Pokémon Go has been an unmitigated success, with millions of players catching Pokémons using their phones, and even tens of thousands of players in the United States alone enlisting in the police force to help capture Pokémon. The game has attracted a host of angry, and usually foul-mouthed, critics—and the Pokémon Go police aren’t all that happy about the game either.

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The Pokémon series is famous for its bizarre, wacky and often downright weird design choices. Take, for example, the abominable Pokémon Pichu. The little Pichu looks just like a little Pikachu, but it smells terrible. How is that even possible, you ask? It’s the result of an error during the Pokémon development process. Because the Nintendo 3DS’s hardware isn’t powerful enough to do 3D rendering, the Pokémon sprites are flat 2D images. I kid you not, the reason Pichu looks like a little Pikachu is that it has been rendered flat.

Pokémon are powerful creatures that can perform incredible feats.

With Celebi’s time travel, Blastoise’s unstoppable water cannons, and Ditto’s ability to adapt his DNA to other monsters, it’s hard to find anything to complain about.

That was until Game Freak found a way to enrich our gameplay.

It’s easy to ignore the reality that best friends spend more time fighting, frolicking and eating than basic hygiene when you can’t physically feel them.

But let’s take a look at the smelliest Pokémon you don’t want to be in an elevator with.

10. Sirfetch’d

What do you get when you mix a tenacious fighter, who always succeeds, with the distinct flavor of an onion?

A bird with a very special (and disgusting) smell.

Sirfetch’d may not look like it, but behind that noble facade is a special scent that I can only assume this duck-Pokémon carries like a loyal traveling companion.

While Sirfetch’d is certainly not the smelliest Pokémon in Dex, it still has merit when it comes to interesting tastes.

Farfetch’d water: Onion Smell B.O. with a bonus note about the onion smell.

9. Machop/Machamp

Okay, this may come as a surprise, but hear me out …..

Machamp is a brash, exuberant fighter who clearly spends more time on his muscles than his personal hygiene.

The Pokédex entry for Pokémon Moon will help you get an idea of Machop’s commitment to his handtag:

He can lift heavy loads with ease. He can even lift dump trucks. But his clumsy fingers prevent him from working with precision.

From this fact alone, we can discern three truths:

  1. Machop works in such a way that it can lift entire dump trucks.
  2. Anyone who trains this much will feel the sunburned inside of a gym sock and…
  3. Machop’s clumsy fingers won’t allow him to remove the deodorant cap.

And four hands also means Machamp has two extra armpits: double armpits, double stink.

Machop water: It’s a feeling reminiscent of a football locker room with a broken air conditioner in the wet swamps of Florida.

8. Tangroot

You’d think this plant species would smell like freshly cut grass, but Tangrowth’s hunting habits make this Pokémon’s scent rather unpleasant.

Tangled mustaches are not just a fashion statement.

It uses them as tentacles to catch its prey, drawing unsuspecting Pokémon into the impenetrable darkness that lurks in the bushes.

This means that food waste will accumulate and become more stinky as the weather gets warmer and Tangroot’s vines reach their limits.

Tangrowth Water: Open the compost bin after last week’s forgotten trash and grass clippings.

7. Wine of Pilos

Piloswine is another case, like Furret, where the Pokédex does not mention its scent.

But we can certainly draw some conclusions from the facts presented to us.

To know:

The piloswin is covered with a dense, long hair that enables it to withstand frost. This Pokémon uses its fangs to dig up food buried under the ice.

This Pokédexcitation, combined with the fact that Piloswine’s blurry vision makes him charge and probably sweat profusely, makes for a rather unpleasant smell.

It only gets worse when you take a Pig-Pokémon from its icy home to the sun, where the smells become more intense as the heat increases.

Piloswine water: Waste at a dog groomer in Texas after a day of shaved huskies.

6. Furret

Although no official Pokédex mentions the smell of a ferret, ferrets are known to have a distinct musky scent that can quickly fill a room.

Assuming this Pokemon is based on its slimy, smelly real-life counterpart, it can certainly be handled in the standard fret size.

Unfortunately for Furret fans, the Pokémon has a hefty build, standing six feet tall and weighing 75 pounds.

The average ferret is 15 inches long and weighs up to 4.5 pounds.

A 16-fold increase in the size of its furry body means a 16-fold increase in the size of its scent glands, which secrete the musty odor common in domestic rodents.

Eau de Furret: Inside of rabbit cage toilet baked at 350 degrees in a wet oven

5. Muk

There’s nothing like a big pile of mud to wake up your nose to a bouquet of scents.

Mook is a living, breathing biological hazard. It is capable of completely destroying any plant it comes in contact with and causes severe disease in the trainer.

This Pokémon feeds on waste and toxins, adding them to the disgusting mush that makes up the amorphous body of the Mook.

The stench is so awful that Mook has lost his own sense of smell, but continues to attack others with his stench.

In the Ruby Pokedex, teachers don’t mince words and brag:

A disgusting liquid pours from Mook’s body, giving off a terrible stench. A single drop of this pokemon’s body fluid can make a pool stagnant and rancid.

Muk water: It’s like going through the crap of lactose intolerant kids in kindergarten.

4. Garbodor

Have you ever heard the saying: If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck?

The same can be said for our lazy friend Garbodor:

If it looks like a pile of rotting garbage and smells like a pile of rotting garbage, it’s probably a pile of rotting garbage.

Everything on Pokémon’s trash pile indicates that a strong stench will wash over you if you get too close.

Her entire body looks like a lumpy, rotting garbage bag that has been opened to reveal a sample of yesterday’s enchiladas and apple cores found under the bed.

Garbodor’s entire fighting style consists of consuming garbage to feed his hideous breath, which stinks enough to be used as a weapon, according to the Pokédex entry for Ruby Omega:

He grabs his opponents with his left hand and finishes them off with the poisonous gas escaping from his mouth.

Even its name (a combination of the words garbage and smell) makes it clear that with this Pokemon, what you see is what you get.

Garbodor water: The milk in the bowl of cereal under your bed, which you no longer know if it’s liquid or a gelatinous substance that you can only describe as absolutely, positively worthless.

3. Wising

Weezing is the ultimate industrial stink bug, constantly emitting toxic gases from the fouling around its body.

While poisons aren’t exactly known for their smell, Wise Men prefer a rather unique habitat that certainly doesn’t make them smell like freshly baked bread or a thin candle:

To quote his story in Pokémon Ruby Omega:

Weasling loves the gases that come from rotting kitchen scraps. This Pokémon will find a dirty, unkempt house and make it its home. At night, when the people in the house are asleep, it will go look in the garbage.

Weezing Water: Past a factory that makes dog food from chicken cartilage, with a rich, smoky smell that lingers in your nose and won’t go away.

2. Skuntank

Skuntank is the least surprising representative on this list.

Pokémon Skunk is modeled after one of the world’s most biting animals, and is very similar in appearance and bite.

Skuntank’s Stink ability can make an opponent cringe – that is, it stinks so bad that other Pokémon flinch in horror.

The worst part is that no bath or perfume will improve the smell of the skunk.

According to the Galarian Pokédex:

Its abdomen contains a pusy liquid that it secretes from its tail during combat. When the diet of this Pokémon changes, the stench of its liquid also changes.

So Skuntank is naturally born to be a nuisance.

Skuntank Water: The sliced onions are served hot on a bed of pickled lettuce, rotten eggs and a slight hint of burnt rubber.

1. Twilight

The darkness can seem to sleep all the time.

But in reality, the flower on his head and the saliva dripping down his chin constantly give off a miserable, tired smell.

Although Gloom’s stench is so strong that it can cause memory loss and fainting in people up to a mile away, this Pokémon and its prey find the stench quite pleasant:

From the article Pokémon Sapphire ‘dex:

Creepy honey drips from his mouth, which smells absolutely foul. Apparently he likes that awful smell. He sniffs the poisonous fumes and then pours out some more honey.

It’s the same as someone who likes the smell of armpit sweat so much that they sweat even more excitement for their own B.O.


Cloudy water: The nauseatingly sweet smell of the rotting flesh of the Corpse Flower after it has been made into sugar syrup for coffee.This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy.. Read more about weezing and let us know what you think.

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