Digital Extremes has released the Corpus Proxima and Railjack update for Warframe today. We’ll have all the information on this update on the 19th. March.

Warframe Update 29.10 is now available for download for PC players. The update will be available to all console players at a later date. If you have problems with the update or find annoying bugs, you can report them here in a separate forum.

Dynamic memory updating 29.10

New Proxima Corps regions

Robots and crews take flight and greatly expand the Proxima star map: three new planets (Venus, Neptune and Pluto Proxima) bring new enemies, new points of interest and much more. In addition, Veil Proxima will add the most difficult missions for Corpus Railjack.


The types of missions available are now more diverse, to better integrate the Railjack experience into the normal Warframe game.

Some of these new mission types will already feel familiar – the classic defense and destruction modes will sometimes be the focus of a Railjack mission. Fight as a team to get into the main ship and bring it back to Railjack when you’re done.

If you’re looking for loot, these greedy bodies have many secrets to uncover in Proxima Corps! Leave no container open, no ship intact, no enemy intact!

Each Proxima Corps mission has structures that the eager Tenno can explore and loot. Have fun searching!

Ice mines: Neptune Proxima

Abandoned cargo ship: Pluto Proxima and Veil Proxima

Derelitte’s Orokin Shield: Venus Proxima

We’ve also added two new mission types!

The first, known as Orfix, will be familiar to anyone who has played the Orfix Poison event: destroy Sentient invaders by using Operators and Nekramekhs to bypass the nullifying momentum fields. As with the operation, there are shortened Necramechs available to you in the mission if you don’t have your own Necramech. Instead of earning event currency, these missions can reward Arcane by providing an alternative to captured Eidolon squads. Orfix nodes are locked if you haven’t completed the Second Dream, as they spoil heavily!

The second is called Flying! This brand new mission type gives you the chance to sabotage the main ship. Help Cephalon Cy from within by using the environment to take down the reactor while fending off the engineers who can stop you!

For a complete price list, visit our public website:

Here is a list of other awards found in Corpus Railjack:

  • Crimson Penta
  • Atoday
  • New gun: Internal bleeding
  • New weapon: Bleeding
  • The new warfarin position: Manslaughter.
  • The new Nautilus Sentinel
  • Nix Prime, Hickory Prime and Skindo Prime Relix
  • Valkyr Prime, Wenka Prime and Cernos Prime Relix
    • We definitely disarmed the Nyx/Valkyr Prime and connected his Prime weapon to Corpus Railjack! Find your relic in the new Corpus Railjack Freightlinkers, Ice Mines and Orokin Shield Derelicts! Also awarded in Grineer Point of Interest!
  • Warframe Arcana in round C (i.e. all 12 Orphix) in Corpus Railjack game mode (maximum 36 Orphix).
  • Ash and Oberon have been added to the Railjack rewards! The Oberon component blueprints can be found in the Grineer Railjack Skirmish Bonus and Point of Interest reward cards, and the Ash component blueprints can be found in the Corpus Railjack Defense Mission reward card.
    • We have permanently removed the Ash and Oberon planes from the Eximus and Maniac tables respectively. We did this to combine Railjack with some of Warframe’s other rewards to make them easier to obtain for matchmaking purposes.

Feedback on the mission and objectives:




The new Proxima regions unlock new Railjack enemies of the Corpus variety! The Corpus Proximas are equipped with special devices that can both withstand the extreme limits of the astral map and bring you down.

Each proxima corpus has identifiable entities:

Venus Proxima: TARO

Neptune. Proxima: AXIO

Pluto Proxima: VORAK

Veil Proxima (Corpus Node): ORM

Arm your railjack to repel HARPI attacks from fighters armed with rapid-fire plasma cannons, WEAVER fighters that spin and fire targeted bursts of highly charged plasma, BASILISK turret fighters that deliver targeted bursts of fire with their energy beam, and more!

Storm Capital Stanchion ships to fight ATLOC RAKNOIDS will be upgraded with a chest mounted rocket launcher, VAMBAC special forces with proximity grenade launchers, CULVERI MOAS armed with a high intensity heat ray, Corpus Proxima elite AURAX devices and more!

Threaten enemy Corpus ships to not only control their flights, but also the firepower of their missile swarms!


Ticor plate

Armor made of high-density alloys, used in the construction of offensive spacecraft.

This resource is a complete and indispensable resource for forging Tenno! The Ticor plate can be used as a helmet for gal.


We remove 6 railjack resources from the drop tables:

  • Dandelions
  • Copernicus
  • Fucking
  • Kessler
  • Bracoid
  • Frenel’s

We wanted to reduce the number of resources we introduced when we launched Railjack. They will remain in your inventory as we consider reintroducing them in the future. All plans that required these objects were updated to propose usable resources, and the corresponding drop points were replaced with the Ticor plate as necessary. These resources have also been removed from the File Flow menu in Helminthes. If you see any references to these resources that we may have missed, please let us know!

For Tennos who have partially contributed these resources to the Reassignment Fund, a percentage of your contribution will be credited to the resource it replaces. Ex: If you have contributed 60% of the required number of contributors to Carcinnox, this 60% contribution will be carried forward when the drawings are updated.

We also use this feature to simplify forging recipes to reduce the variety of resources needed. All fakes need a certain combination:




Search the Nautilus for platinum or its components in the ice mines of Corpus Railjack!

Automatic mode throughout the year

Cord Precept Mod

When the Nautilus Sentry is made or purchased, both modes are automatically given: Automatically upgrading Mr. Know-it-all and Corden!

NEW Railjack : Modernization of the Railjack!

What’s changed:

Warframe has a number of key strengths that have helped it stand the test of time in the video game world. One of these strengths is the sense of fluidity; the blade and weapon flow into each other and the mission objectives are clear and require reflexes and attentiveness. From your first foray into the natal chart, the mission progresses at the crossroads, leading to lines of questioning and other systems opening up naturally.

Enter Railjack. An ancient war technology that, if possessed now, could put all of Warframe’s battles into orbit. We tried many things that were different than normal. While some elements added a unique twist to the existing formula, it wasn’t for everyone, and many complaints cited the degree of separation from the main game as a negative. And we agree. To quote the Honourable Cephalon Say: We have a job.

When we return to Railjack in 2021, our main goal will be to simplify these friction points and better integrate the Warframe signature flow. This thread has evolved over the years for the Warframe core, including our constant revisions and edits. From Bullet Leap to Sword Alone, our path is rarely straight. If someone from Tenno decided to modify their ship and call it Theseus, you might be on to something.

What’s the new Railjack? The name is deceptively simple. Depth is explored below in this workshop, indexed to how we treat it.

Here is a list of the scripts/account changes that occur when you log in, with more information below:
A list of scenarios and revisions on the player’s account:

1) Give the player a new Plex if they have Archwing, otherwise it will be spent after completing the Archwing quest!

2) Give the player a package for early adoption based on one of the 3 criteria below!

3) Give the clan a commemorative statue if they have a dry Doc!

4) Make the whole Dirac endo.

5) Transfer all investments from Dirac to Endo’s overhead network.

6) Make all avionics a mod.

7) Remove all obsolete mods and transform them with new Plexus Aura mods and replace other obsolete mods in Endo.

8) Convert the reactors of all level I, II, and III players to reactors with new attributes in new designs.

Level 1 – 20-40% manufacturer specialisation

Vidar: Zone

Lavan: Duration

Zetki: Power

Level 2 – 50-80% producer speciality

Vidar: Zone

Lavan: Duration

Zetki: Power

Level 3 – 40-60% producer specialties and 20-40% secondary goods

Vidar: Range, duration

Lavan: Duration, shelf life

Zetki: Power, range

9) Make all references to subprograms point to the new subprogram.

10) Set all intrinsic attributes to 0, players must re-specify!

  1. What happens when I sign up?

cheaper in models

Dirac at Endo
Intrinsics 2.0 – Re-inspect your Intrinsics!
Internal control

The new Ralejack component: Page

Change in the value of wrecks

Early adopters

Simplified game (follow the normal rules!)

  1. What has changed in the missions?
    New Railjack system (smaller interior).
    Stamina is gone!

Forges and individual resource pools


Faults and risks of combat modules

Uniform types of damage

Node changes

  1. What’s the next step?

Empty storms and relics!
Update 30: The call of the storm

  1. What happens when I sign up?

More accessible:

First: If you haven’t already built your railjack as part of the Rising Tide quest, the cost of the ship components and the time it takes to build them are significantly reduced (the cost difference is part of our compensation for early adopters below). To put it simply: less grinding.

If you prefer to jump right into the game, a fully built Railjack will also be available on the game’s Platinum Marketplace, in the new Railjack category (you must have Arking to purchase it). The Rising Tide quest is automatically completed when Railjack is purchased on the in-game marketplace – you can replay the quest in the Codex at any time! You may have noticed a trend: when we launched the Necramechs, we didn’t sell them for platinum at launch either. The market introduction took place a few months later with Orphix Poison. It’s almost ironic that we, as free agents, don’t bring these new things to market. There’s no good reason for it either, and players have made it clear that they’d like to be able to buy new items with platinum, whether they’re bought or sold. And now there’s an option.

Those who prefer free play can enjoy shorter wait times and fewer resources to build their own railjack!
Avionics to models :

Now let’s talk avionics. Before you think about leaving, you’ll want to come back to your Avionics Railjack, which is designed as a… RILJACK MODES!

That’s right, the avionics are gone. The whole system was completely overhauled, including the avionics, which were converted to an ordinary modem, so everything was dismantled and restarted. Gone are the days of upgradable grid slots and praying that your host railjack has the avionics you want to use. In fact, don’t switch to Railjack itself. ….


Instead, the Tenno have PLEXUS they carry with them on all railjack missions and they have the three types of aircraft you know. The combat/tactical modes remain the same, but are personal to you, as they are available on every railjack you ship. Built-in mods are unlocked in the same way as Warframe mods: Personal mod slots that benefit only you, and Aura mods that benefit Railjack and your entire team. Aura mods for Plexus are simply inserted into a designated aura slot, the same way you would mod your warframe!

Plexus is pre-installed, Orokin reactors are not required to use it!

With the affinity you gained in the Railjack mission, you also gain control of your plexus, allowing you to tap into the maximum potential of Forma’s plexus!

Display with integrated Railjack module :


Railjack Battle Mod Screen:


Railjack screen in tactical mode:

Title : a74 9798b7c3d7c75db2b8e864b958.jpg

Railjack moderation plums have been rebalanced with the new PLEXUS moderation system.


Old Max Drain: 13

New. Max Drain : 15


Old Max Drain: 8

New. Max Drain : 11

Partial density

Old Max Drain: 10

New. Max Drain : 15

Advanced Artillery

Old Max Drain: 9

New. Max Drain : 16

We hope that the return to the familiar modeling screen will reduce the learning curve for new players. The move to personal module downloads should also allow for more consistency in play, including in public matches.

For added convenience, the entanglement can be changed in several places: in the drydock terminal (as before), in the new drydocks located in several relays (available via fast travel), and even in your own orbiter!


From Dirac to Endo

Since avionics are now treated as regular models, Dirac (the update source for avionics) is converted to Endo to allow for a more consistent update process. All Diracs spent on your net will be refunded (i.e. up to 39,000 Diracs for Endo if you maxed out your net), and all existing Dirac reserves will be converted to Endo when you enter the 10/29/0 update at a 1:1 ratio.

Intrinity 2.0

And now, to Intrinsic!  First you have to crush ALL your intrinsic powers when you log in! Because we’ve changed so much, we want to make sure everyone starts with a clean slate about where they need to do their intrinsics. This gives us a chance to revisit the various progression trees and reward players for their investment in progression.

It is interesting to note that no championships were lost in this re-qualification!

Here is a full table of the current internal rankings for each category from 1 to 10 :

Tactics Pilot project Weapons Factory Technology
1 Tactical system:

Deploy the tactical mods and open the crew tracking system via the tactical menu [L].

Acceleration :

Hold down this button to increase the speed of the motor. The firing of the pilot’s guns interrupts the transport.

Target Synchronization :

Target indicator and projectile lock.

Applied Omni :

Accelerated hazard removal and hull repair.

2 Kinesis and Overseer Ability:

Warframe skills can be used as tactical support. Turn on the camera to follow the team.

Vector maneuver :

Press this key to skip the guidance motors.

Ghost Eyes:

The increased range and tower mount allow for 360-degree combat.

Quick Support:

Reduce cooling air conditioning costs by 50%.

3 Team communication :

Fast travel within the confines of the ship. Coordinate executives with the management interface.

Old escape:

Nearby enemy projectiles lose their lock during the Vector maneuver.

Archwing catapult:

High speed deployment of the bow in a combat zone. The Slingshot Archwing damages fighters and penetrates the hull of enemy teams.

Battle Forge:

Replenish your battle arsenal while it’s on standby.

4 Think Warp:

Omni equipment allows you to teleport from anywhere on board a ship.

Floating maneuvers :

Press and hold to make the vector float.

Archwing Fury:

Increases bow range by 25m, mêlée range by 0.75m and damage range by 20%.

Forging charge dome :

Return of the front artillery gun during the battle.

5 Unfold Nekramekhov:

Use Nekramekhs in all RAILJACK missions.

Accelerated scavenger hunt:

Increases your catch radius by 3x when you force, float or dodge. Hidden relics are marked.

Nekramek Anger:

Increases Nekrameh’s weapon damage by 20%.

Optimized forge:

Increase the yield of the forge by 25%. Hull restoration.

6 Tactical efficiency:

Reduces energy consumption by 25%.

Ram pity:

The Ramsled’s aiming systems have a 25% chance of being blocked, causing them to overshoot and explode.

Cold release:

Reduce the heat of the turrets by 20%.

Forge Accelerator:

Increase the forging speed by 25%.

7 Tactical response:

Reduces the cooldown of the Tactical Mod by 20%.

Nekrameh Hast:

Nekrameh’s speed has increased by 10%.

An advanced weapons factory:

Reduce overheating recovery time by 50%. Increases the range of the catapult by 50%.

Full optimization:

Additional 25% increase in lubrication efficiency.

8 Archwing Tactical Blink and Necramech Cooldown:

Reduces cooling of the front flap by 25%. Reduces Nekramekh by 25%.


The speed of the arc has increased by 20%.

Vengeful Bow:

Increase the power of the front wing: Damage +25%, Dexterity Strength +20%, Dexterity Range +20%, Dexterity Efficiency +20%.

Vigilante front wing:

Increase the protection of the safe. Health +30%, Shield +30%, Armor +30%.

9 A quick tactic:

Reduces cooling of the Tactical Mod by an additional 20%.

Ramang Speed:

Reduces incoming damage by 25% during builds. Throwing projectiles at enemies while boosting them delivers 2000 impact damage.

Empty the heat sink:

Reloading when the weapon is overheated, the weapon cools to 0 in 0.5 seconds.

Nekrameh vigilant:

Raise Nekrameh’s defenses. Health +25%, Shields +25%.

10 Warp link:

Change ship to crew member.

Flashing Railjack:

If you press Jump twice, Railjack (Flash) immediately moves forward, leaving a trail of turbulence that slows down nearby enemies.

Reflex Target:

The sight of the revolver clicks into place in 3 seconds, but the revolver overheats 20% faster.


Remote repair of onboard hazards.

Megathread of responses to Railjack Intrinsics 2.0:

We removed the pilot load/start maneuver because it can often lead to unintended collisions. Drivers will now be able to manoeuvre their vehicles perfectly at high speeds, once they have mastered the new system, without the risk of an accident!

Internal control

The long-awaited new Intrinsic team has made its debut! Team brings a brand new gameplay variant to Railjack, allowing you to hire your own team to perform the usual Railjack tasks: Pilot, armor, repair and fight! Those who want to go into space alone can hire a crew member to handle all aspects of survival and satisfaction in Proximas.

With the re-specialization of Intrinsics in this update, you can now spend your Intrinsics on the Commando if it is in your lane:

1 1. Crew Officer:

Unlocks the first crew member and the ability to hire him through the ticker.

2 Skill acquisition :

This allows you to give 1 qualification point to your crew members.

3 2. Crew Officer:

Unlock the second crew member.

4 Skill acquisition :

This allows you to give 1 qualification point to your crew members.

5 3. Crew Officer:

Unlock the third crew member.

6 Skill acquisition :

This allows you to give 1 qualification point to your crew members.

7 Retraining of skilled workers :

Allows previously awarded skill points to be reallocated.

8 Unusual teammates:

Converted licenses will become available to crew members. (Liches can only defend the Railjack against enemies).

9 On call:

One of your crew members may be designated as a reserve and called upon to participate in non-Railjack operations.

Your second-in-command will accompany you on missions to help you for a limited time – he can’t be away from his Railjack station for too long!

10 *RANC 10 Coming Soon*.

Once you’ve unlocked your Intrinsic team and have slots for your teammates, it’s time to visit Ticker in Fortuna. He can put you in touch with people from all areas of the star map for the right rental! Your price may be determined by your membership in certain unions – some crews will make you a member at a reduced price, while others will double the price! Their unions control everything.

Each recruitment team has its own skills: Pilots, weapons, repair, combat and endurance.

Your crew will help to keep Railjack running if you are flying with less than 4 players. So your crew will help you provided Tenno doesn’t! Each crew member is permanently available from the date of recruitment. However, if you want to have more than 3 crew members, you’ll need to buy additional slots at the in-game market or end a contract with one of your crew members to make them maintenance free.

Training and staff management

Once you have recruited a crew through the ticker, return to the dry dock control screen and go to the new Assign Crew tab for your railroad jacket.

If you don’t have access to the Clan’s dry dock, don’t worry! Dry docks accessible to the public are located in the second and third level relays (Saturn-Cronia and Pluto-Ork) of each platform.


You can also customize appearance, equip weapons, train and assign roles to each hired crew member.


Use your Fashion Frame cosmetics collection to outfit your crew with armor and sandals. Customize the color channels of each crew member to your liking!

Placement of presets

Put your firepower in the hands of your crew and share the wealth of your arsenal with them! You can equip any rifle, shotgun or pistol weapon (no bows, spears, etc) on your team, including mods and settings. Any changes you make to your team’s weapon will also affect the weapon in your arsenal for personal use. Weapons can only be equipped by one crew member at a time, no two crew members can use the same weapon from your arsenal.


Earn skill points through team rankings to improve your skills in specific roles:

  • Pilot: Determines the maximum speed of the rack lift when operated by the crew.
  • Weapons Factory: Determines accuracy and heat dissipation when crews operate tracked lathes.
  • Repairs: Determines the repair and self-repair time of the crew cylinder.
  • Fighting: Determines the team’s combat damage.
  • Stamina: Determines the health and protection classes of crew members.

These qualification points can be applied to any crew member you hire. If you z. B. 3 skill points unlocked, you can spend 3 skill points on each crew member. If you then terminate that crew member’s contract and hire another, you can immediately award him 3 skill points. It’s simple: They are not consumed/used exclusively for each crew member!

Once you reach command rank 8, you’ll also have converted Kuva Lishaib at your disposal, which turn your Railjack into a defensive powerhouse and are very hard to take out due to their incredibly high health. Your job is just to protect your railjack from intruders while you and your crew do the rest! Kuva Lich crew members are delivered as is and cannot be trained or modified. If you trade in your converted Kuva-Lich crew, it will be removed from your crew.


Assigning a role

Assign each crew member a specific role before takeoff, or change assignments during flight via the tactical menu! You can choose between pilot, defender, gunner and engineer.

And there you have it! You and your new Railjack crew are ready for Proximas!

Megathread Internal Feedback Team:

The new Ralejack component: Page

Even though the mods have been moved to the player’s personal level, your Railjack parts such as shields, engines, and weapons (Weapons and Parts) are still dependent on the hosted player’s collection. This update not only includes some new weapons to collect and upgrade (listed below), but also a brand new component: Cover. Since health and armor modules can no longer be applied to the railjack itself, this component determines the health and armor values of your railjack.


These new cladding parts are in the dry dock, just like all the other parts of the rail lifts.

Change in the value of wrecks

Talk about shields, thrusters and weapons (weapons and parts): We have significantly reduced the resources required to create options from purchased wrecks. In short, again less crushing.
Early adopters

Let’s move on to information about early adopters. Whether you’ve already completed Railjack or only have a few hours left in your grasp, we have plenty of kits you can qualify for!

Dry dock clans:


In recognition of the construction of a home for the Railroader and Cephalon Sy.

An exclusive Rylejack clan memorial is available to all clans that have built a dry dock or have begun researching a Rylejack clan to catch up with clans that have removed their dry dock at some point.

Level 1:

-4 slots of the Max. avionics network.

+ 1 built accident

1x Repair a drone in an emergency

2 weapon slots

10 x D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D D

Raiders Bonus

  • Vortex ammunition
  • Battle forge
  • Particle frame
  • An empty hole
  • Rail Tool Kit

RJ package Common and non-common resources

  • Plate 1000 ticr
  • 2500 cubic diodes
  • 3500 carbons
  • 3500 titanium
  • 75 Isos
  • Bars of 75 Gallos
  • 75 Asterite

Level 2:

-7 avionics grid locations maximized.

+ 3 Built-up wreckage

All at level 1

2x fast response drones

15 Riven shards

10,000 Endo

Day 7 – Resource and affinity booster

Rail clamp kit #2

Unusual + rare RJ resource package

  • 125 Isos
  • 125 gallon bars
  • 125 Asterite
  • 10 Circuit Capacitors
  • 10 km
  • 10 Zero tone

Level 3:

-Full avionics network Max.

+ 6 built wreck (i.e. all locations have what you built).

All in Level 1 and Level 2.

3x Rapid Deployment Drones

The legendary core

Umbra shape

Resource Pack Web Socket No. 3

  • 15 Ostrox capacitors
  • 15 kilometres
  • 15 Zero tone

ADDITIONAL : Any used repair drone will be returned to you, even if you don’t encounter any of these levels.

Changes in Matchmaking

Once your railjack and plex are done, it’s time to find the mission. We have taken the opportunity to simplify Railjack’s matchmaking by aligning more closely with the rules of the main game. To play as a host, you had to start a mission with your own rail yard (Liset or Dry Dock). Now if you click on the node where there is no open squad in the normal star map, your own mission will start instead of giving you an error message that there is no open squad and telling you to go to the dry dock (or to the back of your ship).

  1. What has changed in the missions?

New rail linkage

When you first get on your Railjack, you will notice some important differences…..

The left and right turrets behind the cockpit no longer exist; instead, you find the dorsal entrance to the turret on top of the ship and the ventral entrance to the turret on the bottom. This makes the 360 degree rotation much more responsive and improves the sense of aiming while moving, as you now default to looking in the direction of the ship’s flight.

If you go further back in your railjack, there was a large open space with several floors connected to the top of the Arcwing catapult, and there was a cargo area in the back. This space is almost non-existent – all the main functions of the ship have been compressed into one smaller space to reduce the travel time between stations. As a result, Arsenal were also removed from this area. If you quickly go to the armory from the pause menu while your railjack is docked in the dojo, now just teleport to the armory in your dojo.

Stamina is gone!
Back in the cockpit, select the mission node and launch from the dry dock. After a sector warp, your Railjack will feel lighter and more mobile than ever….. Not only Railjack’s base speed has been increased, but also his sprint bar! This makes it much easier to achieve mission objectives quickly.

Pilots can fire their gun during boosting by slowing the railjack, unlike the hard stop mentioned in our master dev, where boosting continues after the shot. We cooled down the Dodge maneuver a bit to compensate for the loss of the Sprint bar, but it can still be used much more often than before!

When you open the tactical menu, you’ll notice that the map perspective is now static, which is what players usually want. Teammates are also shown at the bottom, so you can check their position or issue new commands.


Forges and individual resource pools

Now bullets, missiles and fighters fly fast and furious in the heat of battle. You target a swarm of Corps fighters, use your personal avionics skills, and… Oh, no! Someone has already used up all the power!

If this has already happened to you, don’t worry. In this update, all Railjack ammo will be tracked separately for each player, but ammo made in the Forge will be replenished for all Tenno. From the Revolite to the Dome Chargers, you just have to keep an eye on your ammo consumption, but dedicated technologies can still have a big impact on gameplay if you call out what you need. Over time, even these consumables are gradually replenished, so Railjack always has a full supply before he leaves dry dock and there is no need to refine the forge at the end of the mission.

As part of the transition from Railjack-based avionics to player-based PLEXUS, combat/tactical skills will now be powered by Warframe energy, and Flux energy will be removed from the game entirely (all associated avionics will be converted to Endo). This allows players who have tools to generate energy to better integrate these tools into the regular Railjack game, further intertwining the two aspects of the game. For warframes that consume no energy, such as Lavos and Hildryn, the coolant and shield respectively fall on the Railjack as energy.

Furthermore, Battle Forge Warframe can generate energy! This means that in addition to existing player strategies, the Forge itself will regularly spawn large stocks of Warframe energy with the help of players. As with ammo, the energy generated in the forge is distributed throughout the team, so don’t forget to thank your techs!

Finally, we add a clever new feature: Rehabilitation of the trunk! By forging them, you instantly restore the health of your torso in real time. With this new item and all the other craftsmen in the forge, the new Ticor Plate resource (which drops in all Railjack missions) will be essential to keep your Railjack running smoothly!

Battle modes

Be tactful when it comes to the combat mods you have on the plex. We’ve added a mechanism to compensate for the possible overuse of combat adjustments – combat adjustments have a sensor that increases the energy cost when you use two skills in quick succession! Balance the meter in each game mode to make your strategies as effective and deadly as possible!

We’ve also done a transfer on several Railjack mods, including some Battle mods. See the special BATTLE RAILJACK MODIFICATIONS section in the notes for more details!


Now – let’s talk about reactors. They came by to give you the avionics capabilities and power. Both have now been removed, and the new role of the reactors is to power the Railjack fighters aboard the ship, increase range or extend autonomy!

If you had reactors before this update, you can see how your reactors have adapted to this new role in the list of scenarios and player account revisions at the beginning of these notes!
Disturbances and hazards

Ralejack/Hazard failures have also received an update and no longer directly affect the health of Ralejack or Shield!

  • Electrical hazards now have access to your mini-map and make using the tactical menu impossible.
  • Catastrophic cracks in the hull are now damaging all players on board until they are closed.
  • Ice hazards can now freeze interactive railjack elements: Pilot’s seat, forges, thrusters, doors and turrets.
  • Fire hazards now cause weapons to overheat faster and cool down slower.
  • The cracks in the hull have been completely eliminated.

Uniform types of damage

Rail Combat inherits many of the familiar damage types from Warframe, but with a twist. Exposure became ballistic, cold became frost, and so on. We remove the second level of railjack damage types to unify the system and want it to be based on what players have already learned: the core elements of Warframe. This means that. :

Ballistic = impact
Plasma = perforation
Particle = oblique
Frost = cold
Ionic = electricity
Fire = heat
Chemical = toxin

Node changes

The Railjack nodes you know are divided into Earth, Saturn and Veil Proxima. There are choices, of course, but there aren’t really any meaningful choices, the only option being the Scramble – or so it seems, until you remember which interesting points are on which nodes. And then what?

It all comes down to too much repetition of a small set of nodes, and many railjacks are just ignored. In what we think is a new and healthier direction for Railjack, we are making some changes by removing some existing Grineer nodes.

This includes the removal of the Gian Point junction. It was not a decision taken lightly, but in the interest of increasing the diversity of the mission, we felt it was a necessary step. Essentially, we took what was good about Gian Point (the highly rewarded Affinity fast travel mission) and put it into the Railjack objectives themselves, so that the variety of content would be played over and over (and over) in more than one node.

The addition of the Corpus Proxima regions introduces many new missions into the game (and that means more than just skirmishes!). We’ve also added corps missions in deep space on Proxima Voila.

List of all Railjack nodes to be deleted :

  • Mail Cluster
  • Minhaste’s post
  • Fangkhula Satellite
  • Jax Lanes.
  • Rian Belt
  • Vila Gap
  • Spiro Gap.
  • Ria
  • Update January
  • The field of deliberate warfare
  • Tomb of Ganalens
  1. What’s the next step?

This section describes future content not included in this update.

Empty storms and relics!

Contrary to our original plans, we are unable to ship Void Storm with this update due to the magnitude of the changes and additions. But that’s okay, because thematically they belong in Update 30 : Storm Calling, which is largely based on Void Storms. When the Void Storms arrive, they will give Tenno a way to use their Void Relics in Railjack missions! This will be an additional type of mission to play in rotation, like the normal star map rift missions, but much bigger and more surprising.

And, of course, the story of the Void Storms and more in …..

Update 30: The call of the storm


All the work done in the 29.10.0 update is in preparation for the 30.0 update: The call of the storm. Update 30 brings Warframe’s flagship quest for Sevagoth, announces a new villain, and more. We also plan to release it on all platforms at once! So while update 29.10.0 will come to PC first, update 30 will bring everything and Sevagoth to consoles at once.

Corpus Liches a.k.a. Question. Queenpins is still scheduled for its own future update. Don’t forget the zone update on May 30. Don’t quote us on this update number, it may change a bit.

New railway armament

Corpus Proxima brings a whole new threat that requires new firepower! These 4 new Railjack armors can be found in the wrecks of Corpus Railjack enemies.

The armament of the railway is changing:

We’ve received a lot of feedback on the Railjack weapon since its release, and in response we’ve made some changes that affect both performance and feel. Overall, the Railjack armor has received a damage upgrade to better reflect slicing through combat lanes instead of hitting enemies on the ground. The accuracy or recoil of some weapons has been changed (e.g., the Apoc autocannon and the Carcinnox) to make them more like starship cannons, while still maintaining their lethality.

Railjack is the epitome of space combat technology from the Old War, and we wanted these changes to better reflect that power.


  • Damage increased from 53 to 126
    • MKI Sigma/Vidar – 96 to 227 damage
    • MCII Sigma/Vidar – damage from 164 to 386 g.
    • MKIII Sigma/Vidar – 263 to 618 damage
    • Lavan MKI – damage from 96 to 243
    • Lavan MKII – damage from 164 to 414
    • Lavan MKIII – Damage 263 to 662
    • MKI packages – Damage 144 to 275
    • MKII Zetki – damage from 246 to 468
    • Zetki MKIII – Damage from 395 to 748
  • The speed of the projectiles from the Apoc autocannon has been increased.
  • Railjack Apoc autocannon recoil is increased.
  • The projectile size of the Apoc autocannon has been increased.
  • Reduction of the heat load of the Zetki Apoc Autocannon from 20 to 18.
  • Reducing accuracy of Apoc autocannons.
    • With the increase in projectile size and combat range, the decrease in accuracy shouldn’t affect gameplay, it’s mostly a cosmetic change that gives the projectiles a natural variation.



  • Damage increased from 400 to 972
    • MKI Sigma/Vidar – damage from 720 to 1750 g.
    • MCII Sigma/Vidar – Damage from 1224 to 2975
    • MKIII Sigma/Vidar – damage from 1959 to 4760.
    • Lavan MKI – damage from 720 to 1873.
    • Lavan MCII – Damage from 1224 to 3184.
    • Lavan MKIII – Damage from 1959 to 5094.
    • MKI Zetki – Damage from 1080 to 2275
    • MKII Zetki – damage from 1836 to 3868.
    • Zetki MKIII – damage from 2939 to 6188.
  • Reduction of cryophone heating capacity for Tenno, Vidar and Lavan from 250 to 150. Zetki from 350 to 250.


  • Damage increased from 15 to 27
    • MKI Sigma/Vidar – Damage 27 to 49
    • MCII Sigma/Vidar – Damage 46 to 84
    • MKIII Sigma/Vidar – 74 to 135 damage
    • Lavan MKI – Damage from 27 to 53
    • Lavan MCII – Damage from 46 to 90
    • Lavan MKIII – Damage 74 to 145
    • MKI Zetki – Damage from 41 to 59
    • MKII Zetki – Damage from 69 to 101
    • Zetki MKIII – Damage from 111 to 162
  • The increase in thermal activity of the Sigma/Lavan/Widor photographer reached 10 and that of Zetka reached 18.



We have made a number of changes to the combat modules (formerly avionics), with reactors now increasing durability, range and duration. Their original stats had to be reduced slightly because they could now be upgraded, and we didn’t want their upgraded stats to exceed their intended stats. In almost all cases, a high-level engine will enable your fighters to outperform your previous results!

Combat Mod: Previous New location MCII Max Max MKIII
Circuit breaker pulse Damage 300 600 1080 960
Zone 250 150 360 320
Manual Range 200
Countermeasures Duration 10 10 18               16
Vortex ammunition Duration 15 10 18 16
Zone 150 80 144 128
Particle frame Damage 1500 1000 1800 1600
Duration 6 5 9 8
A shrapnel explosion Duration 20 5 9 8
Zone 60 200 360 320
Damage 500 6000 10800 9600
Holding rope Duration 20 15 27 24
Zone 200 120 216 192
Damage 3000 2000 3600 3200
Explosive Range 120 80 144 128
Vulnerability N/A 50 90 80
Phoenix Blaze. Damage 300 200 360 320
Explosive Range 275 250 450 400
Gun cabinet. N/A 60 108 96
The Flight Finder Damage 1800 3000 5400 4800
An empty hole Damage 300 200 360 320
Duration 25 20 36 32
Zone 150 100 180 160
  • The Tether Battle mod (formerly Avionic) has been balanced for the new gameplay:
    • No more shots to destroy.
    • Enemies that die explode and cause damage to those around them.
    • Tied enemies receive extra damage from railjack weapons.
    • Dev’s comment:
      Tether downplayed much of the railjack gameplay by showing how deadly it was against combatants in a unit explosion. We want to justify the changes to Tether as part of adding new content. The transfer will continue to downplay all phases of the Railjack fighter, so we’ve made changes to make it more phased while rewarding tactical placement.
  • Good pulse: Further pulses depend on the number of enemies hit by the first pulse. Blackout Pulse also explodes on impact.
  • Phoenix Blaze (formerly Phoenix Fire): The Railjack weapon receives extra heat damage when this skill is active.
  • The Wally Seeker has been improved in target selection for all missiles. In addition, the missiles launch slowly and accelerate when they have a target.


As mentioned above in the SCRIPT LIST section, all avionics have been converted to Railjack mods. Removed Railjack mods have been converted to their new replacements, with Endo specified for those removed entirely. Endo’s earnings add up to the amount Endo spent on these (current) mods and the amount of the resolution based on their rarity.

Retired Rail Lift Maude Replacement
Anode cell


Weaving of the fuselage


Iron Matrix
The final battle. Matrix Manslaughter
Hardened housing

Adrenaline break

The untamable matrix
Winged steel

The winged power

The winged storm

Cyclone blade

Raiders Matrix
Preservation of depth

Heat synchronization

Phase Confusion

Ablation plate


Polar coil

Orgone Tuning Matrix
Hyperflux Nutrient removal (endo-refund)
the sensory power of the mind Nutrient removal (endo-refund)

New integrated Railjack modems:

You will find these new railjack mods integrated as drops from various Corpus and Grineer railjack opponents.

Defensive shots

Strengthening the fire

The agony of the worm

Granny’s Nemesis

Raspberry Joint

Waveband Destroyer *(Mod Turret)

Warhead Whips *(Combat Mode)

Defensive shots

Railjack’s new Aura integrated modules:

You’ll find these new railjack aura mods built in as drops from various Corpus and Grineer railjack opponents.

Iron Matrix

Matrix Manslaughter

  • +15% hull damage at 100%, 20% chance to withstand 25% damage at 80%+ shields, +6% air efficiency

Orgone Tuning Matrix

  • +22.5% forge power, -15% forge cooling, +15% elemental resistance, +18% tower heat.

The untamable matrix

Raiders Matrix

  • +15% arc speed and damage, +24% shield and arc armor, +45% looted crew speed and damage

The new feedback mechanism of megathread:

General modifications and corrections to rail lifts :

  • Added tutorial popups when using Plexus, Intrinsics, Railjack Star Chart and Dry Dock for the first time.
  • The Ignis Wraith map has been added to the Grineer Railjack mission as a point of interest reward!
  • By selecting the Drydock node in the Railjack navigation menu during the course, the player is now directed directly to their drydock, instead of the default starting point in your dojo.
  • The mechanics of the railjack fighters have been reworked so that enemies now appear in smaller, scattered groups to provide a more immersive railjack experience.
    • Often, in Railjack’s combat logic, a large dense cluster of enemies would appear at once, easily eliminated with a single hit (lanyard, etc.).
  • New boost and stop boost sounds added for railjack!
  • Dirac’s games have been removed from the games market.
  • Added ‘RAILJACK’ tab for the Station Mod.
  • The Railjack keybind option adds Use Next Power and Use Selected Power (under Options > Admin > Railjack > Keybind Setup).
  • Updated railjack bullets, tracks, impact effects and mouth effects for better visibility/effect.
  • According to player feedback, equipped weapons and railjack equipment now show an equipped banner in the wrecking window and do not allow the item to be discarded.
  • Improved FX kick for the archer rifle.
  • The unused preview option on the rail junk screens has been removed.
  • Updated the icons of the wagons in the wagon setup for parts, weapons and upgrades to make them more attractive, whatever they are.
  • The Scrap Component/Scrap Connection screen now shows unique and detailed statistics for that item when you hover over it.
  • Fixed a bug as a client in Railjack missions.
  • The Intrinsic update was not performed locally for the clients when they returned to the dry dock after the railjack mission.
  • Railjack is not shown in the dry dock if you are a guest in another dojo and you accept an invitation to a squad where the host is in his dojo. It also fixes the inability to board Railjack from …… You didn’t see it anyway.
  • Fixed a bug with Apoc where mounts in the ship no longer animated correctly.
  • Railjack skins that appeared too green/blue on the game market have been fixed.
  • Railjack mission rewards that do not appear at the end of the mission screen resolved.
  • A Galvark weapon that only dealt a single pulse of low damage instead of a continuous beam or pulses has been recovered.



Marshmallow skin of the harrier

Take to the skies in breathtaking, breezy style.

Marshmallow Arclite Plantation Peau d’artisan

Impress Comrade Tenno by going on a mission in this sleek and beautiful landing craft.

Onion picker

A bold and radical look that shows everyone that you rule the heavens. Includes Harrier suit, Harrier sleeves, Harrier legs and Harrier hood.

Zephyr Harrier theme

Give your user interface free rein with these eye-catching custom graphics.

Zephyr Moon Collection

Reach new heights like the Zephyr with this turbo-charged luxury collection. Includes Marshmallow Harrier skin, Arclite Boarding Vessel skin and Marshmallow Harrier theme.

There are also two new Zephyr Harrier Agile & Noble animations! These animations follow the other deluxe animations (Hora Urushu, etc) where they are available for Zephyr & Zephyr Prime, but Zephyr Harrier must be purchased to equip the animations on other warframes.

They are only included with the Zephyr Harrier base skin or the Zephyr Harrier bundle.


Marshmallow often falls into the lowest usage category in the Warframe community. While many Tenno have truly mastered the Zephyr skill, there are still tips to improve it. When creating one of our deepest luxury sets for a date with Zephyr, we had to take the time to test his skills as well.


The mechanism to hold the charge has been removed and designed so that you can hold the ability in the air at all times, then it goes into hover mode and keeps you in the air while it sucks energy every second. You can now move around instead of being stuck in one place. Jump during the hover to cancel. Gower currently prevents energy siphon, energy dash, trinity energy vampire, etc.

Dive bomb damage has been increased from 500 to 4500 base damage at maximum rank to better reward the time and skill required to use it effectively. Tailwind’s dive bomb now points in the direction the player is moving.


Changed a radial blast that pushes enemies into a momentary vortex (as we did with Gauss’ Mach Crash augmentation), so the pull is more reliable.


No change!


  • Holding now causes stationary tornadoes, just as it causes regular wandering tornadoes when tapped. Reduce the number of tornadoes to 3 to prevent enemies from spreading too much, and increase the thrust of the tornadoes so enemies stay in them longer.
  • The radius in which Tornados attract enemies has been increased to allow for standard synergy with Air Burst; you no longer need to use Air Burst on your Tornado to increase the radius of attraction.
  • If an enemy dies while being held captive by the tornado, he is exiled to reduce the waste of bullets on swinging rag dolls.
  • Finally, if you create stationary tornadoes, they will appear where you aim, not on random enemies nearby.  Roaming tornadoes always spawn on enemies.

The tornado feedback consisted of 2 main points:

  • Tornadoes tend to overwhelm opponents.
  • The tornado train is fairly harmless, it sometimes attracts enemies and throws them to the other side. If you shoot an enemy in a tornado, they are often just ejected from the tornado.


Zephyr review: This passive skill adds 150% to the stacking bonus of critical chance on primary/secondary/melee weapon throws.

General Zephyr is changing:


  • Ophidian bit:
  • Bubble Rush: Bubble Rush is now under control!
  • Transmutation probe:
  • Catalyze: The speed of the catalyst probe has been increased.
  • Added a half-second delay to Vial Rush and Transmutation Probe before you can cancel an ability, so you don’t accidentally cancel too early.
  • Attachment of chest plates, heart-shoulder plates and arca knee clamps/tips to the Lavos road.
  • The market interface in the game that showed Lavos 175 energy when it wasn’t (because he doesn’t use energy) has been improved. It will now show 0 as expected.



Take immediate command of the Railjack with this package that includes the Railjack, 4 crew seats and the Nautilus Sentry.

*This is a convenience package for single buyers *Each item inside can be purchased separately. I think I’ll have to take an Archwing.

Equip yourself with the efficient and deadly Nautilus Sentinel, the ideal companion for train travel. The Nautilus can fix hazards on the ship itself and train enemies to hit them more easily. Includes wings, mask and cosmetic accessories for the tail.


With this makeup set, you can give your guards a deep sea nautilus look. Includes wings, mask and tail. Excluding the Nautilus Sentinel.

*All Nautilus Sentinel cosmetic accessories are sold separately.


Added a new lock for crew members


For Tenno that are not configured for Devstreams, we are actively revising the division between melee and primary weapons in terms of power and lethality. Many at Tenno have come to the conclusion that the original weapon just can’t compete with Melee, and we agree. We plan to have a detailed review and seminar for the players on what we plan to do. This will be done in the coming weeks.

However, there is one change in this update for Melee. Removed most guaranteed enemy stuns on melee hits. Some stay in neutral, for and block combos. In practice, this change means that an infinite number of melee attacks with crowd control disappears. The potential for crowd control, coupled with the potential for damage extension, was an area we could immediately change to allow players to try out this unique setting in the context of the current game.

This change is pretty minimal in practice, and after you’ve played the mission with the change, you can let us know what you think.

Other scrimmage changes:


Part 3 replaces xWMA with OPUS and the new ADPCM encoder! Over the next few days, we realized that we needed to review the code to understand how some of the sample codecs worked. This code revision includes fixes for many of the problems we experienced with the first ADPCM codec, as well as fixes for some crashes related to the new Opus codec we used in the last mainline.

To get this revision, some audio files need to be reloaded with this update. All for the good of all!



  • Brand new Dojo Room Open Space, Star Market! Large commercial space with views of the stars!
  • 161 brand new Corpus-themed dojo decorations! From holoscreens to auction platforms, the Dojo is your corpus oyster!
  • The clan room ranking has been removed. Build the Great Hall, the Great Hall, and the Great Hall in the order your clan wants.
  • You can now display jewelry. Room consoles allow architects to view unfinished decorations in 60 seconds.
  • We have reduced the red zones in the dojo! Build next to doors – or even through them!
  • Discover 6 backgrounds in the Tenno lab at the new Color Search Console. Once the search is complete, you can change the background of the outdoor space via the room console!
    • Ceres background
    • Background of Deimos
    • Earth Reverse case
    • Saturn reversed
    • A drop of Venus
    • Reversal of the void
  • The constructed solar train and research solar train consoles were removed from the Orokin laboratory. This will also remove the Solar Rail pop-ups! All that remains is to explore the Dragon Key.
  • Items in the dojo that have been explored are marked as such with the explored icon in the background.
  • Tracking of completed research for the Orokin and chemistry labs is now consistent with available prescriptions.
  • Dojo Research UI Pass:
    • The requirements for the item are now shown in a popup window.
    • The search now shows the search requirements instead of the crafting requirements in the first tab when you hover over it until the search is complete.
    • The status of pending funds now has its own icon, so you can see at a glance the difference between what is being investigated and what has yet to be contributed.
    • The current status now shows the update time in a pop-up window.
    • Recently searched items will be displayed for 2 weeks in a popup window with a spider web as New.
  • Correction of reading text through the walls in the dojo.
  • Solid decoration of natural mushroom Wallis land width and high dojo has no collision.
  • Fixed inability to resize an infected structural dojo decoration after resizing it.


  • Enhance your HUD with HUD customization options! Select multiple HUD elements from your color palettes to repaint. You can also choose from a collection of presets ranging from colorblind-friendly options to Warframe-themed presets.

  • The State World window has received a visual and functional update!
    • Events tab : Events such as Star Days, GOTL, Bully, etc. are more informative at a glance, and their respective images are as follows

    • Operation of the steam chamber :
    • Steel Path raids now appear in their own tab in the world status window when you switch to Steel Path missions in the navigation.
    • Nightmare alerts are now displayed on the Alerts tab of the State of the World window.


  • When animals are in a nearby spawning area (outside the active path), you will hear a beep from the spawning area, similar to the beep you hear when using a lure. That way you know approximately when, what and in what direction they appear when you travel through the Cambion Drift or the Eidolon Plains.
  • The minimum detection range can be reduced from 50 meters to 25-35 meters, allowing animals to spawn closer to your location.
  • New mergoo environment encounters added in the plains of Eidolon! You can now find them in the wild, flying around or sitting on the ground.
  • Added two inactivity animations for Mergoo when he is captured.
  • The satellites aimed at Kondrokos, Kuakas and Merga in the Eidolon plain have been repaired, so there is no chance they will stay.


  • Rumble controllers added for different melee sounds, heavy tenno landings, ball jumps, and more!
  • Fixed Lavos basic user interface with standard 1 2 3 4 labeling instead of controller bindings. The user interface is also configured to make dumb calls and key calls more readable.
  • Certain abilities (such as Wukong’s Cloud Run and Lavos’ Vial Rush) could not be deactivated by controllers without returning to the ability menu.
  • The display of the uplink/downlink as a duplicate link in Controller Setup > Placement has been corrected. Now they will showcase their unique missions.
  • The fact that user configuration names were not saved if the virtual cursor did not hover over the configuration location while using the controller was resolved.
  • Fixed the popup Failed to Create Session that appeared twice when the controller cable was disconnected and an attempt was made to start a task.
  • Fixed a bug when opening the arsenal with the controller.
  • Not showing tooltips for work buttons when acting and using the controller has been fixed.


General additions :

  • Added a self-tapping volume control to the audio settings.
  • Added a grid background for offers to vendors of Cetus, Fortuna and Necralisk to distinguish if their requirements have been met.
  • Added a slider for horizontal depth of field in Capture.
  • Add autofocus text fields under Options > Interface. You can now exclude All, End Agreement and select None.
  • Added VRAM display in the FPS game panel.
  • I added Razor’s position in Diwata/Diwata Prime. The melee combo screen will then show the Fairy Waltz melee combo while shaving.

General Changes :

  • Tweak The updated version of Warframe is now available! Return to your dry dock or repeater, then exit and start the launcher. to show that you can dock with most repeaters.
  • Many improvements were made to the fuselage and the mission defenses were reworked. Enemies will appear and move closer to the defense object to shorten the wait time!
  • The following modifications are made to reduce the complexity of the endgame in the deadlock protocol task:
    • Maximum 2 false observers at the same time.
    • Increases the time before Wandering Spectres find a wandering enemy to upgrade.
    • Defected enemies can only be upgraded to a maximum level of 20.
    • Added more useful tips to the Xoris index: Hold down and release the [button] to launch Xoris and catch the ghost particles.
    • Protea Specter’s tower damage from flaming artillery is reduced.
    • The cooling of the Protea Spectre’s shield has been increased.
    • Protea’s mind health and shields are diminished.
    • Added a hint when Protea Specter is vulnerable to a Xoris attack: Shoot at Xoris as Protea rewinds!
    • The Protea Spirit’s Temporal Anchor is now activated at the same time, making it easier to hit it in the window.
  • Changed the energy package from Asterite to Helminth from 1500 to 300.
  • Plexus is now rewarded for fulfilling an arc order.
  • As mentioned above in the Ralejack Corps section, with the permanent addition of Valkyr Prime + accompanying Prime weapon relics and Nyx Prime + accompanying Prime weapon relics to the Ralejack Corps missions, we need to adjust the sale prices of some Ducats as their oddities have changed:
    • Valkyr Prime chassis: 100 to 65 ducats
    • Valkir Prime Systems: 100 to 65 ducats
    • Premier Scindo pen: 45 to 25 ducats
    • Cernos Prime String : 45 to 25 ducats
  • Critical Delay and Sneaky Bullseye improved their critical chance from +48% to +187%.
    • These new mods have a greater effect when the fire rate is below 2.5, and this improvement brings synergy between these mods. As a result, Critical Delay and Sneaky Porthole can no longer be equipped with Spike Shot and Pistol Gambit respectively.
  • Increased the maximum set bonus (all 3 mods) for umbral intensification from 50% to 75% to match other Umbra mods.
  • You can now specify the floating scintillation path correctly in the isolation memory commands. When you point to a path on Scintillating, it marks it as such, rather than creating a default waypoint on the wall through it.
  • Bait and pheromones currently have a fixed place in the reduction wheel and both are sorted to the respective animals. Even if you don’t have the pheromone, it will still appear in the wheel, but it won’t be used.
  • Reduction of the manufacturing time of the Odonata components (Archipelago quest). Odonata’s time barrier for new players was too high, as Archwing Quest is an early step in overall development and certainly very important to Railjack.
  • Xaku minds can now use their four abilities!
  • Numerous improvements have been made to AI navigation and spawn points on the Corpus ship, the Griner forest, the plains of Eidolon, and on the Tiltes of Orokin Derelicet.
  • The basic requirements for Hexis Syndicate referees for Initiation and Rank 1 have been updated to include more beginner-friendly resources. Instead of the pores of the nano and neural sensors, an alloy plate and gallium are now needed.
  • The various weapon and noggle beam icons in the Marketplace game have been updated to match the updated UI size.
  • The ability to sell the Mutal Assassin V Alade’s plan has been removed from the Patient Zero task.
  • Clicking on None in the weapon search bar in the armory will now give you the selection None to disassemble the item.
  • I’ve plotted the strong wind loops in the Eidolon caves.
  • Improved lens markers in the Cambion Drift caves.
  • Improved AI navigation in Eidolon’s caves and tunnels.
  • Kov Tonkor’s armament has been removed from the projectiles.
  • The message console will now be hidden until the player completes the Vor Prize quest.
  • The appearance of the left bar in the Union Offer window has been updated.
  • Target markers have been created for improvements and functional fixes in Orb Vallis.
  • Improved and updated lip sync animations for Nora Night, Nat, Darvo and Alad V.
  • Improved enemy minima markers in large slopes (e.g. Grineer Sea Lab). They should now be more accurate at tracking enemies as they move across tiles.
  • Son will now properly punish you for killing Velocipods, as he already does with all other animals.
  • In-game market discounts (sale or coupon) now have a breakdown to the normal price with a new discounted price next to it.
  • Added detailed melee stats to the Necramech upgrade screen. You can now see all of Nekramekh’s melee achievements when editing!
  • The Guildrin will no longer increase its shield strength with traits that give one energy regeneration per second. It continues to convert the energy receptors into additional shielding. This restores the unintended mechanism where things like the energy lever make them completely invulnerable in combat.


  • Dojo decorations appear in a pile instead of their intended location.
  • Corrects random errors that may have occurred after the launcher upgrade.
  • Fixed a script error that occurred when you accepted an invitation to visit the dojo while on the Railjack navigation screen.
  • Fixed script error that could occur if you immediately killed Corpus Amalgam while he was playing the Brood animation.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the mission poll to immediately start counting down as if someone had forced the mission to start.
  • Fixed the fact that modular weapon names starting with ‘P’ could not be sorted via the chat link.
  • Fixed registration issue that occurred in some stages of the War Within quest when you complete or fail a mission at the wrong time.
  • Jorda’s Golem finds rough paths around the wreckage between waypoints.
  • Fixed health data to be retrieved with each transfer to and from Nekramekh, rather than having health and screen values tracked during the transfer.
  • Fixed a bug where Marshmallow took damage when he hit allies with the Target Binding Recovery mod.
  • Sentinel and Moa weapon statistics that were not displayed side by side in the armory have been improved.
  • Fixed bug where Umbra Excalibur no longer used a weapon when in Operator mode, but fought autonomously.
  • Fixed a bug in the fight against Nihil when the client visiting Orbital has the key and starts the fight. It also restores the ability to bring a team into the fray.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when buying a Focus Lens Blueprint in the armory after upgrading an item.
  • The need to log in twice to display Twitch Drop Inbox has been fixed.
  • Fixed crash when extracting Cambion Drift to Necralisk as a client.
  • A rare crash when loading in Orb Vallis or the Plains of Eidolon has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug when selecting the Golden False Victory trophy in the Dojo decoration menu.
  • Server crash when disconnecting from client has been fixed.
  • A rare crash that could occur upon release of the game has been fixed.
  • Fixed a crash after using Arsenal and then Helminth.
  • Fixed crash after accepting an invitation to the dojo.
  • The helminth sorting options in the Infusion Rate and Flow Rate menus were not retained when switching between menus.
  • Lynx sometimes plays an interrupted animation when fighting in melee.
  • The appearance of Avikea in the simulacrum spawn list has been restored.
  • Removed the mission progress screen and the end of mission screen that did not display the affinity for the Guardian weapon.
  • Sorting of equipment in alphabetical order restored if you have completed more than one round of the Endless Pit mission.
  • Fixed inconsistencies in text focus when opening Chat and Marketplace simultaneously.
  • Fixed overlap of some parts of the amp user interface with the amp statistics interface in the amp selection menu.
  • Fixed bug where the equipped cavata icon was displayed as generic and not breed specific.
  • Fixed a script error when returning to Orbital Bay if one of the squad members had Atterax.
  • Fixed missing FX on True Presenter emulator.
  • Kuva Stragh fixed legplate mounted on the right rear.
  • All references to the Orbiter quest disappearing after reaching Mastery Rank 1 when the Vor Prize quest is active have been resolved.
  • The selection of the operator’s seal caused a 5 second problem.
  • The display of the following night wave actions for those who do not have a war in completion has been improved:
    • CPR: Find and check the fallen Nekramech on Deimos.
    • An ancient obelisk: Activate the Requiem Obelisk on Deimos.
    • Cold steel: Kill 1,000 enemies on the steel path.
    • The shortest way: The 5 complete missions on the steel road
    • Necralizer: Kill 100 enemies with Nekramekh.
  • The Nightwave reanimator act has not been released yet.
  • Fixed Kill It With Fire and Nightwave Riding Error not tracking host or clients.
  • Fixed bug where the Ancient Obelisk – Law of the Night Wave could not be completed for customers.
  • Earned focus affinity appears twice on the UI screen for erg pistols/heavy weapons at the end of the mission, there was only one UI, focus affinity was not rewarded twice.
  • The perennial Excalibur Umbra holds its scabbard throughout the final film of Sacrifice Sacrifice.
  • The camera is no longer hit by the walls of the orbital table when moving back from the focal axis screen.
  • Misaligned emblems when equipping the right shoulder plate of the Daedalus.
  • Fixed clipping with Winter Solstice Centuria Syandana on various warframes and skins.
  • Fixed black boxes on corpus ship tiles with the following settings: Classic renderer, SMAA, Bloom and low geometry parts.
  • Loot markers remained in a secret area of the Gas City tile long after robbing.
  • Warframes no longer block your view when talking to vendors in Cetus or Fortuna.
  • Fixed bug where Zenith’s Alt Fire shooting mode was reversed when rewinding simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented flat music from launching when created directly in open area missions.
  • Resolved a shape counter with Necramehs polarization, as well as an Aura and Umbra shape counter that cannot be used on Necramehs. The diagram now only shows the normal shape.
  • Fixed door flicker in some missions on Grineer galleon tiles.
  • Correction of the Paris Prime issue colours not applied to the sheet. Like this:
  • Fixed the fact that a guest invited to the Orbiter Captura host could not see the host’s decorations or ship colors.
  • Fixed clients cannot reliably hit enemy weak points (e.g. Orfix) with weapons whose projectiles expand, such as B. Fluctus.
  • The switching to the operator as a client in the Orbiter Captura scene, causing the host to switch to the operator, has been fixed.
  • Fixed some contextual actions in environment objects, including Fisher Hi-Look which was nipped in the bud.
  • Fixed a bug where the refresh screen displayed red instead of green when zooming in on text.
  • The Burston Prime fixed charger is attached to the left hand when the sun skin is applied.
  • Stuck black screen when exiting the isolation vault when out of operator mode when using Esophagus.
  • Fixed bug where the decorated Nekramekh (with a spoiler name that pays homage to a specific game series) was missing his helmet in the alcove of the Necraloid Syndicate room after the last ride level in the Heart of Deimos quest.
  • Pixelation issues with the Vazarin Void Aegis masking effect have been fixed.
  • Fixes the fact that Larkspur’s ray (when used as a heavy weapon) sometimes does no damage to Nullifier bubbles.
  • Arcana’s Isolation Vault is not started when the client logs in to the team and initiates the Isolation Bonus payment. This also solves the situation where players don’t get credit for completing Deimos bonuses.
  • The level of carved object on tiles in Grineer Fortress has been improved.
  • A large square appearing around the track selection button on the TUNE IN night display has been removed.
  • Fixed missing background in trade window when receiving an exchange during inventory.
  • The camera crash after the end of the swap is fixed if you took the swap from the mod window.
  • Double damage increase resolved.
  • Fixed some UI themes where some colors were displayed in black instead of white.
  • Fixed rare crash that could occur when a player appeared with a move or rotation bonus.
  • The fixed camera freezes in place instead of attaching itself to the player when you join the Bladestorm Ash clones.
  • The curia of the tile gas city, poorly lit and not very visible, has been restored.
  • Resolution of a large non-colliding rock formation during an intercept mission to Gaia, Earth, below the C tower.
  • The Ayatan images were not animated when using the Ayatan automatic star setting.
  • Fixed the fact that the Enhancement for Companions/Others window could not be opened and the Select Item message is not loaded yet. Wait a minute and try again.
  • Fixed the use of enemy control abilities on enemies that spawn units preventing the next wave from starting in defensive missions.
  • In the description of Gara’s Mass Vitrification skill, the heat damage icon for blast damage was not displayed correctly. Now the symbols for drilling, tapping and quilting are displayed correctly.
  • The display of warframe attachments in Operator > Appearance > Feature Options has been improved.
  • Removed all types of ice that seem to be stuck in the sanctuary after going through the channel. Like this:
  • The description of the deconstructor no longer indicates perforation or cutting damage.
  • The inability to hear opponents’ voice chat in Conclave has been fixed.
  • Fixed unintended effect leak in Wisp during Wil-O-Wisp.
  • Changed from spam mode to puidrig wakeup mode, which caused many problems, has been fixed. Tilting while the capacity is activated is now prevented.
  • Solid black squares floating under the surface of Cambion Drift.
  • The location of the orbital cannon of the Corpus Captura ship has been improved.
  • Fixed a bug where a large portion of the rock became invisible at certain distances in a Cambion drift.
  • Non-automatic cinematography correction when viewing night episode 2: Emissary.
  • The description of the Nightwave act of chest raiders has been corrected to indicate that the chests are unlocked on Derelict instead of Deimos.
  • Fixed low spawn points in some Cambion drift areas.
  • The Combat Discipline healing module now applies to deployed Necramechs.
  • Random music and sounds that break off before restarting the game when switching from normal navigation to rail navigation and rail mission have been fixed.
  • Fixed some enemies off the map and other navigation issues in the Grineer Shipyard and Cambion Drift tiles.
  • Correction Advantage loses all color and appears solid white for the rest of the fight after using the Poindor Guard Mode skill.
  • Fixed a 12ms obstacle when loading the state world window.
  • Fixed bug where Cremata Syandana was not using the secondary energy color in her VFX. As indicated here:
  • The visible lines on the ground tile in the Grineer galleon tile are restored.
  • I fixed a very visible seal on Liseth’s extractor door.
  • A black window explaining how to use the codex scanner is placed on top of a shard of glass to be scanned in step 2 of Saya’s vigilance quest.
  • Gauss’s Mach Crash augmentation module didn’t suck in angry opponents.
  • Refurbished cases where the performance could reach to infinity on clients when upgrading to Archwing.
  • An ominous operator who cannot be named had clipping problems in Lisset when he appeared.
  • Permanent attendants will not be resuscitated if Titania has no cutting energy left during transfer to the operator.
  • The appearance points of enemies standing on the ground on the ice planet Corpus and the fortress Tilleseth Grignier have been improved.
  • Fixed problems with the alignment of storage containers in the Grineer SeaLab tile.
  • Lynx and Terra Jailer turrets that fire from the turret base instead of the gun have been repaired.
  • Disruptive Syndicate missions available with enemy levels lower than 15 have been fixed. This corrects the cases where no enemies appear after the first one.
  • Warframes that occurred after host migration are restored with the health values of the form they had at the time of migration (Necramech, Operator, etc).
  • The Umbra Excalibur, equipped only from melee – does not move or attack enemies if they are not nearby while the player is using the operator.
  • Ackarius’ projectiles exploding on the Volt’s electrical panel instead of passing through it are recorded.
  • Fixed bug where timers were not cleared if they were turned off prematurely while the operator was active.
  • Sly Devolution’s buffer displays the same Dodge stats as Survival Instinct when activated. The numbers now match the description of the module.
  • Fixed a problem with placing stones in a Grineer shipyard tile.
  • The waypoint markers are not always updated correctly when a player marks a new position.
  • Non-localized contextual raise/lower action resolved.
  • Some abilities (such as Iwara’s Sleeping Arrow) that opened target slots for Demolisher units in interrupted missions have been fixed.
  • FX select noise fixed when opening windows with search bars.
  • Grineer’s shipyard tile has regained off-map spawn points.
  • The missing watermark from Syndicate Mods has been fixed.
  • The change of central school in a given Arsenal charge no longer supports change. Like it says here:
  • Spamming the Nidus FX mutation stack sound after loading in the Captura scene until you switch to Operator is fixed.
  • A group in Nekraliska that dissolved instead of migrating when the host left the group has been resolved.
  • Frost’s leg stretching and cape (with all skins, including Frost Prime) walking through it in the login screen fixed.
  • Non-criminal players show the wrong rank and championship in your profile.
  • The Necramech couldn’t stop sliding as it hit the surrounding obstacles at a sharp angle.
  • The fixed Aero Vantage doesn’t negate gravity unless you slide and then roll and slide again.
  • Steel path missions are not tracked for steel path night wave actions if steel path is not on the star map.
  • Fixed problems with Xaku’s hand and left hand positions in his Agile and Noble animation games.
  • Motion blur restored at the Laddak Cloak and Kuva Spit Syandana’s when equipped on Ukong Prime.
  • The inability to trade Vulpaphylla or pre-Razith draws has been fixed.
  • Missing icons for Vulpafile or submission prints have been corrected.
  • The belt on the back of the Commodore Prime operator suit has been repaired, as it was sticking up in the air in the profile diorama.
  • The exposure slider no longer works in Capture.
  • The Corpus ship tile registered a non-functional cuv siphon spawn.
  • Siphon for safe spawning in the ground in the Grineer Settlement tile.
  • We fixed the Syndicate button on the Pestis and Vox Solaris donation screens so that it takes you to the Fetus Stands or Fortune Stands screen instead of Pestis or Vox Solaris.
  • Fixed bug where the host would see a pop-up animation when moving Flicker in the Isolation Vault room.
  • Landing Craft missing FX warp sound during mining in the cutscene at the end of the Corpus Outpost tilt mission.
  • Fixed Bubonico’s rapid vibration when displaying the charge on the Orbiter’s personal cabinet screen.
  • Fixed missing blue musical notes on the dance floor of the Mercury Larunda relay.
  • Automatic explosive weapon that does not start firing again when the fire button is pressed after being interrupted by something like dodging.
  • A fixed burst gun with a tracking shot no longer fires the first burst shot in the middle of a gradient.
  • The Feed the Beast act ends without increasing the permanent night wave until the player reloads or reconnects to the ship.
  • VFX warp barrel stays stuck on screen when navigating to the Operator or Necramech after going over a slime in Cambion Drift.
  • Resolved the fact that you could not raise your rank in unions if you did not claim a previous rank reward in the union.
  • Fixed error that it was impossible to sync with the Warframe database due to a lack of internet connection when trying to add a friend who is already on your list.
  • Fixed the problem that after releasing a Predasite or Vulpaphyla companion, you didn’t immediately get Son tokens if you had 0 tokens at the time. This also fixes the inability to spend or trade reward points until you leave Nekralisk and re-enter.
  • The wolf sled’s stats are halved when equipped with the fashionable stance.
  • Fixed the task Money can’t buy happiness that didn’t unlock after completion.
  • Fixed blocking in the air on throws in the area (Cambion Drift jumps, etc.).
  • The lack of green VFX healing when reanimating a teammate has been fixed.
  • The appearance of the swamp in the foundry hologram during the construction of Nezhi Prime has been fixed.
  • Recovered Deimos Captura scenes that do not show the correct preview icon for the assigned scene.
  • Fixed a bug where saving changes with a value entered in an out-of-range field could cause the HUD scale to go below the minimum.
  • Fixed issues with the Nightwave forcing you to return to Fetus, Fortuna or Necralisk, as well as the lack of interface popups and transfers when transitioning from the open area to the hub.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when entering Cambion Drift in the middle of a mission.
  • Fixed script error that could occur in Cambion Drift when the Requiem Obelisk took damage.
  • Fixed script error when logging out when the Rising Tide quest is active.
  • Fixed a script error when opening the options description page.
  • Fixed script error when using Join Any Crew function in Railjack navigation.
  • Fixed a script error related to using Simulacrum as an operator.
  • A script error related to Horus Venari has been fixed.
  • Cases solved where Nekramekhi couldn’t pick up health spheres.
  • Fixed delay in first note of melody instrument Bombastic Mandacord.
  • The Necramech regains its standard skin after destruction. Like this:
  • Custom walk and roll animations for Wisp and Titania did not work when moving in Orbiter, Dojo and Railjack.
  • A crash when sitting on the helminth seat has been fixed.
  • Fixed a scripting error when using the Protea Anchor Temporarily in Railjack.
  • The plan description of Octavia Prime in the game market has been adjusted to the default value. It will now only be available for the Octavia Prime.
  • Fixed a crash while loading the Railjack mission.
  • Resolved The ice pick did not appear in the codex, could not be linked in chat, and was not replaceable as advertised here:
  • Fixed a bug when returning to the dry dock after some railjack missions.
  • Fixed script error that occurred in Sacrifice when using the Protea time anchor just before transferring to Umbra.
  • Fixed a scripting bug that occurred in the resource capture bounty levels on Orb Vallis.
  • Marketplace packages with one-time purchases were not marked as owned or not purchased if you already owned any of the one-time items.
  • Fixed the nut hologram that appears when building Octavia Prime in the foundry.

Source: Warframe

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