So you’re one of the lucky ones to have the latest PS5 console and be on the move, but you realise you don’t have any games to try out on the next generation of PlayStation. You need a game that is perfect for testing ultra-fast and revolutionary graphics and that will cost you time and money.

If the best PS5 games are what you need, we’ve got the perfect cast for you. There is something for everyone on this list, and although the choice is quite limited at the moment, each game makes optimal use of the consoles: spectacular graphics, ultra-fast loading and an impressive controller. With some of these games coming exclusively from Sony’s latest creation, the PS5 launch is considered one of the most important of the last decade, with one of the largest sets of completed games for a new console that we have seen in a long time.

From third party blockbusters like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to the first exclusive games like Demon’s Soul, here’s our list of the best games you can put on the market to buy a new PS5 console.

This game follows the story of Miles Morales himself in The Spider as he takes on the role of Peter Parker, New York’s most powerful hero. As many have predicted, his first week on the job is full of obstacles, and players will have to decide and fight against an opponent, wearing Adidas-branded sneakers by the increasingly charming Miles Morales.

This incredibly detailed game shows the power of raytracing (realistic reflections and lighting) and the resulting ultra-fast loading speed. With a fantastic performance of 60 frames per second, this exclusive PlayStation version will keep you entertained for hours and show you beautiful graphics that your partners won’t like.

Essential for any Spider-Man fan who liked the previous game in the Spider-Man series.

Another Call Of Duty, but this one is definitely worth buying. The PS5 version enhances the DualSense controller and mimics the action of any weapon, creating a totally immersive experience. Fantastic graphics and addictive gameplay with a gun overtake you and allow you to play for hours in multiplayer and zombie modes.

At 120 frames per second and with the return of the zombies, it will make every Call Of Duty fan laugh and blush when he first pulls the trigger on his machine gun and the DualSense controller is activated accordingly.

Truly exclusive to PS5, this game is the most visually appealing of all introduction games. With detailed images that show every wrinkle and texture you can imagine, with impressive lighting and impressive bosses, this game is a true work of art. With minimal or no loading time, this game is every player’s dream.

Get ready to put your skills to the test by trying this very difficult game and find the strength to hold out even after countless deaths.

A game for the whole family that shows the incredible features of the new PS5 in DualSense. It is said that since the introduction of Wii Sports, this game has created some of the best entertainment for the whole family. With stunning 4K graphics and 3D sound, this pre-loaded game is another fantastic game available exclusively on PS5.

Feel the different forms of feedback from your controller as you explore this different world by walking on different surfaces and shooting at a collar gun. This magical and hypnotic experience is a must for anyone who is trying the new PS5 for the first time. The perfect showcase for everything the console has to offer.

Perhaps one of the most popular games on PS5, in this bloody but devilish viking adventure game you can search medieval English villages one moment, wave an axe to another viking’s chest the next, and then enter a drinking competition. With the beautiful Scandinavian culture embedded in the story, this 60 frames per second game with improved download time will offer nothing but entertainment.

Although not free of the usual glitches, this big role-playing game is definitely worth the experience of a little hiccup that you can experience on the way.

Anyway, one to check if you’re looking for a smile or if you want to run away to a whole other world.

With one of the largest consoles on the market and a list of great games, 2020 has been a great year for the gaming industry and companies like Sony. With technologies that are impressive and revolutionary in terms of look and feel and fantastic graphics displayed at low load, we can only dream of what we will see in the gaming industry in the coming years.

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