch notes for their latest update in the MMORPG Wizard101, which is the first since the introduction of the new and improved Dragon’s Call, which was introduced in the previous update. The update has improved server stability, updated Trait Trees, and the addition of new pets in the Crown Shop.

The latest version of Wizard101 is now live on the Wizard101 Test Realm. This version of Wizard101 contains new events, new features, and new rewards that have all been created in collaboration with the Wizard101 community. You can check out the details on everything in this version of Wizard101 by checking out the patch notes.

Wizard101 Patch Notes Today is out, and players are eager to discover the changes to the game. In this article, we will give you the full patch information for this game so that you can explore the changes in the game.

Wizard101 Updated today

Today’s update of Wizard101 has brought many changes to this game. You can discover new objects and events in this game. You can also discover some improvements in this game. The developers have also added a new solar system to this game. In this game you can also communicate with other wizards.

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Wizard101 Patch Notes Today

Here are the full patch notes for this game:

Spellcasting AOE

Some AOE spells get a new revision. The developers of this game have focused on the most commonly used AOE spells. This will reduce your execution time.

Change animated AOE spells

  • Balance: Sandstorm, Ra.
  • Storm: The storm, the stormtrooper, the sirens.
  • Live: Lord of the forest, rebirth.
  • Ice cream: Blizzard, the frosted giant
  • Fire! Fire! Meteoric Shock, Fire Dragon, Rain of Fire
  • Myth: Humongofrog, Orthrus, Mystic Colossus
  • Dead: The reindeer knight, the scarecrow.

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New animal month events

  • New Beastmoon Monster Mayhem events: It includes three new Beastmoon Monster Mayhem events where you can also earn new rewards. That way you’ll come back with even more joy.
  • The new Beast Hunt events: You may have a golden unlock idol for Crocommy Equilibrium.

New skeleton key holders

  • Grizzleheim: King Borr is sitting on a supply of spells. You can find his Savarstaad pass to upgrade your Grizzleheim Lore spells.
  • Caramel: It is unlocked with the gold skeleton keys in today’s Wizard101 patch book.

New rewards forevents

  • Brilliant new gearbox: You can reach a point of semi-depression. A shiny new outfit is a great option to wear. It’s available at Beastmoon events. You can easily get the cloak from the wolf warrior kit. You can also get Beastmoon hunting boots with Wizard101 Patch Notes today.
  • New spells and spell recipes: The developers have added 14 new spells to learn. You can also get new spells.

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Improved combat balance

  • Limitations on damage/resistance statistics : The main change in this update regarding battles will be the new damage and resistance limits.
  • Spelling Bee: The main purpose of this spell is to ensure that all spells meet the same design standards. Most of the checks in this update are for 0 bucks for school.

PVP match updates

  • Scene rejection: The developers have also made some improvements to the player selection system. It also fixes some bugs.
  • Nice players: You can do the quest with your friends and it is full of fun and excitement. You can just click on friendly players and enjoy interacting with them.
  • Volunteer Team: You can also gather volunteers to help you in various ways.

Other adverse reactions

  • The developers have corrected the display of damage figures for the Solar Storm spell.
  • Players can now properly brave the Gauntlet of the Midnight Sun Pagoda.
  • Players shouldn’t go to the salt marsh paths with Wizard101 Patch Notes today.
  • The Chrysalis map should now show teleported reporters.


This was the complete guide to Wizard101 Patch Notes Today. We would now like to conclude this article with the hope that you have gotten all the information about these patches. If you have any questions about this update, feel free to ask us in the comments section. We’re happy to answer your questions about today’s patch from Wizard101.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wizard101 dead?

Guilds of all kinds have been falling apart left and right, with the number of active members in them dropping significantly over the last few months. It was a trend that game developers and bloggers alike were already worried about. But it wasn’t until now that there’s a sign that it is finally taking a toll on the game’s success—and that the game may be in danger of dying completely. Before you ask, no, Wizard101 isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It’s still a thriving massively multiplayer online game with hundreds of thousands of players logging in every day to take part in its colorful, cartoonish world of magic and wizards. But while the game may be doing just fine, it’s also most certainly a lot different than it was back when it first launched back in 2009. It’s no longer the only kid on the block, with plenty of MMOs and other games filling its niche. That’s why we’re here to ask if Wizard101 is dead. Has it lost its luster? Has it fallen behind the times? Will it be able to stay relevant?

Wizard101 updates 2021 can be quite a daunting task for new – or even experienced – players. The largest obstacle to overcome is selecting the right school. There are four schools to choose from: Storm, Myth, Ice, and Fire. They all are similar in that they have three unique schools, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. However, each school is very different when it comes to their spells, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Wizard101 is a fun game that you can play online, but it can be hard to find the best school. Fortunately, this blog is here to help, with a guide for beginners. So, if you’re a new player, let’s talk about the most popular school in Wizard101, and how to pick the right one for you.

Will Wizard101 ever be free to play?

While the intended audience are people who are fans of Wizard101, the blog can also be read by people who have never played the game. The blog should be written so that it would be interesting to both types of readers. There is a significant amount of misinformation about Wizard101 on the internet that the blog should challenge. The blog should be written in a style that is engaging and accessible to both types of readers. It has been an interesting time to be a Wizard101 fan. Wizard101 has never been free to play, but the game has steadily transformed from a subscription-based game to a hybrid free-to-play / subscription title over the past few years. That’s likely to continue as Wizard101 moves into its next decade of existence. One of the biggest changes to Wizard101’s business model is that the game will no longer be available to purchase on retail store shelves. Now if you want to play Wizard101, you’ll have to go directly to KingsIsle’s website.

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