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Who’s the biggest of all Marios? It’s crazy, I know, but

r/Nintendo has been around for 12 years and we haven’t agreed yet. We have to do something! Tuesday Tussle is our weekly series in which we determine which of the 56 forms of Mario… bonus Transformations… whatever you want to call them, that’s the biggest thing.

We have a first group phase with 14 groups of 4 before we move on to the double elimination tournament. The Mario list comes from the Super Mario Wiki, the definitive source of all information about Mario and the final word, the ultimate authority that none of us will question.

Results last week

Group phase Winner Evaluation Loser Evaluation
Group F – Losers Round 1 Ice Mario (New Super Mario Bros. Wii) 65.8% Golden Mario 34.2%
Group G – The Underdogs Round 1 Lucky Cat Mario 68.9% Mega-Mario 31.1%
Group H – The Underdogs Round 1 Mini-Mario 75.5% Mr. Pipe. 24.5%
Group I – Semifinal 1 Mario the propeller 64.5% Mario the Flying Squirrel 35.5%
Group I – Semifinal 2 Mario the Penguin 76.8% Aircraft mode 23.2%
Group J – Semifinal 1 Rock Mario 79.9% Mario Pump 20.1%
Group J – Semifinal 2 Mario the Raccoon 67.3% Mario Rainbow 32.7%
Group K – Semifinal 1 SMB2 Mario 70.8% Scarecrow 29.2%
Group K – Semifinal 2 Shell Mario 72.8% Little Mario 27.2%
Group L – Semifinal 1 Super Mario 65.6% Feathered Mario 34.4%

This week’s contest

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The brackets indicate when Mario first appeared – there may be small variations between games.

Group H – The Underdogs Round 1

  1. Mushrooms (Super Mario RPG) – Restores a small amount of HP per turn, but remains petrified until the effect evaporates
    Mr. Pipe (Yoshi’s New Island) – Help Yoshi and Baby Mario by giving them wings and balls that float when they repeatedly lose a level.

Group I – First round losers

  1. P Flying Mario Squirrel (New Super Mario Bros. U) – All the features of Flying Mario Squirrel with sliding and constant jumping without landing
    Flat Mode (Mario Paper: Thousand-Year Door) – Turns into a paper airplane and flies at a diagonal angle.

Group J – Losers Round 1

  1. Pump Mario (Mario & Luigi: The Superstar Saga) – Fill your body with water – Luigi can use the power of the cheap apron to expel water in different ways
    Mario Rainbow (Super Mario Galaxy) – gains invincibility; super speed; pierces some objects.

Group K – The Underdogs Round 1

  1. Scarecrow (Super Mario RPG) – Blocks the user with physical attacks and items, but does not prevent the use of magic or
    VS defense.
    Little Mario (Super Mario Bros.) is the weakest form of Mario; it penetrates small areas without cracking.

Group L – Semifinals

  1. N.V.T.
  2. Mario Statue (Super Mario Bros. 3) – temporary invulnerability; solid ground strikes
    Stone (Paper Mario) – Keeps Mario in motion; in Paper Mario it makes Mario impenetrable to attack.

Group M – Semifinals

  1. Super Mario Land – Launch Super Balls
    Disappear Mario (Super Mario 64) – go through walls, through enemies.
  2. Super Mario Star (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island) – Super Speed; Invincibility; Ability to climb walls; Swim
    Tanoki Mario (Super Mario Bros. 3) – Slides, flies, whips the tail, turns into a Mario statue.

Group N – Semifinals

  1. Strange Mario (Super Mario Maker) – Gives Mario Luigi strength, including a higher jump, but a lower shot of
    Mario Wing (Super Mario 64) – flying; slow drop
  2. Mario the White Raccoon (New Super Mario Bros. 2) – Mario the White Raccoon’s abilities; permanent invincibility; fast p-meter load; water control
    White Tanooki Mario (Super Mario 3D Land) – The possibilities of Tanooki Mario; permanent invincibility.

Group A – Final

  1. Mario Bee (Super Mario Galaxy) – fly for a while; put on flipbooks; stick to the honeycomb wall; land on flowers and clouds
    Balloon Mario (Super Mario World) – float like a balloon.

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