At this point, it’s very difficult for a game to create something truly unique. It’s probably even harder to create an entirely new genre that holds up in the gaming community.

Fast forward to 2010, when Nexon releases Windictus. So far, Windictus hasn’t brought a single game to the table that resembles an mmorpg experience. Windictus is a game that was developed way before its time.

Let’s see why:

  • Windictus used what was at the time considered to be one of the most stable game engines: Source Engine. Specifically, a modified source engine for the first episode of Half-life 2 has been revealed. This led to a battle with real operational physics. This kind of neat action MMORPG didn’t exist until Black Desert in 2016 and Monster Hunter World in 2017 (limited to 4 players).
  • The combat system felt more like a fighting game than a normal action RPG. In 2010, there was never any fluid action in a real-time combat MMORPG. There was nothing on the market. Almost all MMorpg games were WoW clones.
    • You can’t just play Vindictus and spam combos without thinking. To beat some of the more difficult content, you had to learn and improve your character through training, not just make the best pass. In Windictus, players had to learn how to use i-frames, cancel hits, parry, set intervals, manage stamina, etc. Black Desert came closest to this combat style, but I’d say it’s a much more forgiving and less in-depth style.
  • Souls as a ruthless example of a 16-person heist. This is probably the most striking feature of the Vindictum. It was also partly responsible for the decline in the number of players in the early years. MMORPG players just weren’t ready for such a complex game. There was no Dark Souls at the time, the Soulful genre wasn’t even established yet. But anyone who has played the early raids, heroic modes and royal army raids will remember how hard it is to kill an end boss. The game required perfect play from the players. Most attacks nearly killed the player, even with the best equipment available at the time. Just like in Dark Souls, potions were limited. Innovations were rare. Bosses also had the ability to destroy teams if they were not played correctly in some cases. Sometimes it was a nightmare.
    • But during these outings, one of the key elements of any soul play could sometimes be observed. This is what I like to call a bargain. This player will be the lone final boss, while a team of corpses roams. We’ll be cheering him on in the chat room as the fight goes on in 10-60 miles. He skillfully built, cut and damaged the boss until he died. It was fun to watch.

I could list more reasons, but I’m curious what the community thinks. Did you play in the early years of Vindictus in 2010? If so, do you feel the same about struggle and heartache? Do you feel like an online multiplayer RPG action game has managed to achieve the same fluidity and complexity of combat? How do you think Vinictus would be received by the players if it came out in 2021? (The focus is on the mental experiment, not Nexon and its P2W methods).

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The message Windictus was developed for Game News years before its time.

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