In FFXIV, a commendation is an in-game currency that can help you upgrade equipment and purchase items. There are two types of commendations: Normal Commendations and Premium Commendations. Here’s what each type does for your weapons or armor!

The “how to leave player commendation ffxiv” is a question that many players have been asking. Commendations are used in FFXIV to show how well you did during your time playing the game.

What Do Commendations Do in FFXIV? –

When you use the Task Finder, you may queue for an instanced duty (such as a trial or dungeon) and be placed in a group of random people. Giving out Commendations at the conclusion of the instance is a great way to show your appreciation for the other players’ efforts throughout the run.

It’s entirely up to you why you want to congratulate other gamers.

Is there a pull macro at your party that made you laugh? Please accept my congratulations.

During the last boss encounter, the white mage rescued your butt with a clutch Rescue? Accept my gratitude in the form of this compliment.

Or maybe you simply appreciate the way that samurai dresses.

Again, you have complete control over who in your group receives a commendation. If you don’t feel like it, you may simply opt not to offer someone a commendation.

In Final Fantasy XIV, there are real advantages to offering and earning Commendations. So let’s have a look at what they may be.


Recipients of Awards


Dragoon Grateful / FFXIVDragoon Grateful


For each occurrence, you may obtain a praise from each party member. This implies that dungeons may only yield three Commendations, but instances that run a Full Party, such as trials or raids, can receive seven.

You may gain Commendations from members of your pre-made party if you join an instance with them.

The game keeps track of how many awards you’ve won and rewards you for reaching specific milestones.


Magitek Armor in Gold / FFXIVMagitek Armor in Gold


The following are some of the benefits of receiving Commendations:

Commendations Title of Achievement Reward Type
10 Making a Positive First Impression I   Title
50 Making a Positive First Impression II Hatchling Princely Minion
100 Making a Positive First Impression III Crown of Partisans Glamour
300 Making a Positive First Impression IV Barding Sovereign Barding Chocobo
500 Darling to Everyone Magitek Armor in Gold Mount
1500 Making a Good First Impression I The Most Beautiful Gown Ever Glamour
3000 Making a Good First Impression II Chocobo Parade Mount

The achievement “Making a Good First Impression I” is one of the requirements for becoming a mentor in FFXIV.

Open your menu and browse to the Character section to see how many commendations you currently have. Go to the reputation tab from there.


Count of current commendations / FFXIVCount of current commendations


After you leave the instance and earn any commendations, the statement “You got a player commendation” will show in your chat window. For each commendation obtained, the message will appear once.


Message of Commendation received / FFXIVMessage of Commendation received


Giving Honorable Mentions


Party of Lights / FFXIVParty of Lights


After defeating an instance’s last boss, a pop-up notice for Player Commendations will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.

When you click this, a box will appear with a list of your party members from which you may pick who to praise.


Window of Recognition / FFXIVWindow of Recognition


Note that if a person leaves the instance before you can congratulate them, they will be deleted from the list of commendations.

While players won’t get anything as flashy as a golden mount, Giving Honorable Mentions to other players also has its perks. There is an entry in the Log of Challenges called “Exercising the Right” that will reward players with a nice chunk of experience points (10% of the total amount needed from your current level to the next) and 1000 gil.


Log of Challenges / FFXIVLog of Challenges


To complete this challenge, you must provide five compliments to other players.

It’s only necessary to do this once a week, and it’s reset every Tuesday at 1:00 AM PDT.

The Log of Challenges is unlocked by completing the level 15 quest “Rising to the Challenge” from I’tolwann in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.5, Y:10.9).

The “ffxiv commendations rewards” is a system in which players are rewarded for completing certain tasks. The system is split into two types of commendations, one being the general commendations and the other being the special commendations. Special commendations are given to players who complete specific tasks or quests that have been marked with a special symbol.

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