I posted the first 2 of the 5 before the holidays, but I wanted to update them and share them with everyone now that I have them all ready!

Since the pandemic I’ve been digging in the Destiny cookbook and thought it might be a nice project to recreate the 5 new cookies we have to make with this dawn! I’m a big fan of Binging with Babish and would love to adopt his approach and really do my best to find an accurate representation of every cookie!

(Recipes included!)

Blueberry crumbs

Shaw Khan loves his blueberries, so I wanted them to stand out here! I was thinking of making a blueberry version of the lemon bar, but I thought it should be small. I did some research and saw that the method of making Hungarian shortbreads, where the dough is frozen and rubbed, gives a super soft and light crumb. Easily our favorite out of 5!

(Recipes included!)

Classic butter biscuits

Eva prefers more classic biscuits, and what could be better than butter? Brown oil! If you haven’t tried brown butter to cook yet, start! I thought Eva, like most space grandmas, would probably smell good, so I added nutmeg and cinnamon. I used cookie sticks to give them some extra wealth. These types taste like molasses and butter biscuits, and that’s always good.

(Recipes included!)

Shiny and dusty snowballs

Tess is having fun with her snowballs! I ate Mexican bridal biscuits at the beginning of the holiday and I knew they would be perfect here. I used ground pistachios instead of the traditional walnut/dean because Tess probably wants to have fun and Fenchooch is always looking for fun! The biscuits were then sprinkled with icing sugar and food flakes to make the fatme bright and shiny!

(Recipes included!)

Sweet and sour biscotti

When I share with Crow, the text says that Crow can smell a bit like chocolate and almonds, so I included dark chocolate and roasted almonds in the recipe. For a little more bitterness (and irony), I added blood orange juice and zest.

(Recipes included!)

bad colds

It’s a cookie that shook me up a bit and it was harder to find something for it! The game says it’s a frozen deli, but I wanted to add a cooking element. I was eating peppermint bark and realized it would be the perfect treat before dawn. That’s how I got an idea: Cookies with mint ice cream! The biscuits are made with cocoa and filled with white chocolate and crushed candy canes. They are then roasted together with vanilla ice cream. We now have a good stock in the freezer!

The whole project was great fun and the support from the community was incredible – yesterday’s Bungie retweet was the icing on the cake! I will do it again at dawn 2021, but my goal is to make whole boxes of cookies and fill all the baked delicacies. I’ll try to organize myself to take better pictures and maybe upload some videos when people see this? I’ll add recipes in the comments below if anyone wants to try them out

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  • Blizzard, please update the UPON nerfing keycard recipe in these recipes.

Either you replace these cards or you give us a new recipe, because the old deck of cards with the nerves going at their own pace usually doesn’t work at all. For example, Shudderwock Shaman’s Saronite Botan of Chytites is quite strong, and is actually a useless card in this game, but Saronite is always in the recipe. I know, but…

  • Yesterday I stole thousands of whey recipes….

It wasn’t the first time, but it was the biggest. Sometimes I jump around looking for crippled waiters. My friend Discord knows to let me know if a waiter is crippled. When I’m on a server, I immediately look for a very low or very high level player that is far away from somewhere…… state.

The post In honor of Dawn 2020, I have imitated the 5 new recipes of Bungie! (Recipes included!) for the Destiny 2 game.

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