As the name suggests, Old School RuneScape is the original version of the popular MMORPG RuneScape, released in 2001. It doesn’t have the fancy graphics of the modern RuneScape, and many of the gameplay mechanics are different, but Old School RuneScape still has a dedicated following. If you’ve never played the game, but are interested in it, you might want to read this article to find out what the hardest quests are in the game and in which order you should play them.

It’s 2018, and Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is still going strong. The game released in 2013 and has seen a record number of players online in the past few years. Part of the game’s success is due to the amazing quests. Completing the quests requires more than just fighting monsters and collecting items. It’s a test of your endurance, determination, and wit. Here are the hardest quests in OSRS, ranked from easiest to hardest.

Quests are an important part of any OSRS account.

That’s because there are many objects and locations behind the quests. The best slot items, like Barrow’s Gauntlets, and areas like the Elven Lands are hidden behind some of the most challenging quests in Old School.

There are currently over 147 tasks in OSRS, all of varying difficulty.

A true adventurer strives to traverse them all. But which ones are the hardest? Especially since some of these tasks have a difficulty level of master or even grandmaster.

Do you think you have everything you need? Now let’s look at some of the most challenging quests in all of Gielinor!

12. A small favour

Has anyone ever asked you for a small favor and then one?

And maybe one more?

This quest is just a small favor for seemingly every person in the entire game.

They will run around OSRS doing favors for everyone, etc. Be prepared to run around in RuneScape solving everyone’s problems.

This quest is skillful and requires 36 dexterity, 25 dexterity, 18 herbal knowledge and 30 smithing. Use lots of teleporters to speed up this quest, because it’s not as hard as it is long.

Upon completion, you will receive several experience lights each worth 10k experience and a number of quest points.

Here’s how to get started: You can start this quest in the village of Shilo.

11. Search caption

This is one of the oldest quests in OSRS, and it allows you to join the Legends Guild if you manage to complete it. Well, um… A legend!

This very long quest will take you deep into the Harazi jungle, where you will introduce yourself to the locals and leave with a very special totem pole.

The Legends quest is a master level quest and requires 107 quest points to begin. You also have to complete a number of other quests, such as. B. Hero’s Quest and Underground Pass.

You also need 50 agility, 50 flight, 52 victory and 50 strength.

Only do it if you are up for the challenge and confident in the task.

Here’s how to get started: When you’re done and have met all the requirements, go to the Legends Guild.

10. Recipe for a disaster

The Recipe for Disaster (RFD) is the longest quest in the entire game and consists of 10 side quests, various requirements (e.g. 175 total quest points) and the completion of numerous wizard level quests.

It takes an experienced player to execute this monstrosity.

But by completing this task, you unlock the Barrows gloves, the best gloves in the slot for anyone in OSRS.

RFD is a long term goal for many medium to high level accounts, as forge handbags are a major upgrade needed for many PvM zones.

Prepare for a tough boss fight at the end. You can pull out between bosses to get supplies when you need them.

Here’s how to get started: Talk to Chef Lumbridge, who is preparing a big feast for the most important people in OSRS, to start this crazy quest!

9. Haunted mine

Many of you are probably wondering why such an experimental quest as the Ghost Mine is on this list.

Haunted Mine is a medium length quest. The final boss at the end is very difficult though.

Since this quest is almost exclusively completed by low to mid-level accounts, the difficulty of this final boss can easily overwhelm an unprepared player.

If you die or teleport, you have to go through the entire Ghost Mine again!

So yes, it can take time.

Here’s how to get started: Talk to the Zeloot at the ghost mine when you leave the swamp towards Mort ton.

8. MetroCard

The Underground Corridor is a quest that unlocks the elven lands of Tyrannwvn for the first time.

The action takes place in the… You’ll spend a few hours in an underground passage to find your way around.

What makes this quest so difficult is that there is no way to resupply unless you decide to start over. Which many players are forced to do.

If you survive, you’re trapped until you complete the quest. And it’s not easy.

You only need level 25 to complete this quest, but you’ll have trouble if you don’t have a 40+ skill, which will help you find the shortest paths.

Here’s how to get started: Talk to King Latas, who is in Ardugn Castle.

7. Regicide

After the underground passage, this quest gives you the opportunity to explore the elven land.

Regicide is very long, because you have to go through the entire underpass not once, but twice!

You also have to go through a very confusing Tyrannvn forest, which is full of traps that can poison or even kill you.

And remember, you must have at least 56 dexterity and 10 handedness to begin this quest.

Here’s how to get started: Talk to King Lathas again at Ardugn Castle.

6. The sins of the father

Sins of The Father is the fifth installment of my favorite quest series in OSRS: Myerque series.

In this one, you have to explore the vampire city of Darkmeyer.

And I must say that Darkmeyer is very well designed, the city looks dull and desolate.

The research itself is very time consuming. This is a wizard level where you have to fight several bosses, the last boss has a combat level of 413!

While fighting this boss, you will have to dodge many attacks, such as. B. Lightning, which can deal up to 40 points of damage.

Therefore, this boss will be a very difficult fight for low to medium level players.

They also need a number of skills beyond 50, such as. B. Killer, Magic, Attack, Agility and Skill to complete this quest.

Here’s how to get started: Talk to Veliaf in front of the church in the town of Slepe.

5. Desert treasure

This is probably one of my favorite quests.

In Desert Treasure, you travel through RuneScape to collect the diamonds needed to open the pyramid deep in the desert.

You’ll be up against 4 very powerful bosses scattered across the map.

From the icy tundra of northern Trollheim to the swampy crypts of Moritania, you must battle mighty foes to retrieve the diamonds they carry.

There is also the possibility that an alien may try to kill you with a dragon dagger….. So always be on the lookout!

To play Treasure of the Desert, you should have at least a 53 flight, but I recommend a higher flight. You also need 50 magic items, 50 fire items and 10 fighters.

If you complete this task, you will unlock a brand new spell book with powerful ancient magic.

Here’s how to get started: Talk to the archaeologist who is walking around the Bedabin camp.

4. End of sorrow Part II

I have yet to meet a player who has enjoyed this quest.

It is beautifully designed and the temple of light is a fantastic idea.

But, uh… wow. What agony this search has been.

The entire quest is a giant light puzzle, where the player must shine light on different bases to unlock different doors and plates.

My personal advice is to use the quest guide for this. Without it, it’s extremely difficult. And this is perhaps the most puzzling riddle of all OSRS.

Make sure you have a high skill level, as the margin for error is notoriously high on the edge you have to pass.

Anything over 65+ is recommended.

Also, make sure you take gear with a high prayer bonus, as you’ll be praying almost all the time in melee.

Here’s how to get started: Speak to Arianwyn in Lleith, who is in the elven land. This is part of the elf quest series.

3. Song of the elves

The first three quests on this list are all Grandmaster quests and require high stats, very strong PvM skills, the ability to solve complex puzzles and good reactions.

The Song of the Elves (SOTE) is the final quest in the Elven Quest series and a direct sequel to Mourning’s End Part II.

Here you have another simple puzzle to solve, enter the infamous underground passage again and stop the enemy army. And then you face the final boss (which I won’t give away here).

But don’t forget that this boss can hit you with 1 of your maximum health points, leaving you with only 1 health!

This can be very scary for hardcore iron players.

But this boss is weak against magic attacks, so a trident with a high healing level is a good choice.

The quest is very long and requires a lot of level 70+ skills like agility, construction, farming, hunting, mining, blacksmithing, wood carving and herbalism.

The best equipment and access to stamina potions will also be a huge bonus.

By completing the quest, you’ll unlock the elf city of Prifddinas, which has unique materials like Zalcano and Gauntlet.

Here’s how to get started: Talk to Elmond, who lives in East Ardugna.

2. Monkey Madness II

A direct sequel to Monkey Madness I, this grandmaster adventure is divided into five chapters and focuses on combat and puzzle solving.

To start this quest, you need to have very high stats, like 70 in crafting and 69 in killing.

So yes, it’s not for inexperienced players.

You’ll have to take on many half-bosses, such as. B. Crook in the second chapter, who can easily kill an unprepared adventurer because he hits very hard and uses different attack styles.

The road to Crook is not an easy one, as you have to go through many deadly tunnels.

In Chapter 3, the player must solve an extremely complicated puzzle aboard an airship.

The difficulty is that if you are discovered, you have to start over. So good timing and planning are essential if you want to bring this venture to a successful conclusion.

At the end of the quest, you will have to deal with an end boss (no spoilers!).

It is very difficult and has 3 phases that you have to overcome.

The third and final step is a real challenge. And even experienced players die during this fight. This is easily the second most powerful boss in OSRS.

But by completing this quest, you will be able to fight the demons, which will give you the useful Zaint shine.

1. Dragon Hunter II

We all remember Dragonslayer I from F2P where this was the hardest quest.

Dragonslayer II is even more difficult, and claims to be the hardest quest (and also the hardest grandmaster) in OSRS.

To get started you need to have 200 quest points, a lot of quests completed, very high combat stats and high skill levels like 75 in magic and 70 in forging.

As in Dragonslayer I, you must explore the world in search of three key items needed to unlock the secret chamber on the new island of Litkren.

When a new and dangerous threat to the world emerges, you must gather your strongest and bravest adventurers to face this new threat.

You will have to fight against many bosses, solve puzzles and survive in dangerous conditions to obtain important items.

Everything leads to a final battle in which you have to fight several dragons.

And the real final boss has 4 stages, 1200 health and a huge level of 608!

As the most powerful quest boss in OSRS, he has many techniques, some of which kill directly.

But with determination and nerves of steel, you should win!

Here’s how to get started: Go to the Mythos Guild and talk to Alec Kincaid, who is standing by the front door.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about osrs quests and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hardest RuneScape quest?

The hardest RuneScape quest has a special kind of notoriety because you can’t actually complete it—unless you’ve got a lot of free time, that is. The Legends Quest was released back in 2005 and immediately became a fan favorite among high-level RuneScape players because of its challenging levels and epic plot. There are hundreds of quests that can be completed in RuneScape, and they range in difficulty from easy to very hard. It can be hard to decide which quest you should attempt first, but with over 13 years of development, RuneScape has evolved into a game filled with quests of all ilks. Here are a few helpful hints to help you pick out which is the best quest for you. Step one is figuring out what you would like your quest to be about. Each quest is unique, with stories that are both exciting and interesting. You may enjoy a quest that is about sneaking into a castle, while someone else may like that quests that involve them defeating hordes of monsters.

Is MM2 or DS2 harder?

Which Dungeon is harder to complete: The Mage of Zamorak’s hideout, or the Dragon Slayer’s dungeon? It’s a question that has haunted the minds of RuneScapers for decades, and it’s an important question to answer, since each dragon you kill will give you only one clue scroll, and the Mage of Zamorak’s hideout is a faster slayer task than the Dragon Slayer’s dungeon. The official Slayer Masters of RuneScape 2, Mazchna and Duradel, are famous for being one of the toughest bosses to defeat. This is especially the case for Mazchna, as he uses a variety of attacks, including melee and Ranged. Duradel has his own unique abilities, but they are actually pretty straightforward to learn. One of the most well-known facts about Duradel is that he shouts “You fight well!” upon defeat.

What’s the longest quest in Osrs?

Osrs has a wide variety of quests to suit your needs and interests. In fact, the game is so massive that one player has completed the game’s longest quest, which took them more than three-and-a-half years to finish. Before you quit your day job to become a full-time adventurer, though, you should know the longest quest is currently unfinished. So, if you’re willing to settle for the second longest quest instead, you can still probably squeeze in a few more years of adventure. The quests that players get from NPCs (non-player characters) are often called main quests or story quests, because they advance the overall story of the game. But what are the longest quests (in total length) in Old School RuneScape? These days, players are most likely to get their questing fix through miniquests, and there are a few that stand out. For example, the Shield of Arrav quest—which many consider the longest quest in the game—is a miniquest, as is the Dragon Slayer quest.

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