Weapons play is certainly an important factor in Arma 2. Besides tanks and whatnot, there are also weapons that affect the way you fire shots with bullet drop, recoil and wind.

Not surprisingly, modding for Arma 2 is huge, leading to mods like DayZ, which eventually became a standalone game that is still popular today.

Maybe you should go back to Arma 2 and find a refreshment.

Here are some of the best mods you should check out.

10. J.S.R.S.

J.S.R.S. Arma 2 mod screenshot

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Despite everything Arma 2 has done to make the game more realistic, the sound effects have remained somewhat uncompromising.

Many guns had similar firing sounds and relied mainly on the “boom” to feel the weight of the shots.

It may have been a limitation of technology at the time, but Lord Jarhead’s J.S.R.S. model is here to save the day.

This mod replaces the game’s sound effects to further increase realism, and even affects the sounds of the car.

The echoes of the shots in this mode are insane and make you feel like the shot has a much greater impact than before.

9. Advanced combat environment 2

Advanced Combat Environment 2 in Arma 2

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If you want to take the realism of the game even further, the best way to do that is with Advanced Combat Environment 2.

This mod improves everything from visual effects to bullet trajectory, missile ballistics and even vehicle damage modeling.

Several new weapons and operational systems are also included, as well as some new features such as refueling and the ability to use trailers to change tires.

Sniper sights even use sight and wind gauges to better assist you in battle. Nice detail!

8. delta force II

Delta Force II mod for Arma 2

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There is no shortage of new content to explore, as the game’s level editor is already ready for custom content.

Delta Force II is one of the shortest custom missions in this list, but still worth checking out.

Maude saw you on a mission to raid a regional Al Qaeda command that the CIA had placed in central Sargabad.

You are responsible for infiltrating the office to gather information that will facilitate future operations.

7. Nightstands: the shadow of Namalsk

Nightstalkers: Shadow of Namalsk Arma 2 mod

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If you prefer to play Arma 2 with friends, I recommend you try Nightstalkers: Shadow of Namalsk.

The mod is a self-contained campaign of 22 missions in which you and your team meet on the island of Namalsk.

Here you see how a company called NAC conducts dangerous experiments on an unknown alien object, and American and Russian troops intervene to stop them.

Although the campaign can be run alone, it is best enjoyed with others. But even if you can play alone, it’s worth it!

6. Kandahar lions

Lions of Kandahar mod for Arma 2

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The next change is particularly interesting because it is based on a true story of former Special Forces Captain Rusty Bradley, who survived three deployments to Afghanistan.

This campaign follows the third operation of Operation Medusa, which took place in 2006.

The mod allows you to complete an exciting mission to suppress Taliban forces, with voice-play, custom soundtrack and custom intro and outro cinematics to further enhance the game experience.

5th Vietnam War mod.

The Unsung Vietnam War Mod in Arma 2

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If you prefer guerrilla warfare, you’ll love the Armagh 2 Unsaturated Vietnam War mod.

The amount of work required to upgrade is enormous. And you can clearly see how the textures are adapted to the scenario, including the right weapons and outfits for the time and place.

If you prefer war in the jungle to the typical urban environment, it is worth trying this trail.

4th invasion of 1944

Invasion 1944 Arma 2 mod

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There is almost always a WW2 mod for every war game.

In the case of Arma 2, there is no better alternative to the 1944 invasion.

Like Unsung, Invasion 1944 has custom textures for everything from trucks to tanks, weapons and uniforms to better represent the period.

The factions include both the Allies and the Germans, and you can play different WWII scenarios on 4 different maps that were also relevant at the time.

3. the Chernarsky apocalypse

Chernarus Apocalypse mod for Arma 2

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What else do we need for a great military sharpshooter?

Zombie Mode.

The Chernar Apocalypse is a great option, especially if you want to fight the undead with friends.

The mod includes a cooperative zombie mission that encourages players to work together toward a common goal, unlike DayZ where it’s almost every man for himself.

2. in pursuit of the reaper

Chasing Grim Reaper Arma 2 mod

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If you just want to play a new scenario on your own, you can’t go wrong by going after the Grim Reaper.

A former scientist employed by the former Tajikistan Defense Force urgently asks for help, and it turns out that his research is about to wreak havoc across the country.

This mod comes with voices, shortened scripts and even custom AI scripts to enhance the experience.

Try it.

1. day

DayZ mod for Arma 2

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No other Arma 2 mod can top the list, as DayZ has become a phenomenon in its own right.

The standalone game received a full Steam release and was the direct precursor to another popular shooter: PUBG.

This mod might be one of the most popular mods ever for a game, and for good reason.

He introduced a different kind of PvP and mixed it with survival and zombie elements.

If you like the Armagh series and you’ve never tried anything like it, I’d say you’re in for a treat.

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