The boss Bonemassa (Bonemassa for short) is the third boss of Valheim, he looks like a giant humanoid blob with lots of bones.

After you defeat Bonemass, you can move on to find more iron and learn how to mine silver ore from the silver vines in the mountain biome.

After collecting the items needed to summon Bonemass, you must place them inside a giant skull full of slime called Boiling Death.

In this Bonemass guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about the Bonemass challenge demands, how to defeat them, and some tips that will come in handy in battle.

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Bonemassa Altar Site

You can discover the location of the Bonemass Shrine by going to the sunken pits and mining the area.

This may take some time, as not all sunken crypts reveal this location, as you need to find the Bonemass Stone of Vegsivir.

Once you find Bonemass vegsivir, interact with them and the location of the Bonemass offer will appear on your map.

How do I call Bonemass?

To summon Bonemass, you must bring a 10x Witch’s Bone to the Boiling Death Structure, located in the Swamp Biome.

Once you find Vegsivir Bonemassa, you can easily find his location and summon him, provided you have the wizard’s bones with you.

As soon as you summon Bonemass, the area turns into a dark glow and you’ll be attacked by Bonemass and the enemies he brings out.

Victory Mass

The Bonemassa is very large and can do a lot of poison damage if you are careless. So keep your distance and parry or block any attack when he comes at you.

Sometimes Bonemassa starts gagging and spits venom into the environment, which over time can lead to poisoning and damage.

If you’re anywhere near Bonemassa, she’ll try to give you a big hit. You must dodge or block this attack or you will suffer heavy damage.

Occasionally Bonemassa will reach under your armpit and throw a drop at or near you that makes blobs and skeletons appear.

You must use Met Poison Resistance when fighting Bonemassa, otherwise you can easily die from poison damage or other drops that can harm him.

To learn how to make poison-free ground beef, check out our guide to making drinks in Valheim.

Bonemass vulnerability

Bonemassa is weak to blunt damage, making the iron mace your best option for this phase in Valheim.

If you move into a mountainous area, you may encounter dragons that drop ice glands that you can use to make ice arrows.

Frost arrows are the only arrows from Valheim that can do good damage to Bonemassa, the others are weak and don’t help.

It’s best to parry his attacks by attacking him with a blunt weapon, but you have to be careful when you’re in melee range.

Bonemass Tips

Since you will encounter different enemies, you should also carry an iron club or a deer hammer to easily inflict damage and take them out.

You can stay on one of the indestructible ancient trees in the area, and you can build structures to get to it, or find a fallen tree to stay away from Bonemass and other enemies.

From up there you can effortlessly fire frost arrows at Bonemass until she is defeated, making it an easy fight.

You need a large number of frost glands to make a large number of frost arrows, but it pays off later.

For a guide to growing frozen glands, see our Walheim frozen gland culture guide.

How do you bond with a bone?

To summon Bonemassa, you must collect 10x Wizard’s Bones, which you usually find in flooded crypts by mining piles of trash.

Dried bones from muddy waste areas can be unearthed in swampy biomes, but without Wishbone they are hard to find.

Once you’ve collected the 10x spell bones, bring them to the Boiling Death Altar to summon Bonemassa.

Bonemass falls

After defeating Bonemassa, a Wishbone is laid out for each player, which is handy for large groups that will need it.

Like all bosses in Valheim, Bonemassa drops the Bonemassa trophy when you kill him, which you can place on the appropriate altar to unlock his Abandonment power.

It’s also worth noting that Bonemassa-spawned enemies take damage when killed, making it easier for you to collect items left behind by skeletons and drops.

Bonemass Current

If you’ve unlocked the Forsaken’s power bonus, you can use it to give yourself increased resistance to physical damage.

This includes blunt, penetrating and oblique damage, making it ideal for fights to improve survivability within 5 minutes.


Bonemassa is a poisoned enemy that will often poison you if you try to fight him in melee.

It is vital that you prepare a poison-resistant mead to limit the damage you incur from the poison it inflicts.

Although blunt weapons do the most damage to Bonemass, frost arrows are a good alternative and make it easier to fight Bonemass alone.

The battles in Bonemass are some of the hardest in the game, due to the poison damage, the enemies you can attack in the swamp, and the constant appearance of skeletons and drops.

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