The game: Thai Tasmanian Tiger HD
Genre: Action, adventure, platformSystem : Nintendo Switch (also on PC, PS4 and Xbox)
Developer/Publisher: The age rating of Crome Studio is : EU 3+ | USA All
Price : US $29.99 | UK £23.99 | EU €29.99 Release date
: 3. April 2021

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A forgotten platformer?

Ty Tasmanian Tiger HD is a game I’ve always known, but the series has always been under my radar. Originally released in 2002 on PS2, Game Cube and Xbox (the original, in fact), it came a little late to the 3D platforming party, mainly because Ty has a lot in common with other genre heavyweights like Sonic, Mario and Crash Bandicoot. But against appearances, Ty was good enough to get other suites. And now, years later, we have an HD version for the Switch. Has the weather been good for Ty? Or is it better to leave this title in the past?

Ty is back

Adventures in Australia

The film is set in a fictional Australia. After chasing his buddy through the woods, Ty stumbles upon a cave and a spirit tells him he must find five MacGuffin mascots to stop the evil boss Cass from collecting them and harming the bad guys. Seems like a pretty typical video game storyline of the time. It’s a light-hearted affair, with most of the stories presented as pre-edited pieces that look a bit old and out of place in this HD release. Taya’s design is very similar to Sonic Hedgehog’s, with his eyeball thingy and Esq-like attitude.

Ty’s vocabulary consists mainly of stereotypical Australian slogans like No Worries. You will meet a lot of animals, like the cockatoo, who will give you tips and tricks as you go through the levels, and the koala, who will help you reach new levels and make new equipment. And yes, they all have a strong Australian accent and a quirky sense of humour. None of this is offensive, and it’s clear that a lot of effort went into creating this world, but at the same time it doesn’t stand out as much as other popular platformer series.

I hope there are no giant spiders here.

Assemble all

The game is a 3D platform game centered around collecting, a formula that became popular in early 3D Mario games like Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie. This game essentially repeats this formula. You’ll enter large levels with different items to collect and mini-missions to complete to get data. Collect enough of them in three levels and you can enter the final boss room to get the talisman. Repeat this process several times and you will win the game.

Tai himself can jump and use two forms of attack: his teeth and his dueling boomerangs. No single attack works on all enemies, so you’ll often have to mix and match, a gameplay style reminiscent of Spyro Dragon with its flame or head attacks. At this point, you’ll notice that Ty seems to draw inspiration from a lot of 3D platforms. It’s not bad, but based on your experience with the genre, Ty lacks a personality of its own, aside from the heavily inspired Australian design.

Bath time

Ty’s biggest difficulty is finding all the collectibles, which can take a long time during each game session. The game offers a little help with a small map in the options to see roughly where the thunder eggs might be. But the battles and bosses are on the borderline of casual and mediocre. If you’re looking for an easy experience, this might be for you.

Stay tuned as these guys throw snowballs at you.

Fine detail and performance

There are several levels to explore. Tropical forests, coastlines, snow-capped mountains… there’s a lot to see. It’s the small details of some levels that stand out the most. If you look closely, you’ll see small insects crawling around trees or standing next to some NPCs in the snow area, and they’ll throw harmless snowballs at you. These references are very charming and really distract me from the Australian humor. This HD version of the game also works great on the Switch in manual and TV modes.

The controls are smooth and responsive, and there are some great moments in this game where you really appreciate the shooting range. Since I’m not too familiar with the original, it’s hard to compare this first version to the original. It looks like a new hardcore mode has been added here compared to the original, where you try to finish the game with only one life. Death means the game is over and your memory erased (yeah, no thanks, pal). Extra character skins have been added, as well as several nice perks like trailers for the early games and movies to watch, which even the Blu-rays don’t seem to do anymore, which is sad.

Excellent performance HD version.


Ty the Tasmanian Tiger HD may not be the most original Boomerang in the 3D platforming genre, but it is a very good HD remaster. The game’s performance is solid in both handheld and TV modes, and I found myself really loving what this game had to offer. It’s not without its problems and feels like the first installment in the game series, but if you’re curious and love 3D collectible platformers like Ty the Tasmanian Tiger HD, it’s worth spending some time on. Place the shrimp on the spit of the grill.

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