They say a warrior is only as strong as his weapons.

I think the anime has some great warriors, so it makes sense that it also has crazy weapons!

Let’s take a look behind the curtain of crazy Japanese creators to see some of the best weapons anime has to offer. This takes into account their universal presence, performance, versatility and perhaps some aspects of cool aesthetics.

25. Asta sword

Asta's sword from the anime Black Clover.

Anime: black clover

Asta’s swords are quite simple if you look at them in the context of the real world, just big chunks of metal.

However, in the world of the black clover, this weapon is a game changer. They allow Asta to completely destroy the magic.

And in case you don’t know: Magic is essentially a way of life in Black Clover. By being able to completely deny it, even the most difficult races become winnable.

Bonus points for the utility company, because Asta doesn’t even have to wear them, but can summon them with his grimoire.

24. Hyperdensity seals

Hyperpoetry in my hero academy.

Anime: My heroic academy

Compared to most guns on this list, it is not really a brand name gun that resembles a gun.

However, in a nutshell, the fashion in which people blow up buildings and freeze entire arenas, these seals are very useful.

We see that Sir Night Eye is able to fight offensive villains thanks to these villains, although his willfulness only helps him gather information.

You could probably even kill a man by throwing one of those things at him. Plus, they’re super small. And no one will ever suspect that they have as much power as they do.

So the element of surprise is definitely on your side.

23. Saika

Screenshot of an anime

Anime: You idiot!

Saika is the kind of weapon with which anyone can conquer entire cities, even entire nations.

Every time someone is cut by Saika, that person becomes the sword master’s slave.

Besides, whoever cuts that person becomes your slave.

If you get a group of thirty slaves and free them at a concert (or something like that), you get an army in an hour or two.

The only drawback is that Saika is extremely retarded and can drive you crazy.

22. Totsuka Blade

Anime of Shippuden

Anime: Naruto: Shippuden

Probably not an ordinary sword, but a weapon. Totsuka’s knife has enormous power, and that’s what made Itachi so powerful.

It can cut like a normal knife, even through an eight-headed hydra. But the real advantage is the watertightness.

Anything pierced by Totsuka’s knife would be sealed forever in the world of genjutsu. Even if the person being stabbed is immortal and under someone else’s control, the Totsuka leaf will always prevail and defeat him in the Kingdom of Shadows (or another equivalent).

So the fact that Itachi-san got this and the Yata Mirror proves that he was meant to be an Operator.

21. Vaal

Anime adventure Sinbad

Anime: Wise men: The adventures of Sinbad

In the world of the Magi there are metal drums: Relics that have the power of a special spirit.

You shouldn’t laugh at these ships. And it’s pretty hard to decide which one is the most powerful.

Here I have chosen Baäl because Sinbad has shown that with this metal ship he can easily destroy an entire mountain.

There are many other metal ships that have enormous power. But for now, I’ll stay with Ba’al, because he’s got the most advanced flash.

20. Lostvayne Demon’s Sword

The demonic sword of Lostvine in The Seven Deadly Sins.

Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins

This is the Sword of Meliodas. And for a long time I thought he was able to do a full count.

But as I watched the show from start to finish, I realized that this was not the case, just a special shot from Meliodas…… But the sword has a different power, perhaps just as powerful.

This allows the user to create up to four clones. It is true that the clones do not have the same power as the user. But in the case of Meliodas, this power changes the deal, because every clone can flip a complete counter and increase its power considerably!

19. Daikoku

Daikoku of the anime Noragami

Anime: Noragami

You’re probably thinking to yourself: Wait, it’s just one person.

But anime tends to be very creative with their weapons.

You see, this person can turn into a stylish little fan and become obsessed with Kofuku.

His power is not really a dueling force in this form. But it can cause absolute chaos.

That’s because she is able to open ventilation ducts, giant ghost holes in the dungeon that attract ghosts, the most important villains in the series.

Because of this, Kofuku can do so much damage in one go that the other gods have to clean up after her for weeks.

18. Dominator

Screenshot of the anime Dominator Psycho Pass

Anime: Psychopassport

Dominators are not satisfied with the raw power they have, but also with the influence they have.

Just pointing the finger at someone is one way of knowing if he’s a criminal or not, except a few times when that’s happened. In this way you can not only shoot everyone in your path, but you can also be considered perfectly virtuous to do so. And no consequences.

Hmm… enormous power and even judicial immunity sounds pretty smart, doesn’t it?

The only big disadvantage is that if there is a bug in the system or if the person is mentally ill, it just becomes a piece of junk.

17. Naofumi shield

Screenshot of Naofumi's Raising the Shield Hero

Anime: The rise of the shield hero

Every time a weapon appears in the name of a series, you just know it will be powerful.

Of course, it seemed a bit mediocre at first. This one had a pretty good defense (understand it’s a shield), but that’s about it.

The second craze, however, was introduced as a power booster that increased the power of the shield to such an extent that it was able to shoot someone in the most metallic way.

And the fact is, it’s very topical. So if we have a second season, I can only imagine how much that power will grow.

16. Laganna

Lagan to Gurren Laganne

Anime: Gurren Lagan.

Simon found real gold when he found that hairy midget’s head.

Of course, he is not a major threat in himself, because he only has good mobility in the exercises, while his attack and defense are negligible.

Still, the rewriting system makes it much more relevant.

The ability to take control of any other mech and make it even more powerful than before has simply changed the game in the series.

All the wars they fought would not have been possible without this important little weapon, which in the beginning was simply called Lagan.

15. Operation Ellen Type 97 Mobile Assault Band

Elenium Type 97: mobile attack orb at Yujo Senki

Anime: Yujo Senki

The title can be a mouthful. But this Operation Tank is the only reason Tyne became a battlefield demon.

Okay, and divine intervention.

Operation Orba is a device that allows soldiers to go to the next level and become mages in the army, and Type 97 is by far the strongest in its class.

I’m sure he originally had a few flaws. But because of this, Tanya could pose a greater threat than a whole platoon of soldiers in a normal orbs mission.

So it’s definitely a device with punch.

14. Marsh cream


Anime: Akame go Kill!

Murasame certainly does justice to the title of the series. He belongs to Akame, and he’s committed many murders.

This sword is so strong that even a blow to the edge of it can lead to immediate defeat.

Of course, that puts a little pressure on the psyche. But unlike your enemy, at least you’re still alive.

So while Saika is the king of managing groups of people and taking control of the city, Murasame is the queen of 1v1 duels and quick executions.

13. Destructive bullets

Nice bullets in my hero academy.

Anime: My heroic academy

I mean, the description’s really in the title.

These things wouldn’t be as strong outside the My Hero Academy universe. I mean, they’re actually just bullets.

But in a world where 80% of the population has whims, it gives you enormous power if you can just grab them. Both because you can easily kill a person and because you can manipulate him or her by waving the antidote in his or her face.

12. Dragon slayer

The dragon slayer in Berserker...

Anime: Berserk

With a name like Dragonslayer, we can only expect her to do some shenanigans in the PO.

And whether it’s because Guts is such a mighty maniac, or because the sword is so incredibly strong, who knows?

But a lot of blood was shed with that sword, and I mean a lot. Human, demon or other, once this huge plate of finely forged metal comes into contact with a living organism, blood will certainly flow everywhere.

11. True longinus

The real Longinus in high school.

Anime: DhD University of Applied Sciences

Normally you don’t associate a fan show with divine powers.

But the failures surprised me again.

Each Longinus of this series is extremely powerful, because each of them can literally kill a god.

The real Longinus is particularly problematic because it is the first Longinus ever created. It was also the spear that was used to kill Jesus Christ. It is true, ladies and gentlemen, the show that made us all believe that it was just a parade of tits and donkeys with the death of Jesus as the central point of the conspiracy.

So yes, this spear is incredibly powerful.

10. Sword of Amon

The labyrinth of magic

Anime: Wise men: A maze of magic

Ba’al was on that list because of his raw power, but it was time to talk about a more subtle power: The Sword of Amon.

I say subtle, but it has the ability to handle flames and can definitely burn your face, but it’s not a mountain destroyer.

Its main strength lies in its ability to cut through other metal drums.

This changes the game a bit, because you can bring your opponent back without doing anything to him.

It is not surprising that Amon, when he had the chance to acquire a second genius, convinced Alibaba that this was not necessary. Only he was strong enough to destroy anyone.

9. Samehada

Shippuden screenshot

Anime: Naruto: Shippuden

Samehada is one of the seven swords with deadly fog, and probably the strongest.

It looks like something you’d get in a fair in hell, because it’s a small knife covered in scales with a holder on the end.

The sword is sensitive and can remove the chakra from anyone who touches it, but it can also help the victor in battle.

And he also has free will. So he can literally decide to stop being your sword if he feels like it. That too came straight from hell.

8. Kurikara

Kurikara in Ao no Exorcist

Anime: Ao no Exorcist

Kurikara’s powers are extremely indirect. But also extremely powerful.

When handled by a normal person, it’s just a nice, sharp sword. But if Rin uses the knife, we see his true power.

This is because Kurikara is able to exploit and suppress all of Rin’s power so that it doesn’t get out of hand.

And if you’re wondering why that’s so impressive, I’ll say that the sword controls the power of literal Satan.

So, yeah, you could say it’s a big problem.

7. Scissors blade

Kill the Death Scissors.

Anime: Dead, dead, dead.

Speaking of dangerous scissors, people tend to quickly call the squinting of the Akame ga Kill (and their huge security threat).

But if you think about it, the scissors blade is just an improved version.

Not only can it cut through anything and never break (like Schiele), but this scissors blade can also change size and cut through a vital fibre: a material that is otherwise virtually indestructible.

In addition, the scissors blade was used much more. And accomplished many other accomplishments with her.

6. Bow and arrows

The bow and arrow in JoJo's strange adventure...

Anime: JoJo’s Strange Adventure

The bow and arrow are by far the most important relics in the JoJo universe.

That’s because they have the power to give man the life force you need if you ever want to face one of the main characters.

In addition, an arrow can give your booth new possibilities. Either you give it a general improvement or you increase its strength several times.

It is also possible that you die as a result of the procedure. But let’s not think about that part.

5. Pumpkin


Anime: Akame go Kill!

When you hear the name pumpkin, you don’t tremble in your boots, do you?

Well, you probably should.

Basically, Pumpkin is just an extremely powerful sniper/machine gun/shotgun with which you can kill anything and everything.

But the characteristic that really pushed his power to the limit for me is his latent passivity, where the explosion becomes stronger depending on the extent to which the owner feels in danger.

And yes, it’s about how the user feels.

So you can literally scare a sniper and accidentally blow up an entire building with this thing.

4. Excalibur

Excalibur's online sword art screenshot

Anime: The art of the sword online

It’s a strange thing.

Excalibur is the most powerful sword in the SAA universe, at least for the first two seasons. And this is considered an undisputed fact.

Kirito, the child of God, wields the sword himself, so you know it’s a weapon of choice.

But the fact is, he hardly ever uses them.

One of the few times he knocks him out, the opponent is simply terrified. The general theory is that Kirito literally does not want to use the sword because it is too OP.

And if Kirito thinks there’s something about the OP, that gun should definitely be on that list.

3. Chastiefol Ghost Lance

Chastiefol's spiritual spear of the seven deadly sins.

Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins

What makes the Spear of Spirit so powerful is its versatility.

Of course it’s called a spear, but it’s so many shapes that it looks more like a whole arsenal.

The spear itself can float, which means it can take you with it. And it can be remote-controlled if you don’t want blood on your new shirt.

Among the shapes are (but are not limited to): a giant stuffed animal, ideal for rescue and capture, a million small daggers, perfect for handling large groups, and a sunflower that shoots balls of energy.

The latter is ideal for long-distance battles and the destruction of cities.

2. Gravity fracture, Ea

Sword of Rupture, Ea in the Destiny series.

Anime: The Fate series

According to the legends, Ea was literally the sword that divided heaven and earth.

It is also said that the sword knows the true meaning of the world and everything that happens, so never give it to a philosophy student or he could go crazy.

The Breach Sword is also almost omnipotent, because even the simplest attacks can create a wormhole from which few people can escape. And only one person has been able to really counteract its effects.

1. Notification of death

Death note Anime Death note

Anime: An obituary

They say the pen is mightier than the sword.

And it’s real, when you say the pen can kill anyone in the world in a matter of seconds.

As you all probably know, Death Note allows the user to write someone’s first and last name, and as long as the author has a picture of the person in his head, that person will die.

You can even specify how you want the person to die if you want to.

Honestly, I wouldn’t put it on the front row. But then it occurred to me that if the Death Note world was set up a few years later, Light would have a Facebook account. And he would literally be competing with some of the gods of destruction, so he’s at the top of the list.

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