A game about catching up on your life while waiting for the train.

The “Train Station Renovation – A Decent, Low-Stress Sim” is a game that allows players to design their own train station. The game has been updated with the new release of Train Station Renovation System Requirements.


Railway Station Renovation is a management sim developed by Live Motion Games and released by Ultimate Games S.A. for the Xbox platform. It challenges you with going to various locales and rebuilding different train stations for their new owners. While there have been a slew of new management simulations, Railway Station Renovation offers a fresh perspective on the genre by enabling you to restore a train station. We take our tools and restore several railway stations in our review of Train Station Renovation for the Xbox Series X.

The Train Station Renovation idea is extremely straightforward. The game gives you 15 various locales to choose from, each with the identical purpose. Arrive at the railway station and begin the renovation process. To do this, you must accomplish a set of goals in order to get the highest possible remuneration for your work. The more stars you get for a job well done, the more money you’ll make at the end of the day. Train Station Renovation is more of a relaxing game than a challenging one.


After you get to each railway station, you begin by repairing its power, and after you have the station’s electric juices flowing, you begin tending to its rundown state. Your objectives include mending what can be fixed, clearing up any weeds or overgrowths, collecting waste and tossing it away, obtaining new goods and setting them on the floor, and eventually re-painting the whole area. While not all of these activities are necessary for every job, the more time you spend working at a railway station, the more stars you get in the end.

Brushes, an ax, a wrench, crowbars, and other tools are provided to you as part of your task. Each of these instruments has a specific function, and you’ll need to utilize virtually all of them to complete your work. Each railway station has a certain set of tools, which you must posses in order to restore that station. Aside from stations, certain levels demand you to repair trains and railway carriages that are parked at the stations, thus each station presents a unique challenge.


Earning stars enables you to improve your tools, such as upgrading your scrubber to a power wash and upgrading your wrench to a strong tool. Upgrading your tools improves your productivity and saves you time. Some of the tools are exclusive to your vehicle and are not in your inventory. To get them, you must first go to your vehicle, utilize them, and then return them. You’ll start by cleaning up each railway stop and removing all of the damaged furnishings using these equipment.

You may either place huge garbage dumpsters or recycling dumpsters down. You may also get money by recycling bottles, cardboard boxes, and other products that come in a carton. The remainder of the waste is thrown in a regular trash dumpster, which you must pay to have removed. Signs, paintings, seats, chairs, and other goods for the decoration of your railway station may all be purchased using your tablet. Every room or location in every railway station has certain objectives for you to meet.


These are objects that must be placed or tasks that must be completed in that specific region. You may scan your surroundings by pressing the B button on your controller to see what else needs to be done. You receive awards depending on your performance as you clean, remodel, paint, and refurbish the railway station, and after the job is completed, you win even more incentives in the form of money. This money is then utilized to buy new products for your restoration tasks at a later point.

While there isn’t much to do in the game, you may enter sandbox mode and play a level at your leisure. There is no internet functionality in the game, and after you’ve completed all of the levels and spent a few hours in sandbox mode, you’re pretty much done. Some people may find it tedious after a few hours, but I was able to put in a good amount of time in the game to finish the missions as well as some time in the game’s sandbox mode.


The game’s aesthetics are perhaps the greatest letdown. The game looks like it belongs in the early Xbox period, and the graphics on the Series X are fairly bad. Everything is black, and the game has sparse animations, even for elements that may move about freely. A few gameplay flaws are also present in the game; they aren’t major enough to destroy the game, but they may be frustrating in certain situations. Aside from that, you should have a good time playing the game.


The Bottom Line:

While Railway Station Renovation is a fun, low-stress train station renovation game, various in-game rules prevent it from being a wonderful experience. Despite the game’s appearance as a PS2 release and the lack of alternatives to put in the game, I loved my time with it. The user interface might be better, but it gets the job done. The sound design is also excellent. Train Station Renovation seems to be a pleasant game that will keep you occupied for a long time. I’ll point out that if you like simulators and management games, Train Station Renovation is a terrific addition to the Xbox Series X|S and clearly demands your attention.

7.5/10 for the overall performance.

The “train station renovation review” is a game that allows players to take on the role of an architect who has been tasked with renovating a train station. The game includes low-stress simulations, which are perfect for people looking to relax.

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