In my current race I fell in love with the Wabajack and I can’t believe I didn’t use it at all in my previous race, what an idiot I was!

One of the things I don’t like about Skyrim vanilla is the magic of destruction. Not only because of the poor scalability to the higher levels, but also because the spells are mostly almost identical and very irritating at all levels, with the only difference being the Elemental Projectile draw. If you’ve played other games like Dragon’s Dogma, you know what I mean.

Anyway, I was exploring my options to make a nice new mage, and then I thought, wait, what if I actually use chopsticks, and then I came across Wabajack.

The reasons why Wabajac is great:

  1. Against stronger opponents such as. B. Dragons: he only shoots elemental AOE projectiles: ice, fire, but here’s a fun fact. The damage of these projectiles ranges from 40 to 60, and this damage is literally nothing, meaning that an ice projectile from Wabajack will always do damage to ice-resistant enemies or any enemy. This damage is also independent of your difficulty level. So if you’re playing Legendary, these elemental projectiles do on average as much damage as a double expert spell, usually more (unless you’re using alchemical potions, which is not the case with me).
  2. In this game, you only need one hand to wield wands, and Wabajack is no exception, meaning you can cast spells AND have another hand with weapons in your other hand.Did someone call Gandalf? A powerful staggered sword attack in one motion from a Wabajak, so enjoyable.

  1. Against most enemies, the Wabajack effect is random, but as I’ve seen, it’s a positive effect in 90% of cases, ranging from the temporary transformation of enemies into harmless rabbits to their transformation into cupcakes or their complete disintegration. The latter even succeeded a few times with powerful enemies like the Dragon Priests, resulting in some hilarious and unpleasant fights. But it’s especially fun because you literally don’t know what to expect from Wabajack.

I’m typing this and playing the Dawnguard Quest line with Serana. I got into a room where you have to fight three Gargoyles at once. Even with my battered Dawnbreaker (No Exploit), it takes a lot of hits to take these guys out, and they can definitely take one, especially since I’m not allowed to read armor and only rely on alternate survival bonuses.

So I use the Wabajack and, what do you know, a gargoyle, immediately decomposes, then I use it again on another one and it immediately dies (another one of the possible outcomes), the last one gets a few elemental hits and immediately dies like the other 2.

EASY is my favorite weapon in the game. Honestly, Wabajack as a weapon is not only more effective than any other destruction spell, but it’s also a lot more fun. Seriously, if you want to play the wizard and you haven’t tried this weapon yet, do it.

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