If you followed E3 this year, you may have noticed some criticism of the big showcases. I took each window personally as it happened, and most of them had very mixed feelings. After thinking about the show for a while, I said to myself, was the E3 2019 not bad?

It was a great debate, because this year’s E3 was undoubtedly a great moment. That was the year in which Keanu Reeves not only played in the competition, but also performed on stage.

But I also felt that we were too careful about the number of matches we could show you. Not to mention the fact that it was a CGI trailer, which doesn’t make sense (we’ll come back to that later).

My thoughts on this are at the bottom of the page, but I would like to read yours, because E3 should be a show about you. Comment on your thoughts or simply write 1-10 E3 2019 at the end of the article.

Quantity versus quality


As far as the E3 shows are concerned, it must be a huge process for the teams that support them. The one who needs a lot of time to get organized.

Since I recently went to the wedding, I know how long it takes to plan something like this. And then reality, compared to all planning, is over in no time!

But imagine a wedding every year. I try to make it perfect every year. And then, by making the marriage better every year.

This is the problem facing publishers of games/consoles.

Somewhere in all this more than last year has been reduced to the number of games presented, not the quality of the games presented. Especially the Xbox is responsible for the last E3.

You must download these songs to.

On the Xbox show [summary of contests here], Phil Spencer announced a total of 50 contests at the start of the show in 2018. In 2017 there were 42 matches in the showcase. There were 60 games this year.

Do we really need that much in one show? Do you remember what it was like to be in your ’60s? I can record a dozen or so records for one person without having to look at the recordings I’ve made, and there aren’t many people who have taken notes!

So, to get so many games in two hours, only the math says you can only get an average of 2 minutes per game, without lessons. This actually means that the games have a window of about 90 seconds.

Just too many games in a short time to really enjoy a particular game. Except the one we already knew. It also means that it will be very difficult to show the game, where, of course, everything goes a little slower.

In 90 seconds you can go through your inventory and shoot the bad guy. Wow.

Although the Xbox stood out from the crowd, I personally thought that each conference could reduce the number of Xboxes and improve the quality of the presentations.

Why all the CGI?


It’s no use to me. The number of CGIs this year was ridiculously high. Especially considering the fact that most of the contests in the showcases for the participants of the E3 this week are READY.

They have the physics of the game, ready to show it to the people in most cases here. Connect the controller and show the demo version.

But it’s only a matter of time. If you only play the game once in less than 2 minutes, how serious can you really be?

It was the organisation of the presentation that really let the developers down. Sometimes they let themselves down, especially Bethesda [Round of Games here], who could have done much more with her show in terms of gameplay.

Starfield was proclaimed the last E3 and called, that’s all. The Deathloop was new and looked cool, but I have no idea how it worked or what it really looked like.

There are countless other examples I could use here (some of which I will mention later).

But the fact is that not every game has to be played on stage, at least not those that come out early enough. Or those who have a demo at E3 should have enough time during the presentation to let the gameplay speak for itself.

Who did it right?


Now I’m going to do something that doesn’t happen very often: finish the EA! Don’t worry, I’m not angry and I’ll come back and type a few paragraphs for them.

But I think the format of EA’s game [here] was good. And it started very well, because we have good gameplay, and a good piece of it.

Moreover, the game will have those who will like it (including myself, with an article about it soon!), and those who won’t like it.

That’s how people work, we like different things. I’m sorry, Internet, but the fact is… Do you remember her? I used to like facts.

But since everyone gets a good 15 minutes when they play the Fallen Jedi Order, we can solve the problem. Or we can discuss it among ourselves. That gives you that practical perspective on the game.

Why are feeds so popular? Because there is clearly an audience for people who want to see the game play. Mostly new.

The rest of EA Play was quickly interrupted after this broadcast for two reasons.

  1. It was the best game they had, and nothing else came close to that quality when it was shown.
  2. They had to do it for all the matches that were going on there and not go back to the trailers and the round tables. Especially for FIFA.
  3. They ignored the national anthem… …and more are coming!

If they keep this up, it could be one of the best shows this year.

Other victories

I also want to shout at Ubisoft [Tower], Square Enix [Tower] and Nintendo. The gameplay of the remake of Final Fantasy VII was one of my favorite moments at E3 this year. And when I saw him at 2 a.m. British time, arguing about whether it was worth it or not, I woke up a little when I thought about going to bed.

Watching Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Legion wasn’t bad, Luigi’s Mansion 3 and many great games for Nintendo perfectly emphasized the elements of the game.

If you do not take into account the personal preferences of the player, the game is much better, making this show worthwhile.

The big problem was that only Nintendo did it at trade fairs. And a remarkable absence this year.

No PlayStation must be relevant

According to some comments, Sony was not too worried about the loss of E3 this year. And a few ordinary console wars that make good jokes on some social networks, but that really do not matter to people who just want great games, no matter what format they are.

For me, for PlayStation, it shouldn’t matter.

Of course, if you’re an Xbox or a Bethesda, do you want to put on a great show to impress your audience, whether it’s your opponent or another showcase or not?

At least it makes sense to me. You can be sure they had a chance to show why the missing E3 was a bad move. But apart from that, I don’t see any major consequences for the drug problem.

Few other shows have achieved what has made the PlayStation conference so popular in recent years.

While the format of the show in 2018 was largely random and did not work as planned. The competitions they presented last year were among the best of the E3.

Spider-Man had an incredible game section, and The Ghost of Tsushima, Lethal Voltage and the long-awaited The Last of Us Part II also got off to a good start.

In recent years we have seen the God of War, Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn, Unplanned Lost Heritage and Detroit become truly impressive.

What for? Quite simply, each game was given a decent span of time and was demonstrated, live and recorded, with some of them.

If the lack of PlayStation this year was noticeable, it was certainly in the way they really make the big chunks of the game shine on stage.

The future showcases of the E3


It’s quite simple, sometimes less is more. You should probably pay less attention to the volume of upcoming games and more to the quality of the games that are practically already there.

If the game has a demo version that people can play at the event, that’s great. But people aren’t there and can’t play it, they want to see it in action.

Like I said, that’s why everyone loves streaming. Yes, some of them did after the fair in more detail, but there is no reason not to show some of them during the fair.

Personally I would like the show to unfold and really focus on 5 or 6 contests in detail and mix a selection of teasers and commercials in between.

I have nothing against certain trailers being presented as films or just as teasers.

But when they hit almost every few minutes, it’s too rabid to get excited about anything concrete.

Demonstrations and sound recordings

In a separate paragraph from what I said. I also think they should have a mobile game show.

Although people love mobile games, and I have here perhaps those who disagree with me. But every time there was a mobile game, I was ready to stop bragging and go to bed!

Especially the one where the sun rises here in Britain!

It’s just a crack in the stream, and you have to have your own area or showcase somewhere. Anyone interested can take a look at it. But for me, it’s okay in the middle of a gambling conference.

I’m not sure it will happen, but I’m telling you!

And also a small note for the audience. I’m not sure the theories about how people are paid are true. But we do know that there are people, etc. in the crowd watching the show.

Whatever happens, the typical person doesn’t react like some members of the audience to the kind of shows we have. A more realistic human reaction would not be lost in these showcases either.

, was E3 2019 that bad?

Strange E3 this year. It will undoubtedly be an exciting E3, because it will be difficult to win as soon as Keanu Reeves comes out.

In a show where there are leaks, it was amazing to be really surprised. CD Projekt Red and Microsoft need a lot of love and respect. It was an emblematic moment in the history of E3.

For what it’s worth, I also enjoyed a lot of other shows at E3, each of them had a number. Even Bethesda has shown some cool games, especially Deathloop (although they are mostly computer graphics) and Doom Eternal looks great.

The problem was that these moments were mixed with too many rendering frames, mobile games and other clips that simply interrupted the flow.

I don’t think it’s as bad as what was announced on the Internet. But I think there will be some changes next year. We need 100% more gameplay, less mobile games and a more real audience that responds like normal people.

Although E3 wasn’t so bad this year, it wasn’t so good either.

But like I said before, before I hear your thoughts, I just want to hear myself. Comment on them below, even a simple E3 2019 ranking under the article. Don’t forget to send them too using the buttons below.

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