Halloween’s over, November’s here. The clock has been moved forward one hour, which means it’s getting dark early. And with today’s world, with the new wave of Covid touching us, there is not much more to do than stay at home. It’s a good time to play, so let’s see which games change the offer!

Remember, all the games that need to come out are not here. Or you see games that the major gambling sites do not mention. These are the games we pay attention to, and if you only give it half a chance, you can expect reactions to many of them! If I don’t have personal experience with the game, there’s a link to the description on the Nintendo website.

Baku: Westhory Champion – 3. November

Bakugan: Champions of Vestroia is a brand new action/roller game with an original story that expands the popular series and introduces the world of Bakugan to Nintendo Switch for the first time. This adventure draws players to the heart of Bakugan. Befriended by powerful creatures known as Bakugan, they prepare and tune Bakugan teams for fierce strategic battles and master their skills to become vestro champions. Players can also play online in the face-to-face multiplayer mode.

Glenn Heather is going back to the game.

Enchanted Coffee – 5. November

When Cotone inherits her grandfather’s Tokyo coffee shop, she knows there are more secrets in the shop than you can imagine. A café is a meeting place for creatures from many mystical worlds. You will meet the king of demons, the humanoid beast, the fallen angel, and much more. In addition, government officials supervising inhuman activities will appear at your door and your new coffee will soon be much more colorful.

I’m watching this visual novel, so wait for my review!

My adventure with the dog is the fifth. November.

In Little Dog Adventure you play as a small dog who discovers the world in his mission to find his way back. This is a short emotional exploration game based on a story that will interest you with an exciting plot and cute characters.

The Iris and the Giant – 5. November

Iris and the Giant is a fusion of a trading card game with RPG and item draw. They play as Iris, who has to face her fears bravely in her fantasy world. Behind a unique minimalist style of play, players explore the moving story of a young woman who confronts her inner demons and the calming rage in a giant.

Memoranda – 6November

Memorandums are a game about how to forget and be forgotten!

An adventure game with elements of magical realism that tells the story of a young woman who gradually becomes aware that she is forgetting her name. But is she really losing her memory or is there something else that could explain this strange situation?

A beautiful hand-drawn adventure takes place in a quiet little town where several ordinary people live together with more unusual characters. From a veteran of the great patriotic war to an elephant hiding in the house of a man hoping to become human, they all have one thing in common in the memorandum: They’re all about to lose something. It could be a name, a lover, or even your own mind!

Tropico 6 – 11. November

Prove once more that you are afraid of a peaceful dictator or statesman in the island state of Tropico, and determine the fate of your nation through four different eras. Take on new challenges on the international stage and always think about the needs of your people.

Manage vast archipelagos, build bridges between your islands and use new vehicles and infrastructure. Send your tropics on a rampage to steal the wonders of the world, including the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower. Design your palace according to your wishes and make speeches from your balcony to win the favor of your subjects.

Our strategy game specialist, Paula, plays the game to give you her opinion about the launch!

Line light – 12. November

Linelight is an elegant and minimalist puzzle game in a world of lines. His riddles will awaken your mind as the music flows through your body, giving you a soft and relaxing euphoria. Linelight is designed for players of all ages and experience levels.

Keep your eyes open for observation.

Kingdom of Hearts – Memory melody – 13. November

A game fans have been waiting for: You can play family faces from the KINGDOM HEARTS series, or guest characters from Disney who will help you.

Enjoy a wide variety of music from the KINGDOM HEARTS and Disney series with over 140 songs in their collection. Immerse yourself in a fast-paced action game with catchy melodies in this incredible musical journey!

Unknown – 13. November

Unhatched is a card game with a unique game mechanic where each card has a different effect depending on how you spend it. They play as dragon trainers and get their freedom by making a pact with a mysterious savior. What innocently begins with opening a jar of cucumbers finally tests the limits of your mind and connects you to your dragon!

Build a game in the blink of an eye, choose from over 200 cards (such as Dragon’s Breath, Grappling Hooks and Cucumber), each with a different mechanic, and experience a fascinating story unfolding at your leisure!

Sakuna: of rice and ruins – 20. November

Glenn Heather made his first impressions of Sakun: The rice and the ruins you can find here, and they loved it. The conclusion, for now, is that there is, of course, something to be found in action-like adventure games and in people who are enthusiastic about simulating agricultural games. There is also a lot of love for people who love Japanese mythology, because the game is based on this specific mythology.

Rio takes a look at the game, and also for a complete overview!

Hyrulean warriors: Age in distress – 20 years. November

Travel to the past of Hyrule and fight to prevent the destruction of the kingdom in the action game Hyrule Warriors : The age of disaster!

The turn of the century for the legend of Zelda: The breath of the wilderness, the fate of Hyrule is at stake. Lead your troops to the battlefield and then fight the power of the Ganon disaster in the ultimate fight for survival.

The game is commented on by a Zelda Paula fan.

Here we go:

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