Ubisoft’s decision to delete user accounts for inactivity has come under fire from the gaming community. Gamers are now threatening a lawsuit as well as boycotting Ubisoft games and services, but can this be stopped?

Ubisoft has been accused of deleting user accounts for inactivity, preventing access to purchased games. Ubisoft has denied this accusation.

Ubisoft Accused of Deleting User Accounts for Inactivity, Preventing Access to Purchased Games

Ubisoft-Accused-of-Deleting-User-Accounts-for-Inactivity-Preventing-AccessUbisoft image

Simply because an account hasn’t been entered into for a length of time, Ubisoft may cancel it and prohibit its user from accessing any of their bought games.

According to Tor, a player who recently contacted PCWorld that he attempted to reactivate his Ubisoft account this year after a brief vacation from PC gaming but was unable to do so. Tor discovered that his account had been taken down and that he had lost access to all of his games after successfully changing his password, which cost him a lot of money.

According to a report by PCWorld:

[…] Tor wanted to go back into gaming and bought a new gaming computer, only to find that he couldn’t connect into his Ubisoft account. Tor informed PCWorld that he was able to change the password, but that the account had been terminated, resulting in the loss of several hundred dollars worth of games. All Ubisoft games were gone, from Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege to Assassins’ Creed and more. However, none of his other services had been interrupted. He said that only Ubisoft had vanished.

“However, Ubi executives simply assert that whatever occurred in Tor’s instance isn’t common, and that the company has never erased any account that hasn’t been signed into in less than four years,” according to the newspaper. Tor’s account and games, however, seem to be permanently deleted.

“Ubisoft assured me they wouldn’t be able to restore it.” “It’s gone, forever locked,” he asserts.

“We may suspend or cancel your Account and your ability to use one or more Services or parts of the Services at any time, automatically and in our sole discretion,” according to a section of Ubisoft’s international terms of service agreement.

PCWorld is the source for this information.

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Ubisoft has been accused of deleting user accounts for inactivity, preventing access to purchased games. Ubisoft has responded by saying that they “do not delete or deactivate accounts.” Reference: ubisoft account deactivation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ubisoft close accounts for inactivity?

A: Ubisoft have not enforced any specific closing of accounts, but all players are encouraged to log in and play every day, or they will be required to pay a fee.

What happens when you close a Ubisoft account?

A: Ubisoft does not allow users to close their accounts when they are in a suspended state. If your account is under suspension, the only option you have is to wait until the ban expires and then try again if you want the account back.

Can you delete Ubisoft account?

A: No. You cant delete your Ubisoft account, but you can use a third party service to do so for you.

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