Subnautics 1 - Reflections on SBZ after 24 hours of play

Ok, like many in this submarine, I love Subnautics, here are some of my opinions as a pure gaming mode:


  1. Actually, I like the chair.
    1. It’s not really a seam or a cyclops in terms of performance. But modular configurations make customization fun.
    2. The modules are a balanced version of Cyclops. Yes, one memory module cannot contain too many, but you can create and connect several. This isn’t the broken mobile fort that Cyclops was in the first part. But I miss the Cyclops’ docking station.
    3. Mix and match according to your needs.
      1. Do you have to move a lot of carpets to a new base? Glue a number of storage modules together and build a module for all the crafts you need on site.
      2. Collecting resources? Bring as many memory modules as you want, and use the lever to release them to move the submarine to where you want, and make trips to the unlocked memory modules.
      3. Do you want a camper? Key 1 on each module (maybe 2 branches).
      4. With Leviathan-class predators? Unlock the modules for more mobility. In hardcore it is better to live and replace modules than to die and start all over again.
      5. Are you receiving modules again after the Leviathan incident? Take the docking module and bring the crab suit to chase the beast, pick up the load and escape.
  2. The new basic modules are good, the large pieces are my favorite addition. Like someone trying to create an alien shell for any species on a base.
  3. Squid sharks are super cute.
  4. I love the change of color of the vines, the red light stings much less in my eyes.
  5. The new passive leviathans are a nice addition.
  6. Meat.
  7. The ice on the surface is as scary as I imagined if you’re stuck under it with almost no oxygen and all you can do is drown.


  1. Everyone who comes from Subnautics should learn new recipes for the objects that exist there.
  2. There is no good way to leave the factory with esc or e, you have to left click outside all the keys. I’m still not used to it and I keep hitting the spout to get out of the factory.
  3. Small map, not much to develop here, it’s just very small. I know it wasn’t supposed to be a full game, so I’m giving it some space.
  4. Too many hands clinging to other people’s stuff. Of course, it’s nice to have a few, but my HUD is full of places in a few hours, and it really takes a long time away from reconnaissance. I feel like I’m on a quest.
  5. Sasquatch can’t jump over water. I expected the map to rotate quickly because it just went over the surface. When I first used it, I expected it would be used for quick trips to the land bases.
  6. Except there’s no human infrastructure in the launch area, just a shipwreck. I would set up a land/sea base on an unused island, unless I forget one that was empty when I was playing and already had other Alterra bases on it.

Here’s what I think after playing all day. I will postpone the release of version 1.0 for the time being and start with a new version.

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The post Reflections on SBZ after 24 hours of play for the game Subnautica.

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