Valheim is a huge world where many creatures roam, and many of them will be aggressive towards you, making your stay even more difficult. If the monsters are not the end for you, the bad weather is. The main task you have to accomplish is to defeat several leaders known as Forsaken, but you don’t have to do this right away. Until then, your main goal is survival, and there are several ways to do this to make your stay in Valheim easier.

Start small . Make a house and a bed.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to survive in Valheim. The best way to get started is to find a flat piece of land near Meadows, set up a workbench, build a few walls and set up a bed. All this can be done with a hammer and by cutting down nearby trees for firewood. With a few protective walls and a comfortable bed around you, you can rest when it gets dark. More aggressive creatures come at night, and the cold is pervasive.

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If you want to use your workbench to make basic equipment and tools, you need to make a roof. We recommend that you build a two-story building in a chop to protect you from the weather. In the house, you need to make a fire to keep the house warm so you can sleep at night. But if you have no way to get the smoke out, it will hurt when you are in the building. Therefore, it is recommended that you install a chimney or window to get the smoke out.

Harvesting food and wildlife

Once you are settled, and your bed and home are provided, it is time to start hunting. For starters, there are three main sources of meat: wild boar, venison and necks. Necks are small reptilian creatures. When they die, they drop their tails on the ground, which can be cooked. Boars will pounce on you if you get too close and become aggressive. You can tame them, but it may take some time. Therefore, we recommend killing them immediately and harvesting them for meat and leather waste. Deer are the shyest. They will move away from you as you approach, so you will need to use a bow or flint spear to kill them from a distance.

There are also mushrooms, raspberries and blueberries that you can pick from the ground to fill the crack of your stomach. They don’t fill up as well as meat, but they’re tasty if you’re craving them.

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You can only eat three things at a time. Every meal you eat makes you healthier and increases your stamina. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you eat and provide enough food in advance. The food that is currently in your stomach is displayed in the lower left corner of your food bar.

You cannot stack the same foods on top of each other, so you cannot eat the same meat twice in a row, but you can eat tail meat and regular meat. You can eat a raspberry bar and a blueberry, but not two blueberries. Although meat gives you the biggest bonus in health and endurance, berries and mushrooms are a good way to get up to speed.

Making boxes early and harvesting wood

Boxes are a great thing to do in the beginning of the house. You only have room for the first inventory, and it fills up pretty quickly. If your maximum weight exceeds 300, you will become lethargic, unable to recover, and unlikely to move. We cannot recommend that you make four or five chests to start with and collect your resources in them. Remove wood, stone, flint and any other resources you do not want to use during your trek.

Wood is useful in this regard. You’ll need it for practically everything you do in Valheim when you start, so it doesn’t hurt to cut down trees all day in the game. You’ll put it all to good use, and you may even find yourself constantly interrupting the task to collect more wood, making it a chore. Much of this information is very useful in the early stages.

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He defeated the first boss, Eiktar.

The first boss of the game is Eiktyr. You get his location when you see him from the race stone you started the game with. Once you’ve built a house, collected food and have enough resources, go out and get Eiktyr. It’s not that hard to do. You need at least two deer trophies to call them to the altar, and when they appear, they come in the form of a large moose with lightning fast antlers. We recommend fighting them from a distance with a bow or by throwing spears at them.

Once defeated, they drop their abandoned trophy, which takes you back to the circle at the beginning of the game and hardens the horns. With the hardened horns, you learn to make an antler pick, and with it you can collect copper and tin. These are excellent starting tools that are a stepping stone to making bronze weapons, armor and tools. You don’t have to learn about bronze weapons, but having a pick now will make your life easier later in Valheim.

Develop and create outposts –

Valheim is huge. It is a large game with many infinite lands to explore. Because of its size, we recommend you find a few ruins and abandoned houses and settle there. You can dismantle a workbench and bed, repair the roof and walls, and call it an outpost. It doesn’t have to be in your current home, but it’s a good way to encourage exploration, and you won’t find yourself at a distance before you run home to sleep just before dark. Eventually you’ll learn how to make portals, and you’ll be able to configure them to connect to one of them in your main base, making fast travel a reality.

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As you explore, you will probably come across troll-dungeons and caves that you want to explore but haven’t gotten around to yet. To make sure you don’t forget this place, open the map by pressing the “m” key and selecting one of the icons in the lower right. Click on it, then double-click on the place on the map, and it will always be marked as forward. There seems to be no limit to the number of contacts you can have on the map, so nail them all.

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