I’ve been collecting the best video games of all time for a while now. These are the titles that truly define the best that gaming has to offer. This year’s list is also the last in the series, as I’ve decided to retire. There are so many other amazing titles that have come out in the last seven years, and I’ve got to give them their due. This list covers all of the consoles, including PC, and all of the best games, from the past and present.

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Creating a balanced yet interesting mining system in a game is a monumental task. Not only do you have to consider the fun factor, but you also have to find the right balance so that the game doesn’t become completely boring. Skyrim’s my system is not particularly exciting. Probably to keep the game as balanced as possible. But it’s also not fun to get fairly rare items after a boss fight. Fortunately, there are some great mods that change this setting so you can enjoy new loot again.

6. Rarity (lesser loot)

word-image-2623 Look at this model A mod that makes the loot more rare? And what are the benefits? Not bad, actually. Especially if you already have tons of mods installed. If the Scarcity – Less Loot mod is enabled, you will get less loot (even modded). Some think this could make the game more balanced and the quest for rare items more rewarding. You can also decide to what extent you want to adjust the suction spread. There are easily customizable settings, so you’re not completely stuck with the default mode.

5. Fast promotion

word-image-2624 Look at this model Is it too much to ask to have a simple and functional loot menu? Of course it is. Because the one in Skyrim is so clunky. Thankfully, Bethesda learned its lesson and introduced a much improved loot menu in Fallout 4, which has now migrated to Skyrim with this custom loot mod. Simple and to the point. If you’re a fan of Fallout 4, you’ll quickly master this game.

4. Auto Harvest II

word-image-2625 Look at this model I love plundering as much as anyone. But I hate how long it takes sometimes! If you don’t want to play with vanilla settings, you can download Auto Harvest 2. This mod introduces different harvest and loot options that can meet the needs of each player. Players who want to make the game as story-rich as possible can also add this mod to the game.

3. More interesting mining

word-image-2626 Look at this model Here’s an interesting option (doesn’t the title say so?). More interesting loot simply changes the number and variety of items in the bosses’ treasure chests. It adds over 1,000 new enchanted items and reduces the chance of you getting useless items after surviving the fight for your life. Doesn’t that make boss fights exciting again? That’s certainly the case for me.

2. Morrowind Miscellania

word-image-2627 Look at this model Remember how good the loot was in Morrowind compared to Skyrim? Well, I know. And I’m not the only one doing it. Morrowing Miscellania is the perfect mod for nostalgic players who, like me, can’t get over the mediocrity of the loot system in Skyrim. With a complete overhaul of most elements of the base game, Skyrim won’t look like it used to. But in a good way.

1. Morrowloot Ultimate

word-image-2628 Look at this model Everything Morrowing Miscellania does as a mod takes Morrowloot Ultimate to the next level. This mod reuses a lot of items from the base game. But that’s not all, of course! This also makes the loot more valuable, depending on the rarity level. Since most rare weapons and armor are now more effective than before (and we want the best of everything, right?), Morrowloot Ultimate also rebalances the game to keep it fair and reasonably challenging. How’s it for a review?

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