This is not for me to decide, its for you guys to decide. I know the A Free State questline is by far the most popular quest line in the game, with it being the main focus since the beginning of the game, however, the Pit has also been extremely popular, but with many people saying things like “The Pit is too confusing and takes too long”, and “The Pit is boring and the questline should be ended”.

I’d like to see a quest line that shows us something other than the Pit, since it’s the only quest line that’s been released. If it has to be in the Pit, I’d prefer that it be something that shows us more about the history of the people of the Free State.

There are so many cool things you could do in the Pit or A Free State quest lines. What would you like to see?. Read more about fallout 76 free states questline and let us know what you think.

fallout 76 discussion and inform - What would you like to see in the Pit or A Free State quest line

We’re all heading to the Pit next year, as we all know. Which factions, if any, do you like to see introduced? We’re talking about the old (prior games), the new, and portions from the FO76 narrative.

My first impression was that it would be interesting to see some of the Fallout groups added. It’s almost like a prelude. In Fo76, I’d want to see some kind of prequel to both the Gun Runners and The Khans. However, given that the Gun Runners were founded as a corporation in 2155 and are descended from a street gang from the Hub. It’ll be difficult to incorporate such a narrative into the mythology, especially because the Khans are Vault 15 ancestors.

As a result, I’ve come to the opinion that some of the current factions should be strengthened. The Free States is one of them. The tale of the free staters has a lot of promise, in my opinion. Raleigh Clay was the public face, according to the narrative, and Blackwell’s participation wasn’t revealed until Raleigh was jailed. We also know that the Free Staters battled both the government (i.e. Enclave) and the scorched, resulting in a devastating loss in Appalachia in 2102. The narrative of the Free States is far from complete, and there are still gaps. These missing parts may be discovered in Pittsburg. There’s nothing in their narrative that specifically links them to Appalachia. Because they are an anarchist organization dedicated to overthrowing the government, they are likely to have members from all 50 states. What if some of these people were in Pittsburg and made it out alive? They now need assistance in order to rebuild themselves in Appalachia and combat the BOS’ (and Enclaves’) attempts to reclaim control of the wasteland.

This, I think, might make for an excellent plot. By utilizing places on both maps and creating the narrative, it would connect Appalachia and Pittsburg. It would also provide a much-needed counterpoint and balance to the BOS and Enclave storylines, in my opinion. I know a lot of you are fans of the BOS and the Enclave, but there are a lot of us that aren’t. A tale about the Free Staters might develop into a full-fledged RPG adventure. You complete a few tasks before being presented with a decision that you cannot reverse. You may either opt to continue the narrative on the BOS side, in which case the Free Staters will become your adversary. Alternatively, you may join the Free Staters in their battle against the government and any other authoritarian organizations, such as BOS (and maybe Enclave). Finally, I believe the Free Staters would be an excellent choice for bridging the gap between Fallout 3 and Fallout 76. It’s very probable that some members of a rebellious anti-authoritarian movement like the Free States would break away and seek other chances and territory to live on. The Hub or New California are examples of land. And who knows, maybe those members bring some of the high-end military hardware they and their colleagues won while battling government and BOS troops with them and start selling it for a livelihood…

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For the game Fallout, post “What would you want to see in the Pit or A Free State quest line?”

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This is a discussion about what we want to see and do in the upcoming quests. This is a really hard task we have set out, and we would like to know what you would like to see and do.. Read more about can you become allies with both factions fallout 76 and let us know what you think.

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