Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games today. Why? Because they are fun, with great entertainment value and that fantastic feeling of acceleration you get when you win so quickly. Slots are available at almost every casino, whether it’s your local one or online, there are so many slots to choose from. It is also possible to play on slot machines in cafes and hotels.

Anyone can play slots, you don’t need any experience to get started. This combination of affordable prices and excitement has made the modern slot game more popular than ever.

What is crazy weather?

The launch of Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming was announced at the ICE World Gaming Center event as the most exciting slot game of 2020. It brings more excitement and thrills, with a 54 segment wheel and a fruit machine that adds multipliers!

Before spinning, the multiplier is applied to the fruit machine reward if the multiplier matches the center line. Otherwise the round continues without a multiplier. Big wins are possible if these multipliers increase by at least 100x.

How to play crazy time

If you want to develop a decent Crazy Time strategy, it’s important to learn about the game, how to earn the various bonuses and what you need to do right to get there.  Getting to know the bonus rounds helps a lot.

Crazy Time offers 4 bonus rounds behind the wheel. The wheel also has segments 1, 2, 5 and 10x. The excitement comes quickly, as it doesn’t take many rounds before you reach the bonus rounds. It keeps the excitement going during the game and makes for a great screen for your friends to watch you play.

The first bonus round, called the Pachinko Bonus, has a 16x multiplier wall for doubles and multipliers. The presenter randomly drops a puck, which lands in one of the lower rooms.

If you are lucky and the puck lands on the double field, the multiplier doubles and the puck is activated a second time. This can be repeated until the maximum multiplier reaches 10,000 times.

More ways to win

Sometimes you win a sure deal if your first deal results in a multiplier of 4x or less. Then there’s the Money Hunt bonus, where 108 multipliers are hidden in random objects. Choose the element you want to reveal! And you can go with a 10x multiplier and a 20x multiplier, which gives you a 200x bet.

The draw appears on 4 sections of the wheel, making it probably one of the most played bonus rounds. Flipomatic offers a multiplier of up to 100 times when the coin is flipped between blue and red by the master. The maximum multiplier for this round is 5,000x your bet!

And now, the fourth bonus round, powered by the star of the show, the insane time wheel. You choose one of the 3 fins on the huge 64 segment wheel. As you spin, your bounce plate will eventually show a double or triple. The master turns the wheel again. This can be repeated until the wheel is full and the multiplier reaches 20,000x. The next round is the jackpot!

The wheel spins and you win the segment your shutter lands on. If the reel lands on a double or triple segment, the wheel spins again for the special players who selected it, with increased multipliers!  Crazy Time is so exciting and colourful that you’ll want to play it again and again – and hopefully win big.

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