The Persona franchise is one of the most popular JRPG series of all time.

In recent games, developer Atlus has gone to great lengths to create an elegant world where everything from menus to character attacks looks incredibly cool.

And it would be great to bring something of that aesthetic to The Sims.

I’ve been looking for a Persona-themed CC to quench my thirst for Persona in my TS4 sessions – and in this list I’d like to share some of my best finds.

11. person 5 SAC update package

Persona 5 CAS Backgrounds Pack Sims 4 CC

Refer to this CC

A great addition that will change your simulation creation process forever is the P5 Create-A-Sim Backgrounds package, which includes seven new and different CAS backgrounds.

This allows your character to look like he is in the Leblanc, the Memory Dungeon or in the middle of Shibuya when you play with his appearance.

This package from Cryptiam also includes a photo of the Showtime combo of Mona and Panther and a group photo used to cut at the beginning of the All-Out attack.

It’s pretty cool, and you won’t want to go back to the boring original setting.

Note: We also have a list of SAC background mods if you want to check it out!

10. the pictures of Sayuri

Sayuri Paintings for Sims 4

Refer to this CC

Unlike most franchises, there aren’t really many mods that add decorations or posters to the Persona theme – but that’s okay, because I found just the best I could hope for.

Creator Cryptiam has revealed Sayuri, a beautiful painting that plays a key role in the story of Persona 5. It originally hung in the Leblanc after being taken from Madame’s palace, but now you can put it anywhere in your Sim’s home.

It includes both versions of Sayuri (with or without baby), and the frame is available in different models.

9. female form Yasogami Hai Fi (Persona 4)

Yasogami High Female Uniform (Persona 4) TS4 CC

Refer to this CC

The Yasogami School is located in the rural town of Inaba and is the setting for most Persona 4 segments during the day, as most of the main characters visit the school.

The school is very important in the Persona 4 Arena and the Persona Q spin-off, where it serves as a hub for other anomalies the heroes face.

Unfortunately, I was only able to get a girl’s uniform. You can get the funds here.

8. Makoto Yuki’s character set (Persona 3)

Makoto Yuki Character Set (Persona 3) Sims 4 CC

Refer to this CC

Note: To download this SS, just follow the link above and search for the file name “”.

The protagonist of Persona 3 is a grumpy exchange student who arrives at the Gekkou school at the beginning of the game.

He – or she, if you’re playing P3 FES on PSP – is an orphaned and rather tragic character, which is very appropriate given the dark tone of the game’s plot compared to later Persona games.

If you were an angry teenager when this happened, you would feel spiritually understood.

CosplaySimmer offers us a fantastic interpretation of a character that will be used in The Sims 4. He will have no character, but it will be fun to see him live a normal life for a change.

7. Yukiko Amagi’s uniform (Persona 4)

Yukiko Amagi Uniform (Persona 4) for Sims 4

Refer to this CC

Yukiko Amagi – an elegant and brilliant student at Yasogami High School at the time of Persona 4 – and a member of the investigative team in charge of the recent murder cases around the Midnight Canal.

She is fearless and unflappable – and she has to be, given what she has to endure in the game.

This CilanceYourButt top can be used in conjunction with Yasogami’s shallows to mimic the character of your TS4 – or have someone play you in cosplay.

Yukiko’s parents run a hostel with hot springs in the game. So make sure you have a nice setting if you want to bring them into your game – or at least a hot tub with hot water.

6. Leisure sweater persona 5

Persona 5 Holiday Sweaters Sims 4 CC

Refer to this CC

There are many unique CC vacation outfits available for TS4 – but is it a personal outfit?

These Christmas sweaters from Cryptiam certainly are.

They come in four colors and all bear the Phantom Thieves logo – with stars and other details that mimic the game’s artistic choices.

At least it’s better than an ugly sweater that a Sim’s grandmother might knit – and they come in all genders.

5. shujin hai form (persona 5)

Shujin High Uniform (Persona 5) TS4 CC

Refer to this CC

I’ll be honest with you, I wouldn’t send my kids to a shujin school in a million years.

Not only are poorly paid teachers forced to work as domestic servants, but there are also scandals of sexual harassment, abuse of students on sports teams, and even a suicide attempt by a student.

However, they have very nice uniforms, especially the socks which you have to buy separately.

The creator of JujuPony also offers us Shujin polo shirts to wear in the summer. A complete service!

4. Goro Akechi’s school uniform (Persona 5)

Goro Akechi’s School Uniform (Persona 5) for Sims 4

Refer to this CC

He may be a two-faced fool and a terrible human being, but Akechi is still a member of the Ghost Thieves – and his school has a nice uniform.

Whether you want to recreate Akechi in your game or just pass on his elegant uniform to another Sim, the creator of JujuPony has it all planned.

Akechi attends an elite school with no name because he is a talented young detective.

The name is never given, but you see its elegant beige shape every time you meet this psychopath defending himself.

3. persona 5 CC Collection

Persona 5 CC Collection Sims 4 CC

Refer to this CC

If you are looking for a single download for Persona-ify your CAS, this Persona 5 CC collection from Cryptiam is a must.

It contains about 30 different outfits and an impressive 196 designs to model your Persona 5 characters to your own taste.

A sequel to this fantastic collection is in the works – but in the meantime, you can buy some of the missing pieces individually. These include the Joker outfit, the Fox outfit, the Skull outfit and even the red and white Raven outfit.

2. the best computer games

Better Computer Games for Sims 4

Refer to this CC

Just as you love playing AAA hits like Monster Hunter: World and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, so do your Sims. Help them get rid of their Tetris addiction by adding new games to their library.

This SimmerWellPupper mod replaces all the basic games on the Sims’ computers with modern games.

This mod is on the list because it replaces the original Sport Incredible from Persona 4 Gold.

It’s time for your Sims to learn what a good game looks like.

There is also a Better Console Games mod that includes Persona 5 Royal for console simulation.

1. the joker mask (persona 5)

Joker’s Mask (Persona 5) Sims 4 CC

Refer to this CC

If there’s one thing that screams “Persona 5,” it’s the Joker mask that makes your Sims feel like the Phantom of the Opera – or rather, like the Phantom Thief of the Opera.

It’s incredibly stylish – even if it’s too pretty to wear every day – but you’ll need it to hide your identity when you’re fighting corrupt adults.

This wonderful piece of SS is brought to us by the legendary PralineSims – so you know it’s quality.

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