Rumours about a new item in the Paper Mario series have been roaming around for over a year, and we finally have confirmation! Mario’s title page: Origami King, an exclusive title of the role-playing game Switch, comes out on the 17th. Released in July 2020 – just a few months away, so fans don’t have to wait too long to get their teeth into this new role-playing game.

The game offers Mario new moves, including the ability to communicate with the landscape, stretching out to clear the landscape to reveal new areas and surprises! With the new ring combat system, you can line up your enemies to do more damage. They will be revenue based, but interactive and strategic. Check out the debut trailer and the official press release below. What an exciting announcement, and we finally know which Nintendo game will be released this summer!


Do you want to add an extra dimension to your adventures? Are you ready to have ten times the fun? Here is a special invitation to the colourful world of paperwork. Princess Peach welcomes Mario and Luigi to the Royal Origami Festival when the Paper Mario : The Origami King game will be released on the 17th. July exclusively for the Nintendo Switch family of systems.

However, there is one small drawback to this party: Princess Peach seems a little strange. To learn more about the mysterious behavior, check out the trailer of the first game at It seems that King Ollie, who claims to be the ruler of the Origami Kingdom, is devising a treacherous plan that threatens everything dear to Mario. On paper it looks pretty dangerous, so whoever is above the others will have to save the day!

Paper Mario: The King of Origami is a great new adventure for players entering the Nintendo Switch, says Nick Chavez, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo of America. This game marks the beginning of the Paper Mario series for Nintendo Switch, and adds another notable addition to the huge library of games from the beloved franchise.

Mario faces one of the most exciting challenges at Paper Mario: Origami King when the dangerous King Ollie reveals his plan to overthrow the world. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, he tied Princess Peach’s castle with giant colourful ribbons and carried her to a distant mountain. He even turned Bowser’s henchmen into folding soldiers and recruited them for his acts of treason.

Luckily, Mario has some new tools to help him win. One of Mario’s new abilities, called the 1000x Weapon, lets you interact with the landscape by stretching and pulling it, unlocking and unlocking new locations that help you solve puzzles and unlock unexpected surprises. Along the way, you’ll appeal to old and new characters, including Olivia, King Ollie’s benevolent sister, and a host of unlikely allies, including Bowser himself! If they haven’t already bowed to the whims of Origami King Ollie, Mario will accept any help he can find with open arms!

Paper Mario: Origami King also introduces a new ring combat system that lets you use your puzzle skills to set up scattered enemies and maximise damage. The enemies may be made of paper, but these dynamic turn-based battles are anything but static. It takes a sharp mind to quickly deal with these cunning enemies.

Mario’s next joyous adventure on Nintendo Switch, with a richly detailed world, surprising mini-games and countless puzzles, will be a huge help when it comes to crafting and laughing.

Learn more about Paper Mario : Origami King, visit Mario’s diary: The king of origami arrives on the 17th. July in stores, on Nintendo eShop at Nintendo Switch and on for a suggested retail price of $59.99. For those who want to start the adventure as soon as the game is available, it is now possible to pre-purchase the game.

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