I know mothers have a lot of credit. But I think we still have to yell at fathers who have an anime to offer.

And when I say model, I don’t mean being away for years and giving my son’s enemy a senza bean.

I mean those fathers who really help build their children and have the best intentions in their hearts, not malice or manipulation to achieve their goals through their offspring, Endeavor.

So, here’s my choice of the best cartoon fathers! I’ll include the father and the paternal figures if there’s no biological father. I mean, any man can be a father, right?

20. Orsi Orfai

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: black clover

I really love Orsi.

He’s just one of those stupid fathers where you can see his heart is pure gold.

Even though he is not their biological father, he treats Asuka, Juno and all the other children as if they were his flesh and blood.

I find it very moving that our two great masters are always in contact with Orsi and the rest of the house. And every time they visit my heart, it’s filled with the warmth of a cartoon.

I mean, look how proud he is of his boys. Even though he doubted that Asta could succeed, he showed his support.

19. Shirou Fujimoto

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: Ao no Exorcist

Since we are talking about the clergy (his title is literally Father), let’s talk about Shiru.

Spoiler alert here, so go ahead if you need it!

Shirou was not only a caring and loving man, but also extremely successful, powerful and influential. He’s called the greatest exorcist in the world.

Yet he cared so much about Rin that after a big fight with his adopted son Shirou he couldn’t keep his head above water and became obsessed.

Even in this state, he decided to sacrifice himself so that his beloved children would remain unharmed. A truly epic man, father and father.

18. Joseph Joestar

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The Star Cruisers

A little dumber than the rest of JoJo’s family, but still just as caring.

When he hears that his beloved daughter is in danger, Joseph and his grandson embark on a great adventure in search of a cure. He is by far the weakest of the group, but he always tries to give everyone advice and keep them on track.

Even to the extent that it was a key element in Dio’s defeat.

And even the icy Joutarou couldn’t resist loving the old man, as you can see at the beginning of the last fight with Dio, how deep those feelings are.

17. Naruto Uzumaki

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: Boruto

Boruto himself still denies it, but Naruto is a father with a good complexion.

Although Naruto never knew what it meant to have parents, it is clear that he is doing everything he can to steer his children in the right direction. Exactly, if that means exposing their weaknesses.

Of course he’s very busy and can’t always make it to the big events, so he sometimes uses shadow clones to replace him…. But this man is the Hokage. And he’s almost solely responsible for world peace.

Whatever Boruto says, I think Naruto gets an A+.

Sasuke needs more training.

16. KUHEI Inuzuka

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: Sweetness and lightning

Being a single parent is not an easy task. Especially if you still have to take care of yourself and put bread on the table.

Despite her busy schedule, Kouhei is still struggling to spend as much time as possible with her daughter. But unfortunately he doesn’t have the time to give her the experience of a good home-cooked meal all the time.

But thanks to the power of the anime he meets Kotori, and soon the three of them start cooking and eating together.

It may be a juggling, but Kouhei does his best.

15. Tomomi Masaoka

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: Psychopassport

Parent-child relationships can be very complicated when both parties have matured. Especially if they have different ideologies.

That’s what happened to Tomomi and his son. Both agents, but in very different positions.

And although his son was openly hostile and ungrateful, Tomi always stayed nearby and tried to help him.

Some spoilers here:

Even in his last moments, Tomi wanted nothing more than his son to live and find happiness. He didn’t care about the mission or his own life, he only cared about his son. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

14. Joichiru Yukihira

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: The food of war!

Whether we like it or not, our parents leave a deep impression on us. And in the case of Joichiru and Yukihira, that print was pure passion.

It is normal that the son of a chef also has a passion for cooking. But Yuichirou picked it up a bit. He constantly challenges his son, but also encourages him.

Even in elite tournaments, Yukihira can compete because her father put so much knowledge and time into his little boy.

You write people down, that’s how you bring out the genius in them.

13. Torso

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: The Vinland Saga

I think Thors is a very good father by today’s standards. But by Viking standards, he’s incredible.

For Thors it was probably the strongest warrior the country has ever seen, fighting enemy after enemy. But instead of continuing on this path of blood and glory, Thors throws his life overboard and devotes himself entirely to his family.

Fair spoiler warning : Even with his last breath, he wanted nothing more than for his son to move forward and find happiness.

12. Mas Hughes

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: Metal alchemist: Brotherhood

Damn it, Mays, you idiot. Why are you playing with my heart like that?

Mace was such a funny and affectionate character, always willing to make a joke or kidnap someone with love as a sign of hospitality.

He especially liked to talk about his wife and daughter. So much so that, as a viewer, I felt compelled to get married.

He made it all so magical because of the passion with which he spoke about his loved ones. But someone had to come and ruin everything!

11. Anything can happen

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: My heroic academy

This might seem excessive, because All Might is mostly Midoriya’s teacher. But when the dormitories were introduced, he swore to raise Midoria. So I consider him my legal guardian.

Besides, I love this guy.

If he was a symbol of peace, it was not only because of his immense power, but also because he had so much charisma and such a loving heart.

Every scene in which Midoriya is alone with the Almighty is a pure crybaby. All Might constantly shows its pride and always tries to lift the young Midoriya to become the greatest hero of all time.

10. Hajime Tsunashi

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: I don’t understand what my husband is saying. ….

Although the baby hasn’t been born yet, I already know that Hajime will be a great father.

He and his wife already have such a healthy and loving relationship that I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t love their child with all their heart.

Of course, they fight here and there. But they always come with more understanding from the other side than when they come.

He also writes anime reviews for a living. I have to go with my team, right?

9. Bolt

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: Akame go Kill!

Is Dolly a good person? Not really. He’s got too many skeletons in his closet for that.

But is he a good father? Surprisingly, yes.

In the few scenes in which we see him and his family, we see that he values them more than life itself. And that he is nothing but kind and loving to them.

And although his appearance might suggest otherwise, Balls is a rather sweet family man who wants nothing more than to come home to his daughter and wife and enjoy their time together.

8. Nanasi

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: The sword of a stranger

Because it is a movie, and a movie full of fighting and death, we don’t see too much of Nanashi and the little boy Kotarou.

And yet they managed to leave such a lasting impression on me.

Even if it started as a job, seeing Nanashi joking with Kotaru (or playing with Tobimaru) was so precious.

He taught her the joys of horseback riding. And he risked his life to save a little boy he’d just met.

And their banter is first class, affectionate and hilarious.

7. Soichiro Yagami

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: An obituary

Honestly, this show would be a lot shorter and more boring if this man wasn’t such a precious father.

Of course, his parental instinct to protect his children led to the terrible deaths of tens of thousands of people. But he couldn’t foresee it.

He stated that the light was innocent, even though he was the most obvious and obvious suspect.

Some would say it was bad parenting because he knew so little about his own son. But I say they don’t go after the gods of death at the parent yards, so I’m gonna leave that.

6. Jukai

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: Dororo

Hyakkimaru’s biological father was, while he was a good leader, a terrible father who sacrificed his son for the prosperity of his country.

Jukai, on the other hand, was a rather sinful man in his youth. And yet he gave Hyakkimaru life, body, name and love.

There’s no doubt about who may call himself father.

To be honest, Jukai was horrified by what he had raised from the dead. But even then, he never stopped caring. Even in his last moments, he wished the happiness of the cursed child he had found so long ago.

5. Krillin

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: Drakenbal Z

In my opinion, Krillin is the only sensible father from the Dragon Ball franchise.

Of course, he may have died more than her father or any other man… but he was always there for his daughter.

Let’s also appreciate what it meant to develop Android 18!

Now it’s a commitment. Not those Saiyajin Chads who just knock women out and train for half their lives.

4. Minato Namikaze

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: Naruto: Shippuden

Have you noticed how many of these entries even end at the last minute?

Well, this is how it starts. If Minato dies at the birth of his son…

Of course he didn’t die a coward. He died to protect both his newborn and the village.

And in flashbacks or insider conversations about Kurama (or the fact that he’s resurrected) we see how much he loves Naruto and how proud he is of the man he’s become.

3. Yato

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: Noragami

It is a wild series with the most realistic father-son dynamics about the gods. And he said that the dynamic is between the God of destruction and his young weapons master. But this anime is for you!

At first, it’s clear that Yato doesn’t know how to connect with Yukin and make a meaningful connection. But in the course of the show, we’ve seen their relationship flourish.

Although Yato is a bit stupid, when Yukin or the symbolic mother figure Iki was in danger, he would bend over backwards and absolutely destroy his enemies.

2. Naofumi Iwatani

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: The rise of the shield hero

Apart from the meeting between Naofumi, Raptalia and Philo, it’s a pretty legitimate story.

Too bad Naofumi had to teach them how to fight so early. But he never acted like a cruel master, more like a caring but demanding guard.

Give them treats, make sure they’re always safe, and even have fun here and there. Here’s the deal.

And considering what their future would have been like if Naofumi hadn’t intervened, it really was a blessing for both parties.

1. Byakuya Ishigami

Top 20 Best Anime Dads Of All Time (Ranked) –

Anime: Dr. Stone.

It’s rare to meet someone who cares so much about his child.

Byakuya believes in her boy Senku to the end, without ever hesitating and without ever reducing his abilities.

And Byakuya literally went to work, because he worked non-stop and even sold his car to buy the equipment for Senku’s laboratory. Knowing that one day he’d be one of the best.

Even when everything seemed terrible and humanity itself was on the verge of extinction, he believed his son would survive.

He left both clear ideas and a sincere message, all for his brilliant son of the future.

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