Hey, it’s been a long time since the last gyroscope went off. In any case, we are always the kings of the table games and we are ready to share the latest news from the industry! Welcome to our list of the best miniature board games!

The current side is dedicated to board games with figurines. We assure you that these are games that deserve to be in your collection, no matter how high they go! Ready or not, here we go!

Meeting - Aviation Arena

2-5 players – 10 years and older – 60 minutes before the start of the game

Number 10 on our top is the Magic Assembly: The airplane arena. The game is designed for 2 to 5 players who are trying to fight a battle of power and magic! There are five great warriors known as Planeswalkers, and the player can choose one of them. Each Planeswalker has its own characteristics. Jace Beleren, for example, is a powerful magician and a master of illusion. Don’t worry, the planes aren’t alone! Armies of powerful creatures like golems and goblins accompany them on the battlefield. Since this is a tactical game, you should choose Planeswalker carefully. Check the link to see the game and the rules.

terminal illness of tuberculosis

2-5 players – 14 years and older – 120-180 minutes before the start of the match

Number 9 on our list is definitely one of the most famous and deserved computer games of all time! That’s right, he’s a DUM: Board game, man! It is a tactical fighting game with miniatures of famous characters from the game. There are different missions with different tasks. To win the bitter battle between the forces of Hell and the Earth Marines, you must end it! This game is a great opportunity to discover the entire DOOM universe. Check out the detailed rules and the game here!

8. Death of the kingdom: Samples

the royal death monster

1-4 players – 17 years and older – 60-180 minutes playing time

Number 8 – Kingdom of Death : A monster that offers both a campaign and a shared experience. In this game you develop calculations from scratch using innovative maps, technologies and resources. Also worth mentioning are the hard plastic miniatures, originally designed to be cool. We think it’s a good choice for fans of Sid Mayer’s civilization. Under the link you will find more information!


1-4 players – 15 years and older – 30-120 minutes before the start of the match

Number seven – Anachronius. The competition takes place at the end of the 26th century. The Big Bang almost destroyed the entire population of Earth. Players must now choose one of the paths – harmony, dominance, progress and salvation. There’s an interesting feature in gameplay that’s worth mentioning: you can go back to these paths at certain times by activating Time Rifts mode. Each path has its own goals, which are characterized by victory points. Choose your own way and save the earth! See the link to the flow and rules of the game.

Zombicide Black Death

1-6 players – 14 years and older – 60-180 minutes before the start of the match

Number 6 is a zombicide: The Black Plague! The Black Plague is the worst epidemic of the Middle Ages, but can you imagine… You’re surrounded by zombies, but there’s nothing to be afraid of! Dwarves, paladins, wizards and many more are sure to kick zombies’ ass! Discover these beautiful miniatures! Different powers and magic will bring these undead killers back to the grave forever. Zombicide: The Black Death tells a very different story about zombies in medieval circumstances. See the Rules and Game link.

Mechs vs. lackey

2-4 players – 14 years and older – 60-90 minutes before the start of the game

Number five… Mechs versus followers. This is one of the best cooperative board games with miniatures installed by Runeterra worldwide. Players take control of the Mechs to fight the evil servants. Your managerial, programming and tactical skills come in handy in ten different campaign missions with an excellent story. The game also has a modular game board that offers various options for your game. Check out the link to the game instructions!

Travelling in the Mediterranean

1-5 players – 14 years and older – 60-120 minutes before the start of the match

Number four – Lord of the Rings: Travelling in the Mediterranean. The good old story of the Mediterranean adventures of the legendary D.R.R. Tolkien! The game is 100% cooperative and uses the application to support gameplay, which is a very special feature. Check out the link to see how it works!

Blood vengeance

2-4 players – 14 years and older – 60-90 minutes before the start of the game

Number three: Bloodlust. This game allows you to immerse yourself in the Viking way of life: Valhalla, bloody fights, raids and axes! Players choose their favorite clan and lead them to victory. The mechanism of the game itself is based on the cards that players receive at the beginning of the game. These cards are very important, as are your tactics. So choose your strategy carefully and let Valhalla wait! Follow this link to learn how to play.


1-4 players – 12 years and older – 60-120 minutes before the start of the match

Number two – Glumhaven. It’s a great game, and it’s BGG’s number one! Glumhaven is an ever-changing world, ideal for reading. Players must clean dungeons and ancient ruins using their special skills and abilities. In addition to skills and abilities, players also use cards. However, there is a peculiarity in the course of the game. If it takes too long to clear the dungeons, players must withdraw, because they will lose their cards forever. A complete overview can be found under the link!


1-5 players – 14 years and older – 90-115 minutes before the start of the match

The first one is a braid. This is the 1920s in Europe, which is still plagued by the First World War. Players join one of the five favorite factions, after which they start building their fortune. They are given by means such as coins, power, etc. The basic concept of the game is to create an engine. The more efficient it is, the closer it gets to victory! Click here for more information.

I almost forgot to play board games with lots of figurines, you have to find or buy interesting and colorful figurines! Check the link to see these thumbnails!

Of course, many games are not on our list. They are kaosbal, nemesis, ancestry, mansions of madness, the wars of Cthulhu, sword and sorcery. These games definitely deserve to be mentioned off our list, and they’re great!

Have you found your favorite board games on our list? If not, tell us what your favorite games are.

Sincerely, king of the board game!


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