Rocket League, the cross-platform Rocket League is the fast paced multiplayer game where players compete to score goals. With a thriving esports scene and an expansive item marketplace for trading in skins, it has been one of the most popular online games since its release back in 2015.

The “most expensive item in rocket league 2021” is a car that costs $10,000. The most expensive item in Rocket League is the Black Hole Sun.

The top 10 most expensive items in Rocket League

Since its debut in 2014, Rocket League has spawned a slew of cosmetics. Because some of Rocket League’s most attractive cosmetics were discontinued and are now only accessible via trade, they may fetch absurdly high prices on the market. The top 10 rarest things in Rocket League will be highlighted in this list, along with why they command such a high price, with 1 being the most costly.

Each item has a credit value next to it, with 1300 credits equaling around $10. Please keep in mind that these are market estimates as of May 2022, and prices may vary.

10. 13k Titanium White Octane


The Octane is the most popular vehicle in Rocket League, and many professionals like it. The Titanium White Octane is a color change for the standard vehicle. This version of the Octane is now unavailable via conventional methods, so if you want one, you’ll have to trade for one on the market.

9. 18k Titanium White Dominus


The Dominus is the go-to vehicle for freestylers. Because of the car’s flat form, it’s ideal for air dribbles and ridiculous feats. The Titanium White Dominus, like the Octane, can no longer be made, therefore you’ll have to buy one.

8. 19k Grey Apex


The Apex wheels are only available in Rocket League competitive matches as a random drop. You must be watching the games on Twitch with your Rocket League account connected to obtain one of these drops. Because these wheels resemble the fan-favorite Titanium White, they command a premium on the market.

30k 7. Black Deici


These black wheels look great with every skin you can think of. They’re sleek and seem pitch-black from afar.

6. Apex Titanium White 39k


These seem to be significantly brighter than the Grey Apex. Because Apex wheels and Titanium White are so popular, they command a hefty price.

78k 5. Reaper

reaper-goal-explosion-rocket-leagueYouTube channel Rocket League Showcases provided this screenshot.

Reaper is a goal explosion in which death emerges from a goal after it has been scored. It was launched in 2017, but only in limited quantities for Halloween. After scoring a fantastic goal, it helps you appear even better in the game. These are only available at particular periods of the year, and they haven’t been seen since. The only method to get the item right now is to buy it from another player.

4. 143k gold cap


The Alpha item on this list is the Gold Cap. This item was only accessible to players that took part in the game’s Alpha edition. As a result, these things are more scarce than beta goods. However, since the majority of players do not utilize Toppers, this alpha item may be obtained at a lesser cost than the others.

3. 500k gold stone


Everyone wants to get their hands on these golden wheels since they are an alpha item. The golden pattern gleams in the light and complements any vehicle. This item is becoming more difficult to come by, so if you locate one for sale and have the funds, you should take advantage of it.

2. 1 million people were involved in the Gold Rush.


Gold Rush is a one-of-a-kind alpha boost with a one-of-a-kind style and sound. Almost every Rocket League player uses this boost, leaving many esports fans jealous of anybody who has this very uncommon equipment.

1. 1 priceless White Hat

white-hat-rocket-leagueImage courtesy of u/catexception on Reddit.

The White Hat is a topper awarded by developer Pysonix to players who discover a security flaw in Rocket League. The only way to acquire this is to hack into Rocket League and then tell the devs how you accomplished it so they can improve their security. While there have been reports that the White Hat has been sold for $12,000 in the past, we have yet to locate any proof of this. It goes without saying that its scarcity makes it almost valuable on the Rocket League cosmetics market.

The “most expensive rocket” is a vehicle in the game, Rocket League. It costs $1,000,000 to purchase it. The most expensive item in the game is the “Beast from the East”.

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