On Day 6 you have to collect pictures of brown creatures, so here’s a guide to where to find the Brown Genshin creation effect? Or how do you get pictures of a brown creature? So you can quickly and easily share all the places you can find brown creatures in the game, check it out.

Genshin Impact is currently hosting the Five Happy Strings event. Each day you must find a creature of a certain color and capture it with Kuriou’s camera. You must take at least 10 pictures of the creatures with the Kurious camera, and these pictures must be of the same color. You have 10 chances to collect 10 photos, and if you miss one, you have to wait until the next day to collect the photos. So if you don’t want to miss anything, you need to know the location of the brown creature Genshin Impact, go check it out.

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When it comes to finding a brown creature in Genshin Impact, you have many choices that fit a brown creature for the picture. The brown creature is available throughout the game and is one of the easier quests in Five Games of Chance in Genshin Impact. You may not know it, but Hilichurls, Mitachurls, Geo Slimes and Rune Guard are all brown, and you can easily find all these brown creatures in one place.

All brown creatures are easily found in the Storm Cave, which is north of Moon City, and you will see many Hillicherls there. You will see some small campsites that are close to the 3 waypoints.

If you want to know which brown creature is the easiest to catch, you can find the Rune Guardians, which can be easily found in the southern region of Stormterror’s Lair. You should not approach them, because if you do, they will definitely attack you and you may even have to kill them, which will prevent you from taking a picture of the runic guards. You can easily use the zoom function of the Kurious camera to take perfect pictures of these brown creatures.

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Let’s look at the different brown habitats of the Genshin Impact creature.

Genshin Brown Creature Effect: Seats

If you want to learn more about these brown creatures, you can look for wooden platforms with torn cloths on them to find the dens of the Hilichurl. You’ll see that there will be a mix of elemental and normal Hilichurls in the camps, and you can grab any of them to complete your task. Finding these Hilchurls may be a little difficult for you, so the best thing you can do is find Rune Keepers.

Once you have taken all 10 pictures of this creature, you can return to Ji Tong in Liyue Port and exchange all the pictures with Fortune Trove. The Fortune Trove will reward you with Primoges, Mora, and various other rewards.

So all that was left was to know where to look for the Brown Genshin Impact creature or the locations of the Brown Genshin Impact creature.

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I hope you appreciate our approach. where can we find the brown creature of Genshin Impact? How to photograph brown creatures.

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