In archery, you need a lot of feathers to make the different arrows you use with your bow.

Feathers are needed to make arrows, and you need to know how to handle them properly when firing.

There are several ways to get feathers in Walheim, and you will find that growing feathers can be a fairly simple affair once you know the best options.

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How do you grow feathers?

In Valheim, there are several main methods of breeding feathers, including the following.

Bird hunting

If you’ve started in Valheim and played for a while, you may have noticed the abundance of birds that live in the various biomes.

Depending on where you are, there are several birds, such as gulls and crows, that can easily scare you off if you get too close.

To kill the birds, you have to use your bow and shoot at them from a distance. To save resources, it is best to make arrows from wood, as only 8 shafts are needed for 20 arrows.

Once you see the bird, you can easily shoot it from a distance and it will give you 3 feathers if you kill it.

Trees to be cut down

When you cut down trees, it is possible that the trees will hit the bird, causing 3 feathers to fall, which you can collect.

Feathers may have fallen from the trees themselves, indicating that a nest may have been hidden in them.

After all, you always end up with feathers when you cut down trees and occasionally shoot birds with arrows.

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Bird seat

You can find birds almost anywhere and hunt them for their feathers, but it’s easier to build a base that will eventually expand.

Birds tend to stay close to your base because of the height of the structures and later become an easy target when you need feathers.

You can easily spot the birds near the shore, as they tend to land almost anywhere.

Use of springs

You can basically use feathers to make different kinds of arrows, and also a kite bed to bring more comfort to your home.

The hunter’s bow is one of the strongest bows you can make once you have the iron in Valheim, and it is also made with feathers.

The different sketch recipes are as follows:



  • Bronze Head Arrow
  • A flaming arrow
  • Flint arrow
  • Frosted arrow
  • Iron Head Arrow
  • Needle arrow
  • Obsidian Arrow
  • Poison arrow.
  • Silver Arrow


Best way to get sources

The best way to get feathers is to hunt birds, because fallen trees can easily absorb stamina, and you’re never sure you’ll get them.

It is best to set up a base and provide a vantage point to observe the birds in the area, but you can also walk around and watch the birds take off and occasionally land.

Birds will always land, and even if you startle them, they will still try to land for a while after the flight.

You should take a bow with wooden arrows and kill as many birds as you can find, as this saves time, stamina and resources.


You don’t need different types of shooters, but once you start the game, you’ll find that as you progress, it gets harder and harder to kill enemies.

Since you can do a lot of damage with your bows, you’ll need to buy new bows and acquire different arrows, not only for damage, but also for elemental damage.

Having different arrows with elemental properties makes it easier to kill enemies by exploiting their weaknesses.

The kite bed offers 2 conveniences in the area, which makes it interesting, and using the springs to make it can be considered a great help in the long run.

The hunter’s bow requires feathers to build and improve. So you’ll need a hefty supply of feathers if you use it as one of your main weapons in the game.

frequently asked questions

How do you get feathers on Valheim ?

While most of you know that feathers can be found through Walheim birds. You’ll notice that they randomly drop when you kill them, so it can be a little difficult to find them. One of the best tips we can give you is to find a large open area where many of these birds breed.

Where are the wells in Valheim?

Found in coffins in the meadows and biomes of the Black Forest, and in burial chambers.

How do you get feathers in the forest?


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