Over the last decade, the concept of the MMO sub-reddit has become ingrained in the gaming community. The sub-reddit’s user base is an amalgamation of gamers who themselves hang out on the sub-reddit (often to discuss various game-related issues) and people who use it as their primary source of game news.

Over the years, video game publishers and online gaming communities have come under scrutiny for their toxic atmosphere. This kind of behavior is done by individuals who do not understand the norms and expectations of the community, and also by people who do not understand the norms and expectations of the communities. A similar situation is present in online gaming forums. Although there are some very strong and healthy online gaming communities, there are others that are very toxic and harmful to the gaming experience.

A lot of gamers have a lot of complaints about the official forums of their favorite MMORPG. Some may have trouble even posting anything at all. Others have to deal with inactivity-based bans or being subjected to unnecessary harassment. This is in no way an exhaustive list, but the poor quality of official forums does seem to be a widespread trend.

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I grew up in a house with a lot of Forums, so I have a soft place for them. As a youngster, I remember spending days at a time simply reading and chatting with individuals on various message boards. I understand that, as a result of the growth of social media and platforms, the idea of forums as a whole is dwindling. However, I continue to think that anything like this may help games like MMOs… provided they are managed correctly, that is.

I’m not sure whether this has always been the case, but I’ve seen an increase in toxicity and repulsive hive-mind-like behavior on forums across many MMOs for years. It’s either cunts behaving badly or moderators enforcing the most ridiculous regulations.

Here are a few examples:

  • Guild Wars 2 is a role-playing game…
    • The forums are continuously moderated, to the extent that it might be considered a dictatorship. Any criticism or input, whether legitimate or not, is suppressed, and will very certainly result in suspension.
    • Moderators arbitrarily lock and remove topics, regardless of their popularity or the fact that they did not violate any rules. I remember being suspended for a week after making a post inquiring about what had happened to one of the authors, who had been abruptly removed off the wiki page and ArenaNet had given no official comment despite her having worked for the business since the mid-2000s (they usually say their goodbyes to long-time developers who step away).
    • Things have become so terrible over the years that the community regards the forums as nothing more than a joke that no one should take seriously.
  • The Elder Scrolls Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.
    • In the same way that the moderators in GW2 don’t like it when you criticize them, the moderators in this game don’t like it when you criticize them. People flock to the site to vent their frustrations whenever ZeniMax makes a major blunder. I’ll confess that a lot of the individuals there have, to put it mildly, anger management problems. The number of “I give up” postings and outcries may be crazy, and it does not seem like ZOS has ever been able to manage this.
    • Suspensions and thread-locking are both unreliable. People discussing mythology may have their thread closed in a matter of hours, while postings openly chastising people might remain up for days.
    • Users are eager to find anything to criticize. Make a post dedicated to showcasing your character? People will quickly add memes or rants, completely derailing the discussion. Make a suggestion for something you’d want to see more of in the future. Inquire about any bugs you’ve encountered. Are you willing to contribute original artwork or other content? The outcome is the same.
  • TERA Online…
    • Under En Masse Entertainment, the forums began off as a very fun and busy area. There were a lot of threads and postings to keep up with, and everyone seemed kind and outgoing.
    • As the game began to crumble in terms of popularity amidst questionable design choices and the likes, the forums stopped seeing any shred of moderation. People could spill out slurs, harass other users, start hate-campaigns against EME staff members and even post links to phishing websites and scams & most of it would end up ignored.
  • Final Fantasy XIV is a role-playing game developed by Square Enix.
    • I’m not sure how to express how I feel. People in these sites are, for want of a better term, batshit crazy, similar to r/FFXIV. Despite individuals complaining about forum bans, it seems that there is limited to no moderating, and the level of toxicity and thread-derailing is out of this world.
    • Someone decided to create a post regarding one of Asmongold’s most recent videos in regards to a so-called “interview” with a lady who participates in ERP and also makes NSFW modding material (and in turn chose to sell out the community she’s a part of for 5 minutes of fame**). People were eager to chastise Asmongold for just existing, but the situation quickly escalated into a mob outraged at the modding community as a whole (people were being harassed like crazy on Twitter and even streamers were starting to be cyberstalked due to using a DPS meter, unsurprisingly).
    • Some even said that cramming inexpensive malware onto our machines was the best way to deal with “nasty modders” (because, apparently, texture mods are worse than botters by comparison).
    • People began to speak about pedophilia and sex trafficking, with some supporting it and others accusing those who play lalafell (the traditional tiny adorable race) of being sexual predators, and things only got worse from there.
    • People are always casting passive-aggressive barbs at one another, and no matter what the subject is, there is never a common ground between them. People are deliberately seeking drama rather than engaging in real debates. This is the polar opposite of what you’ll find in the game.

*** IN CONTEXT: Final Fantasy XIV has a sizable modding community, at least in comparison to other MMOs. It’s one of the top 100 modding groups on Nexus, with a slew of other websites and other media channels devoted to it. Square Enix has shown a strong dislike for modding and the usage of addons, although their position on the matter has been more along the lines of “we don’t care if you don’t speak about it.” So, naturally, modders and others that mod their game simply… kept it to themselves, keeping out of truth. In the long term, being called out in front of such a large audience is sure to cause more damage than good. Using and displaying NSFW content during his broadcast was also a bad idea.

A few years back, the forums for Star Wars: The Old Republic were quite terrible. Things improved as BioWare became more engaged in the community, and the number of active users decreased. I don’t want to think about what a shithole the World of Warcraft forums must be these days.

But why is that? Why is it that forums tend to draw so much negativity?

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  • What is it about the Fallout community that makes it so toxic?

    Let’s be honest about it. This was the same vitriol directed towards 4 as well. It seems that fallout has become a favorite target for haters. Where people are always looking for new excuses to say things like “Fallout 76 is totally garbage and you should cancel your pre-order and here’s why.” Videos. The same things are being said again and over…

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  • Why?

    My only question after finishing Far Cry 5 is… Why? Why is it so important to take away all reality from the game? Why is it so important to create a mediocre/bad game instead of an amazing one? Why is it so important to treat your guys like slackers? Why is it so important to sabotage everything…

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