“Valorant” is a mobile first VR game being developed by the team that made the first-person shooter “Into the Dead”. It’s not too often you get this kind of information from the developers themselves, so we decided to share it with you.

I was surprised at how many people were interested in the EMP device in Valorant. It is common in many games in the Shadowrun universe. I am not sure why people are interested in the EMP device, but I will say that it is a fairly complex device that was written by a programmer and not an engineer. The EMP device is a very powerful technology and is worth studying. This means we now have the knowledge to make our own EMP devices.

In the latest State of the Agents report, released by Riot Games, developer Valorant gave their thoughts on the roles and how certain characters are used. This short update includes possible changes to the kits from Yoru, Breech, Skye and Astra, as well as their opinions on how the Viper was viewed after its major redesign. Finally, Valorant character developer John Goskey has hinted that a new agent will be available in Patch 3.0: We hope that @*&#*&!(&H!) #$ &*! *%# &@ ! #U&^A! @*!*(@@*&^ (@&* ^@!^& &@ ! *&# &^C#^ANG W*^@ $O )(E&# *[email protected] ! S!T#$ It’s simple, isn’t it?

New valorisation agent in episode 3?

With this crystal clear message, Riot announced the new upcoming champion. They also stated that this new champion will rely mostly on his weapon set, but should also have unique skills in the Valorant universe. Based on the odd line in the text, we can assume that the new agent could interfere with the functionality of other agents. This can range from disabling the abilities of other agents to disrupting the movements/target inputs of the affected character. Riot emphasizes the importance of skills that create opportunities to fight fire rather than just kill the enemy (Raze sends his regards). This champion strives to follow this philosophy to the end.

Vipers Resurrection

With new and useful improvements in almost every aspect of the Viper game, professionals and amateurs alike have taken their game to a respectable level. Viper almost 100% takes at least one side when it comes to Breeze and Icebox, some players also take it to cover Kalyan and Short. The developers reiterated that while they are pleased that the game is gaining traction, they are concerned that the game style can be oppressive and there are flaws they have yet to iron out.

Compensating current composition

Players can rejoice – Breach and Skye’s triple blinds are under investigation. The developers have listened to those who have expressed concerns about the triple tracking slats, and plan to shift some of the power from the slats to the more autonomous part of the agent groups. When Astra came out, many players found the set interesting and mediocre at best. However, top players predicted that Astra would be a very controversial agent because she would do well in co-op play. As such, Riot has stated that it will likely reduce the effectiveness of some of Astra’s playstyles under these circumstances. Even former CS:GO player Shroud commented on it in an earlier video: I think since Yoru became a big disappointment, the reason [Astra] is so extreme is because they want to see a new character in professional games. Astra is one of those who will probably do it. This brings us seamlessly to the third point: Yoru’s outfit has been criticized for its inability to find a pragmatic niche in the world of Agents of Valor. Riot has realized that Yoru’s recruitment was not good enough and will improve his unique playstyle and enhance some aspects of Fakeout Yoru (the Footwork skill) to create more problems for the opposing team.

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