Melina & Ethan have been making games for over a decade. They have won over 8 awards, and have launched games into the TOP 10 Board Game Sellers on Amazon. As a team, their focus has always been on just one thing: making fun games that are both critically acclaimed and profitable. They have finally decided to take the next step in their indie journey: creating their own board game, called Forests of Pangaia. You can expect hours of role-playing, adventure, and amazing puzzles.

In 2019, Amplitude Studios is releasing the world’s first board game based in the world of the massively popular game “Forest of Pangaia”. This game is designed by Eric Lang (of “Mage Wars” fame) and features a cooperative game play experience as well as a base game and expansion.

Forests of Pangaia is a light, fast, family-friendly board game that is currently in the Kickstarter stage of development. In its initial design, the game is intended to require only 20 minutes a night, and is hard to play on its own, but easily extended to three-on-three, or even four-on-four games. Players will explore an alien world based on the work of legendary sci-fi artist Frank Frazetta, where they will encounter many of Frazetta’s iconic scenes and creatures. The game will use custom artwork, many of which will be true to Frazetta’s work, to recreate the atmosphere and tone that the game will present.

The latest installment in our series Why You Should Start a Board Game on Kickstarter, Forests of Pangaia. The production value of this game is excellent, and the world looks to be immersive. The competition takes place on the 15th. Launching in June 2021 on Kickstarter. Follow the link below to go directly to the Kickstarter page for The Forests of Pangaia Board Game, or continue reading in the interview with the creator.

The Forests of Pangaia board game on Kickstarter

1. How would you describe your product in a few sentences? Forests of Pangaia is a light strategy game for 2-4 players that involves growing magical forests in the ancient land of Pangaia. You must tactically place seeds and trees, expand your forest and complete tasks to earn victory points. Players can choose a quiet, secluded forest or team up with others to enjoy the diversity. 2. Imagine a team bringing this to market. What is the context that led you to set up this project? I am a software engineer and I have been working in the video game industry for over a decade. In video games, you can perform many calculations in the background without the player seeing anything complicated. Board games do not have this option. Nothing is hidden, every rule is visible and must be explained to the player. The challenge is to further reduce the game rules and develop the game components in an intuitive way that helps players make fewer mistakes. I love it. A few years ago I was walking in a forest in Germany and I enjoyed the harmony and the silence. However, it struck me that from the tree’s point of view, the environment may not have been so peaceful and serene. There is a constant battle between trees and different species for space and light, and if we could go back in time a few centuries or millennia, we would see a fascinating interplay of the appearance and disappearance of species in response to climate change and many other factors. I wanted to translate this dynamic into a board game with growth, sustainability and balance as the main themes. At the same time, the flow of play should be generous and organic, and retain a certain lightness. Last year I was looking for fellow artists and met Chris Carbach, Marcel Domke and Florian Moncomble. We work closely together to bring this world to life with its stunning illustrations and amazing world-building skills. word-image-4071 3. What existing games would you compare your game to? Most people who play Pangaea Forests compare it to Catan and Photosynthesis. The mention of photosynthesis is easily explained by the fact that both games deal with growing trees, although the mechanisms are completely different. I think the comparison with Katan comes from the hexagonal shape of the terrain tiles and the associated raw materials – sun, wind, rain or snow. Personally, I would also mention Takenoko because of the similarities in tree/bamboo stacking during missions. 4. What makes your game special? The trees are made of chiseled wood and resemble the shape of conifers. They have additional wooden cones that can be stacked on top of existing trees to make them taller. The higher level trees also produce additional seeds in the surrounding fields, which over time also grow and become trees. I love the feeling of growing my own forest and making my trees bigger! It’s a great element of the game, and I haven’t seen anyone else implement the theme in this way. Forests of Pangaia has a modular terrain system that can be set up differently for each game. You compete against other players by placing seeds on the map, and the surrounding trees play a role in which seeds come out on top. Finally, the theme is enriched with elements of mythology and fantasy, which I personally love! 5. How can everyone be sure that they are receiving quality components and that you are fulfilling all your promises? We work with a network of industry veterans who have successfully delivered many high quality products over the years, from design and art to production and execution. All game components are produced by one of the largest and most famous board game manufacturers in China. All wood, paper and cardboard used in our games is of sustainable origin and we take steps to manufacture and supply a carbon neutral product. 6. Why should we support your project? Although large publishers are now using the platform on Kickstarter as a launch pad, it is essentially a place to launch small products. Forests of Pangaia is our first game, and we don’t plan on releasing the game in large quantities outside of the campaign anytime soon. This game will only be available on Kickstarter. If you love simple strategy games in nature and a beautifully carved set of high-quality wooden pieces, now is the time to join us and bring this project to life! word-image-4072

Now we are satisfied!

A passionate design team demonstrates great insight and enthusiasm. It feels like a beautifully immersive world where you must place seeds and trees in a tactically intelligent way to strategically grow your forest. It’s clearly made by passionate hands, and it looks like it will be a top-notch product. Check out their Kickstarter page or their social media pages for more information!

Pangaia Forests Board Game – Kickstarter page Pangaia Forests Board Game – Website Pangaia Forests Board Game – Facebook Pangaia Forests Board Game – Instagram

Did you get enough information on Kickstarter about why you should make the Pangaia Forests board game? Do you support? Let us know in the comments below or on our BGH Facebook page.

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