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This Week At Bungie is a weekly update from Bungie Studios. This week, they released the 2/10/2022 update. The twab has been updated to include information on the new content that was released this week.

This Week At Bungie - 2/10/2022

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Due to a bot mistake, this is being manually prepared today, as it was in the past.

We showed out a lot this week at Bungie, including more Void 3.0 awesomeness. Along with a special homage to our heroes, we’re also establishing certain Legendary Campaign standards.

What a week we’ve had so far, and we still have a few weeks till The Witch Queen comes later this month. This week has seen a flurry of fresh information, including an interesting new ViDoc and a description of Void 3.0 that many have been asking for.

Like the rest of us, you’re itching to get your hands on the next part of the Destiny 2 story? We understand. While we can’t (and would want to, but can’t) give the community an early release, there is an interactive experience that revolves on Savathûn herself and getting to know the adversary up close and personal that is accessible now.


Curious? That’s how it should be! Please feel free to visit that unique experience right here (after reading this TWAB, of course; we’re bonding).


Another tasty nugget you may have missed is a new blog article that takes a closer look at the revised Void class, which is available to all players and feels pretty excellent for telling foes who’s boss. Check out our Destiny Developer Team blog article for the entire discussion, with a few essential aspects written down in a simplified style below:


  • This was first introduced in Stasis with the Beyond Light expansion, and it gives players additional choices when it comes to how they fight.
  • When utilizing their redesigned Void powers, players may pick from a variety of aspects, which are class-specific objects.
  • Fragments are non-class specific bonuses that improve the overall experience of the game.

Titan Grasping


  • Ward of Dawn may now be triggered virtually instantaneously, and it has also become the quickest Super cooldown tier for convenience. Ward of Dawn has become even more potent as a defensive tool as a result of this update.
  • Titans may still channel their inner Captain America with Sentinel Shield, since thrown shields do ranged damage and a Shield Bash offers a complete overshield.
  • Controlled Demolition, Bastion, and Offensive Bulwark are all Titan Aspects that can be found in the complete blog article here.

Hunter with a Knife


  • Hunters will remain the pinnacle of stealth, with even greater control over what their opponents see (or don’t see).
  • When Moebius Quiver is changed, a salvo of three arrows will be fired, which may follow targets and make them volatile when tethered.
  • From surface and target impact, the Void anchors will draw foes to a specific place in Deadfall.
  • When an opposing player’s HUD is removed and their in-game vision is obstructed, the Snare Bomb melee will do more to weaken them, especially in PvP.
  • Trapper’s Ambush, Vanishing Step, and Stylish Executioner are Hunter Aspects.

Warlock of the Old God


  • Float like a Warlock, sting like a bee, because Void 3.0 fine-tunes what makes Warlocks so useful, transforming them into true force multipliers.
  • The Vortex Super upgrades on the Nova Warp Super enable players to teleport quickly to unleash the ultimate Void assault while pulling in and trapping adversaries in a web of devastation.
  • When Warlocks are on the search for foes to kill, the Cataclysm improvement gives them greater control, especially in PvP scenarios, since detonations divide into smaller tracking-tracking missiles. The Nova Bomb will also explode early if you shoot it.
  • With Pocket Singularity, Void 3.0 melee discharges Void that detonates when it comes close to adversaries, rendering them volatile while managing their location in relation to the explosion zone.
  • Chaos Accelerant, Feed the Void, and Child of the Old Gods are all Warlock Aspects.

What do you think of New Lights? That’s an excellent question, and I’m delighted you asked it. During the New Light campaign, New Lights, or new players as we call to them in the Destiny community, will be able to acquire their first Aspects and Fragments. Players will get a new task called Learning Light during the Schism mission, which will educate them more about their subclass skills. By visiting Ikora Rey in the Tower, you may unlock more Aspects and Fragments.

In addition, new characters’ beginning subclass experience has been altered. Not only will new Hunters and Titans begin with the Void subclass rather than Solar or Arc, but all classes will also begin with Void subclass abilities that are designed to be more welcoming and inviting to new players.


  • Moebius Quiver is a super ability.
  • Marksman’s Dodge is a class ability.
  • Ability to move: triple jump
  • Snare Bomb (Charged Melee)
  • Scatter Grenade: Void Grenade


  • Sentinel Shield is a special ability.
  • Towering Barricade is a class ability.
  • Catapult Lift is a movement ability.
  • Shield Throw in Charged Melee
  • Magnetic Grenade (Void Grenade)


  • Nova Bomb – Vortex is a super ability.
  • Healing Rift is a class ability.
  • Burst Glide is a movement ability.
  • Pocket Singularity: Charged Melee
  • Vortex Grenade (Void Grenade)

There’s a lot to look forward to in Void 3.0, and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts once you’re in the thick of things. The complete blog article can be read right here to be Devoured (see what we did there?) to learn more, including more about Fragments.


Some Guardians have requested a greater challenge, so Bungie has devised the new Legendary Campaign option, which will be available when The Witch Queen is released later this month. We wanted to go a little further into what this new tough experience has to offer, from prize drops to how it will vary on a fundamental basis. To that end, Design Lead Matt McConnell has provided some answers to some of the most often asked questions concerning the upcoming challenge:


  • We’ve introduced double chest rewards, which means you’ll get 1-3 more chests every task. You’ll get global pool items, XP, upgrade modules, and Glimmer from each chest.
  • Legendary players will have access to Throne World armor and unlocks more quickly.
  • Basically, the more the risk, the better the payoff, particularly when it comes to reaching The Witch Queen’s new Power Level soft cap.



  • After completing ALL tasks on Legendary, players will get the following rewards:
  • Only those who finish the campaign on Legendary level will get a new emblem.
  • For the newest title in Throne World, you’ll need a Triumph.
  • At 1520 Power Level, a set of gear 20 over the soft cap.
  • There are eight upgrade modules in all.
  • New PED Lost Sector drops the Witch Queen Exotic armor, which is usually reserved for PED Lost Sector drops.
  • Exclusive REWARDS FOR BUNGIE will be discussed more in the future.


  • To give you an idea of how challenging the Legendary campaign is, it’s supposed to be more difficult than a Legend Nightfall, but easier than a solo dungeon or a Grandmaster Nightfall.
  • Enemies are more challenging and hostile. They’re also more resistant to damage, more difficult to stagger, and their shields are better against mismatched damage kinds.
  • Switching changing opponent interactions and infiltration, such as swapping out an Elite for a monster or having an inflow of additional red bar adversaries, adds to Legendary’s complexity.


  • Each mission caps your Power (similar to the Raid Contest mode) to ensure that all Guardians are on an equal footing and that no step seems like a chore. A skull will appear on the mission start screen, showing each mission’s maximum effective Power.
    • Be prepared for a rough struggle if you’re not up to standard.


  • We’ve had plenty of aspirational content in the past, but Legendary allows us to put lone gamers on an equal footing with those who like to play with a fireteam. Enemy damage and health scale to match your fireteam, albeit not exactly 1:1 – since having three times the boss’s health isn’t enjoyable. Even so, it’ll be plenty to keep even the most seasoned trio on their toes.
  • We also didn’t want to make Darkness encounters any easier than solo play, thus each Darkness zone has a single revival per person and a shared countdown of 40 seconds before an automatic wipe. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: be near to your pals and be ready and prepared to pick them up if they fall.



  • There is an option to abandon a task and resume it using the traditional Destiny 2 settings for individuals who find the challenge of Legendary too overwhelming at first. For the first run, some players may want to focus on the tale rather than sweat, and that’s just acceptable! That is something we wish to support. We’ve included nodes to repeat any The Witch Queen campaign task on Classic or Legendary at any time — once you’ve defeated it once, of course – for those who want more of a challenge later.

Simply said, be ready to go ham – or not; the option is yours!


Heroes are always welcome.

The Destiny 2 community is one of the best in gaming and we want to celebrate how incredible each and every Guardian is. Whether it be our revived Community Focus spotlights, the incredible charity initiatives like Guardians of the World, or player-driven initiatives like Operation Save New Lights to help guide newbies through new content; there is a lot to be thankful for when looking at the Destiny player base. One more way we are celebrating the majesty that is all of you gun-toting fashionistas out there is through a new series: Heroes are always welcome., a new ongoing video adventure that will focus on the players themselves in a vibrantly explosive tribute as seen in the style of our kickoff video below.

The first film is only the start; in future features, we’ll feature actual players from the community to bring your Destiny 2 legends to life, with the goal of inspiring New Lights all around the globe.

One of the Destiny heroes we’re talking about, for example, is none other than the great Uhmaayyze. You may have heard a few Bungie developers post his incredible spontaneous Destiny raps on his broadcasts if the name seems familiar. He always delivers, never failing to provide the positive sentiments that he and his community are known for.

%3Cbr?tg=Help - This Week At Bungie - 2/10/2022 Twitter Needs Bungie’s Help


Destiny 2 will be unavailable from 7:00 PM PST (0300 UTC) on February 21 to 9:00 AM PST (1700 UTC) on February 22 in order to prepare for the release of The Witch Queen on February 22. The following is the release’s planned timeline:

  • Destiny 2 gets taken down at 7 p.m. PST (0300 utc) on February 21.
  • 9 p.m. (0500 a.m. UTC) on February 21: On all systems, a pre-load for Hotfix will be available.
  • Destiny 2 will be brought back online on February 22 at 9 a.m. (1700 a.m. UTC). All platforms and territories will be able to play Hotfix
  • Destiny 2 maintenance is set to end on February 22 at 11 a.m. (1900 a.m. UTC).

Before playing The Witch Queen for the first time, players who purchased Destiny 2 on PS4 will need to acquire the necessary PS4 compatibility packs. During the downtime, you may download these compatibility packs by starting Destiny 2 after pre-loading Hotfix After the compatibility packs have begun to download, gamers may and should exit Destiny 2 to expedite the process.

The Destiny 2 PS4 download will be huge, but once completed, users will have a lesser installation size. This should make future PS4 patches easier to download and install.


As we are taking extended downtime prior to the launch of The Witch Queen, players looking to earn the following REWARDS FOR BUNGIE should complete the associated in-game achievement before 7:00 PM PST (0300) on February 21:

  • Pin “And Out Fly the Wolves”
  • Coin of Oddity
  • T-shirt “Moments of Triumph 2021”
  • Artifact Coin Set Beyond Light
  • Hoodie by Techeun
  • Beanie with the Scepter of Ager
  • Collectible Medallion Pins: Deadeye, Realmwalker, Fatebreaker, Splintered, Descendant, and MMXXI Seal

Players who have completed the associated in-game achievement for any of the above REWARDS FOR BUNGIE will have until February 28 at 11:59 PM PST (0759 UTC) to purchase their REWARDS FOR BUNGIE through the Bungie Store website.

As part of the scheduled downtime prior to The Witch Queen, REWARDS FOR BUNGIE will not be available to purchase during the downtime window.


On February 22, 2022, the BOUNTY REWARDS FOR TWITCH GIFT SUBS will be updated with The Witch Queen. Players who are looking to obtain the current Dreissigste emblem should complete the Twitch Gift Sub Bounty and claim their reward in-game before scheduled downtime at 7:00 PM PST (0300 UTC) on February 21.

Please see our Twitch Extension help post for additional details on the Twitch extension (Woodhouse note: link is broken).


Certain activities, missions, places, equipment, and weapons from previous seasons and expansions will be inaccessible to access or gain when The Witch Queen launches on February 22.

Please see the Player Support Report from the February 3rd TWAB for a complete list of vaulted, deprecated, or unearnable stuff.


For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our ISSUES THAT ARE WELL-KNOWN article here. Players who observe other issues should report them to our #HelpForum.


Banner for MOTW

Hippy: Who doesn’t like a nice fan-made film to kick back and relax with? The right answer is that everyone enjoys a good themed adventure because it would be a good transition into our TWAB Movie of the Week segment! Ta-da!

One fan-made film brings the image of Destiny 2 to life in a whole unique and imaginative manner for Netflix lovers who are demanding more Arcane. Also, being a huge admirer of lo-fi beats, our second winner of the week was an instant smash, and their newest Destiny-fied single has exactly the right mood to brighten up your day. Enjoy!

Arcane intro for Movie of the Week, but make it Destiny 2

Eventide Serenity | Athanasia lo-fi remix is this week’s movie of the week.

dmg04: Sorry for interrupting a nice TWAB, but we needed to speak about something before moving on from these entertaining films! All contributors to MOTW (or other community emblems such as Art of the Week, Fashion Shows, and so on) must be included in the description of the production at the time it is chosen in the future. Contributors who are unable to attend will not be eligible for an emblem. Sorry for being a little harsher here, but we’ve had several fraudulent claims about missing emblems. We’re simply tightening things up a little to make these emblems relevant and only give them to individuals who have been a part of these amazing projects.

Now, let’s go back to the TWAB fun!


Banner for AOTW

Sam: Guardians, have a wonderful Thursday! Can you believe we’re so close to meeting The Witch Queen? I simply want to see and do all there is to see and do, plus SPACE MAGIC! deep inhale Anyway, who’s up for some art?

Warlock Stormcaller’s Art of the Week


This week’s artwork features some strangely wormy ammunition…


Each week, we’re looking forward to going over your tags, so don’t forget to tag your work with #AOTW and #Destiny2Art!!

We decided a nice short summary would do nicely because we had so much wonderful material release this week, even if it wasn’t as Beefy Boi TWAB as last week’s. Seeing everyone’s enthusiasm and excitement once the ViDoc went live was a whirlwind for the crew, and it absolutely took over the studio. We have so much to share and show you that we can’t wait to tell and show you. There’s still one more light TWAB until The Witch Queen comes, and then? Then it’ll all come crashing down. Are you all set?

“I think I should go,” says the speaker.

<3 Hippy

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