While the spells that revolve around faith are like sunbeams and rainbows to some, anyone who has spent their part of time in the world of the Dark Souls 3 knows more.

Whether it’s lightning or healing the hardest blows, you’d be surprised what these religious people can do.

But which one of these miracles do you use? Don’t be afraid!

I’ll give you a short list of the best DS3 wonders to choose from.

20. Healing device

Dark Souls 3 Healing Aid

Kicking us out is the first miracle of a child’s recovery…. Helps the healing.

The fact that it is an incipient miracle for the Herald class means that it should not be overlooked.

It offers a handful of estusive healings from the beginning of the game, without having to choose a clergyman and put all your stats on faith from the beginning.

Where’d you get that? If you can get rid of Gandhir, you can get this medicine out of the girl in the Firelink Shrine for 500 souls. And the low investment of 8 means it fits into any starting class in just a few steps!

19. Power

Screenshot - Dark Souls 3 Wonder

A force that does not harm itself is the most brutal and cunning weapon in your building:


When used at short distance, the force causes the opponent to fall backwards. Add a cliff or a high ledge and voilà! Little effort, instant love.

Where’d you get that? The best way to get this miracle is to start the game as a spiritual class, who has it right away! If not, you can take a trip. First we have to free Irina, then we have to retrieve Karim’s divine dome under the bridge of the sacrificial road. Drop them off at Firelink to buy a copy!

18. Home Room

Screenshot of Home Dark Souls 3

An underestimated miracle, home care provides almost endless bones in the house!

The status of 18 believers makes it a bit high for use in any building.

But if you are striving for a breakthrough of faith, it is a good tool that saves you from wasted souls on the dice.

Where’d you get that? Just let Irina go, like I said, and tell her about Firelink. She sold it from the beginning!

17. Healing

Healing of the Dark Souls 3

Healing helps the big brother, healing comes with the added benefit of twice the healing, at the cost of a little less than twice the concentration.

It also has the bonus of a small AoE effect that allows you to heal your NPC or Human Challenge!

Where’d you get that? Talk to Irina at Firelink once you’re released. It’s also a beginner’s miracle for the clergy!

16. Tender Tears

Tears for DS3

Let’s face it, the poison sucks.

Nobody wants to walk around to see his health collapse just because he dipped his toe in the Farron swamp.

Here come the tender tears!

This miracle will remove all the effects of the condition and debris, including poison, poison, bleeding and even frostbite!

Where’d you get that? Talk to Irina at the Firelink after you release her. Even if you don’t need it now, you can install it in your building when you need it.

15. Healing Medal

Dark Souls 3 Healing Medal Screenshot

In the middle of all healing spells is healing through medicine when you begin to see good health – and an even greater EA, with a still fairly low faith requirement of 15.

Where’d you get that? Why don’t we offer Irina Karim’s Braille dome to a group of 3500 souls!

14. Lightning coil

Miraculous lightning throwing in the Dark Souls 3

The Lightning Spear is undoubtedly one of the most iconic wonders of the Dark Souls, allowing you to switch to full Zeus mode on enemies.

It is accessible damage, has a light AoE and even hits twice point enemy at a short distance.

Where’d you get that? Take the elevator to the top of Farron’s Campfire Wolf. Follow the secret passage at the right side of the door to get to the other side, and you’ll see him lying in front of the dead dragon at the end of the bridge.

13. Great Healing

The great healing miracle that Dark Souls is 3.

The second greatest healing miracle of the game, the Great Healing, rewards the builders of faith.

By claiming a higher faith, you and your summoned friends can in return benefit from massive healing in a huge ray!

Where’d you get that? Getting one is a small job. If you go deep into the Irithil, you’ll come across a shallow, watery area where you’ll find this miracle on the other side of the wall.

12. Storm

Storm for DS3

A miracle with so much potential but little use.

Lightning Storm is an endgame miracle that requires a huge amount of trust from 45 people, making it one of the highest demands for game miracles.

The storm will in turn move a ring of lightning out of your position. If the damage is large enough, it is the speed and ease with which this miracle can be avoided that are seriously lacking.

When he sees his niche in PvP, he will rarely be more useful in a standard game than a top-level lightning bolt.

Where’d you get that? First we have to defeat the King Boss, who according to many is one of the toughest in Dark Souls 3. You decide if it’s worth it!

11. Vow of silence

Vow of Silence for Dark Souls 3

A more PvP-oriented miracle: The Oath of Silence prevents cast spells for 15 seconds if they are hit.

But that goes for you, too, so keep that in mind.

But why would a building dedicated to magic… Disabling spells?

The reason for this is the ability to completely stun some enemies, even leaders like Aldrich, who, when hit, cannot cast spells, including his dreaded raindrops.

It’s definitely a niche, but it’s worth it.

Where’d you get that? First you must take the Divine Dome of Londor in the Fire Cell of Yuria, and then give this Dome to Carla or Irina.

10. Line protector

Dark Souls 3 Miraculous Deep Defense

First of all, Deep Defense offers many small benefits, including 5% more damage and 5% less damage.

Much neglect due to the small character of the amateurs, the deep defense is always a worthy addition.

And the full minute duration makes it easy to keep track.

Where’d you get that? Visit Carla or Irina after giving one of them in London!

9. Storm batteries

Screenshot Dark Souls Lightning Cola 3

The flash chart requires a big investment in faith, but the man is so big.

Throwing a huge lightning bolt at a poor hollow pawn sounds great, but it is most effective in PvP.

This is mainly due to the fact that the animation of the throw is identical to that of the lightning lance. This forces unsuspecting enemies to jump on you and then hit the base, causing senseless damage and even unique splashes.

Where’d you get that? All you have to do is throw the sandwich into the steaming lake, which the ballista can do in no time!

8. Flash Bar

The lightning of dark souls 3

For some, this miracle is one of the most important reasons to speculate on faith.

When you need 30, a zip blade does just that – it covers your blade with a flash.

It’s best there’s not even that much damage. It’s a consistent approach.

No target, no precise timing, just additional damage to the weapon. For a sword game it is one of the best wonders of the game.

Where’d you get that? Go to the elevator at the bottom of the Iritilian Keep and jump down – there’s a dead body on the ledge with a Miracle of Lightning!

7. Solar Lance

Screenshot of Sunlight Spear Dark Souls 3

The Sun Spear, chosen for the great Gwyn himself, comes with a huge faith requirement of 40, but it brings the best range of personal injury in the game.

It is as fast as a normal lightning bolt, but offers twice the damage and an impressive visual effect.

Where’d you get that? In this case, however, a transposition of the soul is necessary for… the final boss of the game. That’s why it only makes sense for a new game+ and not just that.

6. Soothing sunlight

Soothing Sunshine of the Dark Souls 3

The icing on the cake of all the miracles of healing in Dark Souls 3, Soothing Sunshine, requires a 45 man mass of faith.

For all those state points, healed, and I mean healed. It heals so badly that it is usually even overloaded!

What’s more, it has a huge 5-metre radius around the roulette wheel, which means you can heal summoned spirits without trying!

Where’d you get that? All that is needed is a rearrangement of the soul with the soul dancer, which you will find just outside Lotric Castle.

5. Wrath of the Gods

The Wrath of the Gods for DS3

A big fan favorite: The wrath of the Gods radiates the power of Fuus-Roda at the level of the AoE.

It sends the opponent back 100%, which cuts him off considerably.

With only 30 believers, it is one of the most fun miracles of the game – and in the right hands, the most powerful.

Where’d you get that? To become a Dragonlord, go to the capital of desecration. Roll out the open window on the church roof in the swamp to catch a specimen!

4. Sheet for month black

Darkmoon Blade Dark Souls 3 Miracle

The dark monthly blade is functionally identical to the flash knife, only much, much harder to obtain.

Then why is she so important?

Style points.

Why rub the knife with lightning when you can lather it with glitter? It’s not just a question of style, because the black blade causes magical damage instead of lightning, which allows it to be used with great effect on lightning conductors.

But be honest with yourself, all you need is a shiny sword.

Where’d you get that? You must complete an agricultural task up to Grade 2 in the Darkmoon Convention Blades!

3. Flash Arrow

Arrowhead Flash Dark Souls 3 Screenshot

The first and only DLC miracle on the list, Lightning Arrow, damaged the PvP miracle and also has tons of applications in the standard gameplay.

Although it does less damage than the Divine Spear of the Sun, it is much faster.

And can be spammed at will thanks to the low development costs.

You can also postpone the launch of your lightning arrow, so you can watch your opponents roll over the map like tumblers as they try to anticipate your attack.

Where’d you get that? Meet at the DLC of the surrounding city. To the right of the knight statue, after the Dragon Bridge, are three illusory walls in a row, with at the end the lightning bolts. Somebody was really trying to hide it, huh?

2. Sacred Oath

Sacred Oath of the Dark Souls 3

The Holy Oath, though not as effective in PvP, is one of the best all-encompassing wonders there is, especially for sword-oriented designs.

This is an AoE buffer that causes 10% more damage from all sources, 10% less damage and lasts a full minute.

It even piles up with deep protection, allowing you to treat yourself to big buffs!

Where’d you get that? Prize 10 Sunlight Medals (won by the Sunlight Treaty Entertainment Cooperative) at the Treaty Statue in Lothric Castle.

1. Tears of Denial

Tears of negative wonder in dark souls 3

Tears of denial are ridiculous.

On paper it is a second chance and it will save you 1 CV if you suffer fatal damage.

In practice it is an absolute beast that makes for more aggressive PvP game, can fall from any height in the world and is very good, and with a small faith requirement of 15, there is little reason not to use it.

Where’d you get that? To get the best miracle in the game, just buy it from Irina for a price of 10,000 souls after you give her the Karim Dome!

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