It is not often we see a forum-style game with an underwater environment. It has been achieved by some developers, but in the scope of submarine gameplay, it has not done any significant damage to the genre. As a veteran long-time player, I would like to say that it is a waste of time to put such an environment in a submarine game. The huge underwater world is not only blurry and distorted, but also instead of helping the immersion, it actually destroys it. I know that a submarine game can be successful without it, and I would even say that the absence of an underwater environment has helped games like Silent Hunter III, Silent Hunter 4, and Silent Hunter Online to be more realistic and immersive.

Like the vast majority of games, the only world you can traverse in Subnautica is the one above. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s particularly boring for a game about a submarine. If you think about it, you’re in a submarine, why can’t you explore the water below?

You stare at the ocean floor in your submarine in the game Subnautica , and you see the fish, the coral, the plants and the tiny animals that live there. But you don’t see anything that isn’t supposed to be there. This is because Subnautica is a multiplayer game. The underwater map your submarine focuses on is a single small level, and the rest of the ocean is rendered in an invisible way that prevents it from impacting gameplay.. Read more about submarines and let us know what you think.

WorldOfWarships1 - Unpopular opinion: Ingame underwater 'world' is of no use for submarine gameplay

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Regardless of how we feel about submarines, the undersea ‘world’ was introduced with the addition of submarines to the game.

The underwater element of the game looks fantastic visually, and I believe this is a widely held view among the playerbase. There are underwater canyons, mountains, and rocky structures all throughout the islands, among other things.

We all know how important the art department is in this game, and this is simply another example, in my opinion. Essentially, they had to create new underwater’maps’ for the majority of the game’s existing levels.


However, I believe that all of this is unnecessary and adds no value to the submarine gameplay.

  • Ships vs. submarines gameplay: ship-to-submarine warfare does not take into account the underwater environment in the sense that depth charges are launched and detonate at various depths, affecting submarines in roughly the same way each time – assuming they were accurate (in terms of X/Y axis). If depth charges are launched at the right position, there’s no way for the sub captain to ‘escape’ them (in terms of Z axis: depth) – regardless of what ‘underwater features’ exist surrounding the sub, there’s no way to ‘use’ them in a defensive fashion.
  • Subs vs. Ships gameplay: same result as above: ships have no means of exploiting the ‘underwater’ map characteristics, either offensively or defensively. They can, of course, use the previously existing islands as cover from torpedoes or to hide behind, as they have done in the past (but, even then, I’m sure the better sub players will figure out how to fire torpedoes at an angle and ping later than normal – to make the torpedoes curve around islands).
  • Sub vs. sub gameplay: There’s no way to utilize the new underwater environment elements in a manner that makes a difference in the game. There are no underwater mountains for submarines to hide behind against other subs, and the ones that are there are too deep for these subs’ operational depth. Or the seamounts are too soft (rather than steep) to offer any hiding spots. Submarines may, of course, hide behind islands — but they were already there in certain ways.


TLDR / Conclusion: I believe these underwater maps are too simple, and that they were created more for the aesthetic appeal than for the gameplay.

There’s no way to utilize the undersea maps in a meaningful, relevant way in the game.


This is just my personal view – why don’t you share yours and explain why you think I’m wrong? Let’s talk about it.

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