If you join the Scions in Final Fantasy XIV, you can hire a Fixer, a special kind of NPC who guards your items and scream for you. Guards can also sell items for you, go to shops and return items, and are generally very helpful.

And the hooks are not only useful, but also completely customizable!

You can decide what they look like and even assign them a class. You can name them, line them up through Ventures, and get really cool rewards – assuming you have Venture coins, of course.

And the chips for the adventures aren’t that hard to find, I promise!

You can buy them from your wholesale company in packs of 5. They cost only 1,000 stamps of the Great Company.

To summon a charge, just make the next call. They’re scattered all over the Erse. And as soon as you call, your delivery arrives.

You can get up to two royalties for free.

If you then want to hire more employees, you will need to bring in money. The real world, not Gil.

Guard: What can they do?

I know the idea sounds complicated, but it’s really not.

If you don’t want to think of your contractors as people, think of them as vaults.

They have lots of extra inventory space, and you can store all your extra stuff there. You can store almost anything and access it anywhere there is a connection.

If you don’t feel like calling them, you can even install a doorbell in your home.

Assuming, of course, you get lucky.

You can also use your down payments to market your products.

From release, you can assign up to 20 lots at a time to each sales permit. Once something is sold, the gil is added to what the holder owns.

Then it’s easy to get Gil out of his support and into you. Just a few buttons in the waiting menu.

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Those two things (saving things and selling things) are the main things they are good at.

If you play FFXIV for a while, you will need your item holders at some point. Your extra 175 slots will be invaluable.

How does my carer get free things for me?

Ah, yes! Well, I wouldn’t call it casual.

Like I said, you need risk chips.

It is best to get them from your major company’s suppliers.

For most things you do in FFXIV, you’ll get stamps from the Grand Company. 1,000 of these are sold for 5 Venture tokens. Bada bing, bada boom, venture tokens.

If you go to the summoner and give him one of these tokens, he will scout.

This means that they leave at different times and return at any time. You can buy housing, equipment and even servants or Chocobo bards.

The studies vary in difficulty, with the more difficult studies yielding significantly more EXP than the less difficult ones.

That’s when class starts.

image source with u/programmerBlack

Conservation classes

The type of items you can submit depends on the level and grade of your hold.

Each class has different rare items they can return, so choose carefully before assigning your class fixer.

Message: You cannot change your class/work once it is installed.

You need to transfer that fee, hire a new one and start over.

Fortunately, that doesn’t apply to his appearance.

If you get tired of his stupid face, use Keeper’s Fantasy. Ironically, they are on a scoreboard selling another player.

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