Discussing the games industry is like talking about the weather. It’s always sunny in the games industry. There are always new games coming out that are better than all the old ones. So, what old games are worth talking about, and what new ones should gamers be paying attention to?

People are talking about the big PlayStation 4 update that is rolling out this week. Sony is launching an update for the PS4 that will add a lot of new features, including better video sharing, new social features, and a new interface. The new features are coming to all PS4 owners, but the interface will be more apparent for those with a 4K TV. At the same time, Sony is also rolling out a new PS4 Pro bundle that will include the console, a 4K TV, and a copy of launch game Uncharted 4 .

Last week, I was talking about how the media is being used to exploit women’s bodies, and that’s a real problem. This week, I’ve been thinking about a writer named Savathun Gyan, who writes a blog called “The Culture Blog” at TIME.com.

Let me let you in on a little secret. Just stand on that line and stare if you ever want to see what’s been watching you from the beginning… %3E%3Cnoscript%3E%3Cimg%20title=

She’s referring to the Nine. The Nine have been interested in humanity from the beginning of time—for example, they’re fascinated by our ability to breach the fourth wall. Given their relationship to the Ahamkara, this makes logical (who also want to go beyond the 4th wall).

Because the Nine are literally above us—they’re celestial bodies—”look up” indicates that she’s talking about them (okay its a bit more complex than that). They’re also metaphysically superior to us, functioning as vast forces beyond light and dark that we’ve just begun to comprehend. They’re not only beyond it, but also seem to be above it, as shown in Prophecy, when they can both whim Taken into existence AND teach us what the Dark is.

When Savathun says “you,” it’s possible that he’s referring to a plural rather than a single “you.” The Nine are VERY interested in the Light, and some of them dispatched Xur and The Emissary to keep an eye on us and serve as “in-betweens.” Ghaul capturing the light would be a betrayal of The Sun, according to some.

She witnesses how one of the Nine Guardians was blinded to Ghaul’s approach, sacrificing all to learn how to steal the Light (since Ghaul would have destroyed the sun and the Nine with it). She saw how that person was dealt with.

They’re drawn to the Light because they view it as a means of separating themselves from the Sol system’s life. They’d be nothing without us, and they think we’ll perish in the Darkness.

However, difficult does not imply impossible. And there’s a lot more dark matter in the cosmos than there is light stuff. They’ll figure out a method to turn it into new universes. They’ll put a stop to their reliance on life and the Light of the Guardians, which the descending curtain will soon extinguish…

We know Savathun is fascinated with the Nine since she seems to have arranged Lavinia’s life so that she would wind up in Savathun’s lap, brimming with information about the Nine. We’re not sure why she’s so interested in them right now.

“Where we can put what you’ve learned to good use.”

Mara also converses with and deals with the Nine. Skolas, whom Mara sent to the Nine but they returned, is one of the strongest pieces of proof for this.

“They are incomprehensible to me as well. I spent years under their realm, traveling among the Jovians. But I’m not familiar with the Nine. Mara Sov, you… You’re the only one who tries to haggle with them. You’re the only one who knows what their part will be in the game. You keep your achievements hidden, so the public only learns about your failures. It’s no surprise that I misjudged you.”

It makes sense for The Nine to be a part of this season from a meta perspective. Not only is this season about Mara and Savathun, two characters with ties to the Nine, but we’ll be receiving Nine-themed content in December, including the 6 player activity and perhaps the dungeon.

TL;DR: The Nine are the “who” who are “up.” Because of their physical and metaphysical location, as well as their ties to Savathun and Mara, we know this.

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I thought about, but decided against, coming up with a topic for this week’s topic. I did come up with a question I thought about, but decided against answering. Here, the question is “What is the best RPG you have played?” There are so many great RPGs out there, so picking one is tough. The list of games I have played will be too long to list, so I will just pick my favorite.. Read more about osiris destiny 2 and let us know what you think.

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