The latest entry in our Kickstarter series Why you should kick Runelords’ board game ass. It’s a very cool shooting game with a well thought out science fiction setup, developed by a great team. The game will be played on the 19th. January 2021 published on Kickstarter. Follow the link below to go directly to the start page of the Runelords board game, or continue with the interview with the creator.

Runelords board game on Kickstarter

1. How would you describe your product in a few sentences?

Runelords Board Game is a hybrid game for one to four players set in the world of David Farland’s hit fantasy series.

The game is based on card battles, in which players choose a Lord of the Runes and place their unique armies on the battlefield and fight him using powerful skills drawn and played in both recruits and hand cards. In the Extra Sovereignty Phase, players can mix armies of the Rune Lords in a bridge-building engine and build the best possible army in twelve turns before battle. The game also makes it possible to play solo and cooperative through scenario-based adventures.

Runelords board game starter components

2. Who is this team that sells this product? What kind of context did you have to perform this operation?

Red Djinn Productions is the leading publisher in Las Vegas. I supervise the work of the company itself, but I am also the coder of the game and one of the artists. Co-developer Shawn Engle is an elite video game designer who has spent countless hours with me over the past three years refining and developing the sovereignty game system on which The Runelords is built.

We have also worked with a number of great artists on commission, including Pavel Lexin, Raul Garcia, Tom Lishman and many others. As far as the Kickstarter itself is concerned, we worked with some very experienced ghosts such as Brandon Rollins and Ben Aitken to avoid as many pitfalls as possible at the first attempt.

3. With which existing games would you like to compare your game?

At first glance Runelords are reminiscent of skirmishers like Warhammer or Gloomhaven, but under the bonnet there is something very special and unique about their system. We bring a robust and scalable CCG meta technology (MTG, Hearthstone) and combine it with a fast and easy to learn fencing experience that will evolve as new helmet domains and battlefields are introduced. And thanks to our Sovereignty extension, players can combine these new armies of Rune Lords with their existing collections at any time.

4. What makes your game so special?

Two things:

First, we wanted to minimize the mechanics of the skirmishes without losing the strategic depth of the genre. To do this, we used recruitment cards that put everything you need to know right in front of you, and by making the rules as intuitive as possible. When designing it’s very easy to get close to something like height, for example, and within a week you’ll have a two-page manual on how it works. When we have discussed such systems, we tend to keep them in one paragraph or less of the explanation.

Second: That’s how our game gets wider. The new Rune Lords, battlefields, adventures and game modes are modular and can be designed and implemented over time so players can find what they like most about the experience and enjoy it the way they want. Want more Solo/Cop? We’ll publish them separately. Are you only interested in work? The armies of the new Runelords are already designed and ready to be purchased without having to buy other aspects of the experience that you might never play.


5. How can anyone be sure that they will get quality components and keep all their promises?

That’s a good question. Personally, I’ve developed a fantastic relationship with the industry veterans at the Eastar Games over the past two years. Having shown the game at ten conventions around the world, including Essen Spiel, UKGE and others, this has given me a lot of time to establish contacts and build relationships that will certainly bear fruit when the time comes to produce the game. And because they have made some of my favorite games, I am confident that they can deliver the same quality and production in time for The Runelords.

6. Why would we want to support your project?

The Runelords is super competitive, has an incredible replay value and supports both solo and cooperative fantasy games with so many exciting things planned, including campaigns written by the best fantasy writers. When you return to the game, you not only collect what is in the original box, but also invest in the future. And that means everything to us.

Runelords logo Kickstarter board game.

Well, we’re happy!

Great insight and enthusiasm from a passionate design team. Everything in this game screams that there are tons of epic gameplay, but that it is accessible to everyone. It is clear that it has been treated with passionate hands and it looks like it is going to be a first class product. Visit their Kickstarter or Social Media pages for more information!

Run sheet board game – Home page
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Did you get enough information about why you should launch the Runeblood board game on Kickstarter? Are you supportive? Let us know in the comments below or on our BGH Facebook page.

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