The gaming industry has a lot of great titles for beginners, and not just for games. A lot of sites create a list of beginner games, but what about the rest of the stuff that comes with gaming? It’s not just the games, it’s the gaming hardware and the whole experience. So here are our top picks for gaming as a whole, whether you’re a new gamer or an experienced one.

Every time a new person picks up a controller, they always have the same questions: “What should I play?”, “Where do I start?”, and “What are the best games?” Well, luckily for you, the Gaming Channel has put together the ultimate list of all the best games for beginners. We’ve compiled a list of the best games for every genre and every platform, so you should be able to find something to love.

So you want to get into gaming, but don’t know where to start? Here’s a list of the five most common first-time gaming mistakes, as well as the top five quality games for beginners. Making these mistakes early on can dampen your enthusiasm for gaming, but with the right guidance, you’ll have a much more fulfilling experience.

Final Fantasy V is generally considered one of the lighter episodes in the series, mostly because of its tone. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges, even for the most seasoned veterans. From secret super-bosses hidden in treasure chests to occasional encounters that can destroy your party in one fell swoop, there are many threats in the game. So for new players (and even seasoned pros who come back to try again), preparation is key. This list serves as a guide for newcomers to Final Fantasy V, to help you get through the game without stress. I’ll list the most useful skills, job classes, gear, and a little cheese to make your first FF5 walkthrough fun and hassle-free, as it should be.

10. Invest in the work of a white mage when you can

word-image-9540 It may seem obvious, but the usefulness of the White Mage in this game (or any other JRPG) should not be underestimated. Once you’ve collected your first batch of profession crystals and can customize your characters’ professions, turn one of them into a White Mage. And keep it on them until they reach the maximum, or at least until level 5. The way the job system works in FFV is that once a character has learned a skill, he keeps it forever, even if you change jobs. This offers more flexibility. And you can classify your brave heroes any way you like. Once you’ve maxed out the White Mage class, you can change your character to a more aggressive class while still giving them the innate White Mage skill, meaning they’re always available to perform Heal 2 on the entire party if needed.

9. Performing a thieving task to at least level 3

word-image-9541 As with the previous tip, the innate skills of the profession of thief are very useful if you equip one of your characters with them. In the third level you will learn how to find passages, escape and sprint. Find Passages shows you hidden paths in towns and dungeons that almost always lead to a secret treasure chest at the end. Escape lets you run away from random encounters, and Sprint lets you move around the world map 4x faster. Extremely useful when your group is almost empty and you need to go to the inn, or just for impatient players.

8. Learning to love being a Blue Mage

word-image-9542 Anyone familiar with the Final Fantasy series knows the general effect of blue magic. But for those who don’t know, blue magic is usually a skill you learn when you encounter an enemy and keep in your arsenal. In FFV, there is the aptly named profession of Blue Mage, which gets the opportunity to train at the second level. If a character is equipped with this skill, you learn it every time an enemy hits you with one of FFV’s many blue magic abilities. This means that permanently learning the Training skill is very useful, as you will likely learn many skills over the course of the game. Some worth learning are Breath of Aqua for AOE magic damage, L5 Evil (more on that later), Death Claw to knock an enemy back with a punch, Vampire (extremely unlucky in your favor in the GBA version), and White Wind for group healing. There are too many blue magic skills to discuss here, and some are more useful than others, but the more you learn, the better you will become.

7. Get the Karnak castle ribbon!

word-image-9543 The tapes have become an essential part of the series. And their functionality generally stays the same from game to game. It is an accessory that prevents many negative status effects, and this case is no different. This achievement is usually awarded at the end of the game, but it can actually be found as early as the escape from Karnak Castle. During the timed escape you will enter a room with a treasure chest on both sides. In the chest on the left you’ll find an enemy, after defeating him you’ll get your own shiny ribbon! The catch is that it can only be used in the Freelancer and Dancer professions. But by the end of the game, Freelancer becomes a standard task for your entire group. Not only can he equip all weapons, armor, and accessories (as well as innate abilities), but he also gets a stat bonus for every mission the character completes.

6. Skill points Castle ball crush

word-image-9544 This is where L5’s death will come in handy. You can learn this blue magic from the Book of Enemies in the Ancient Library. Keep attacking until he reaches page 64, and wait for him to use this ability. It affects all characters whose level is a multiple of 5. So if at least one member of your party has this skill + the Learn skill, learn this incredibly useful skill. Don’t forget to revive the dead character(s) before the end of the fight, and whatever you do, make sure all your characters aren’t multiples of 5 (doh!). Now we can use our new gift. Once in Castle Ball, go to the basement. Here you will encounter groups of enemies called Arts Objects, and they are your ticket to a large amount of quick and easy skill points. Just say L5 Death and the fight is over. You’ll master all the tasks your heart desires and strengthen your group with a host of new skills.

5. Bone Armor + Flame Shield makes you almost invulnerable

word-image-9545 Bone armor is an equipment you can find by searching for dragon grass in Drakenvale. It offers the highest protection boost of any armor in the game and protects against almost all status effects. However, there are a few pitfalls to avoid. First, it gives you a zombie status, which means you can’t be healed by healing items or magic. And once you’re knocked out, you can’t be revived. They are also weak to fire magic, but if you equip the flame shield, you reverse this weakness and turn it into absorption. Cast a fire spell on the bone armor wearer when he is about to be stunned, and you will heal him instantly.

4. The combination of dancer and summoner makes you a killing machine.

word-image-9546 The dancers in FFV are among the weakest in terms of stamina and HP, as well as strength. But what they lack in raw stats, they make up for in their ability to destroy enemies. The main characteristic of the dancer is his dance skill which, when used, allows him to perform any one of the 4 dance skills. It stayed the same with Mog in FF6. But back to FF5: One of the many skills your dancer can use is called Mystery Waltz, which allows you to steal the MP from your opponent. Combined with the summoner task, you create a destructive orb with MP regeneration. The higher your summoner class level, the more summoners are available when you equip the innate summoning ability. The disadvantage of sumons being such powerful magic attacks is that they require a lot of MP. By doubling your dance skill (or vice versa), you’ll ensure that your magic killing machine never runs out.

3. Monk is a great budget investment

word-image-9547 The task of the monk in FFV is pretty simple if you are familiar with the monks in this franchise. They attack with their bare hands and inflict incredible physical damage. And since they don’t need weapons, it’s very cheap for them to buy equipment. By upgrading to the monk profession, you can learn the Armless skill, as well as the Counter skill. Barehanded is very useful if you have a magic user in your group and you want him to do physical and magic damage – or if you want him to save MP. Counterattack lets your unit automatically counterattack when physically attacked. So it’s convenient. Finally, if you take on the monk profession, you gain a significant stamina increase in your base stats as a freelancer. So overall, the work of a monk is worthwhile for many reasons.

2. Steal Genji’s equipment from Gilgamesh

word-image-9548 The Genji outfit is another well-known Final Fantasy item that usually exists as an endgame outfit and gives a stat boost at the end of the game. This is not the case in Final Fantasy V. The only downside is that there are very few of them and you can only get them in 4 separate battles with Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is a recurring FFV boss who has become a fan favorite due to his comedic nature and the many pranks he plays on players. You can fight him a total of 6 times in FFV. And the third. In battle, he will wear 1 type of Genji gear at a time. By equipping your group members with Genji’s armor, helmet, shield and gloves, you can significantly increase their defensive capabilities and protect them from a number of unpleasant circumstances.

1. The infamous Kiss of Bliss Problem

word-image-9549 This is a real doozy, and I doubt many current players have even seen it. The Chemist profession in FFV allows you to create powerful cocktails during combat by mixing two items from your inventory. The total list of combos is too long to go into detail, but they include combos that can increase your maximum HP and party levels, as well as inflict unique attacks on enemies. The best (and roughest) of these mixtures is Kiss of Blessing, which is a combination of Maiden’s Kiss and Holy Water. When you use this mix, the effects of the Berserk, Haste, and Blink conditions are applied to the target. In the SNES version of the game, you can use it on an enemy, and the Berserk status cancels everything, including the enemy’s immunity. This means you can practically defuse a large number of FFV bosses. This is especially useful against enemies who use magic, as they will use physical attacks against only one member of the party. However, if you use this glitch in the final fight against Exdeath, it will ignore his coded transformation script in Neo Exdeath, making the fight much easier.We have put together a list of the top 5 games that beginners should play when they have just started gaming, and these games are a must for any gamer. The games that we have picked are new, and are most popular with the first-timers, but are also games that have been around forever, since they are timeless. So, with that said, let’s begin.. Read more about how to learn piano by yourself and let us know what you think.

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