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Hello, everybody! Just like this Grand Master. Our team has won, and I want to share my loads and layers.

The most difficult parts of Nightfall

– The fight against the boss is extremely annoying. The greatest danger comes from Wyvern (surprise!). These things can also be fired with resistance models. Same goes for Hydra’s little boss. He pulled us into the pit for some reason.

– Timer. 30 minutes is really hard. As soon as you reach 30 hours, you lose all animation. It is therefore very important to reach the final phase of the bosses’ fight for this purpose (more on this later in the post).

– Keep in touch with the boss before the fight. Because of the timer and the long fight, the boss is better for your team if you do the whole Nightfall on the fly. By running fast, I mean aggressive play. You want to fight the boss in 16-20 minutes.

Our loads

  1. A wizard with Phoenix protocol.
    Finished with heavy ammunition (sometimes not firing, which is really scary) and special ammunition.
    Sacred Origin (Anti-Barrier), Divinity, Seraphic Hammer Cannon with hot wind cages mod
    Maximum recovery, discipline and intelligence (in the exact order).
  2. A wizard with Phoenix protocol.
    Finishing with
    Long Shadow, IKELOS SMG (Anti-Barrier) with Heat Cells, Anarchy
    Maximizing Intellect, Recovery and Discipline (in this order)
  3. Stasis Wizard with all the useful exotic stuff. Fragments: Whisperer of Refraction, Whisperer of Gedrons, Whisperer of Endurance, Whisperer of TissuePatron of Lost Causes with Explosive Weights, Blinding Grenades Truto Group, AnarchyHeat Overcharge and Overcharge Absorber mod to spam Overcharge GrenadesMaximum Recovery, Strength and Discipline (in that order).

Highlights of our changes

  1. In BOSS FIG
    there is no special gameplay or strat for the boss fight. However, follow these simple rules to get a good timer:
    – Don’t save your nicknames. Place Bon during mini-boss fights against stasis traps. The stasis wizard must spam his stasis abilities and throw super if there are many enemies
    – Coordinate when using finishers to get special and heavy ammunition. Each finisher can be decisive
    – Heat Cells is your friend. Cellular suppression is an excellent option to keep the crowd under control. The same goes for the sighted user – he can spam his GL to keep his opponents blind for 5 seconds. Cellular communication is paralyzed for 10 seconds
    – Attempt to kill the captain in front of the anti-barrier server.
    – Try to kill fallen stasis bosses (stasis cast) as soon as possible. Anarchist users have their time to shine
    – During the bridge against Wells spam when defending a point, but keep them safe. If enemies approach, take cover and be careful. Focus on Sniper Vandals (a job for the Long Shadow and the Boss of Lost Affairs).
  2. BOSS FIGHTBoss fights are very annoying. Unfortunately we didn’t use the right site and we suffered for that.
    – The best solution is to protect the right side of the boss’ room. Stay close to the entrance (in the room) in the middle and concentrate on the enemies coming towards you.
    – Try to remove the mini-hydra as soon as possible. At the same time, the two overburdened minotaurs are reproducing themselves. Once the Mini-Hydra has been brought to a layer of HP, two more will reproduce. Concentrate these minotaurs on the Divinity and Stasis overload grenades. Take Anarchy and burn it. Use your well to do extra damage and heal
    – use Shadebinders Super against the Wyverns. Moreover, the plates are stunned by anesthetic grenades for 5 seconds, after that they can’t do anything anymore. It’s the perfect time to kill them and the most important key to completing this Grandmaster
    – Play safely against Anti-Barrier Hobgoblins. Chances are they will benefit the group as a whole, so focus first on one and then on the other. Don’t try to kill them all at once, you can’t do it without Shadebinders Super
    – Move your head 360 degrees, because champions and wyverns can grab you from behind
    – Most of the damage against bosses comes from Anarcho users. You can pick him up in the boss’s room. Don’t try to put anarchy on his shoulders, he’ll put those grenades right away.

Other recommendations

  1. Try to play the timer. You must arrive at the last stage before the 30-minute mark. You get this phase after eliminating the Second Wave of Wyverns. At the same time 4 anti-barrier gobgoblins appear.
  2. If you fight the boss, first concentrate on the commercials and the mini-hydrone, then go to the big hydra and then go to the boss. Ideally you want to kill 2 overburdened minotaurs, simulate a mini-hydra and kill 2 other overburdened minotaurs, but it will be very difficult because of the enemies.
  3. Then kill all the stalls scattered around the room, including the Champions and Wyverns, to damage the big Hydra. Be careful, he reacts to you very quickly and shoots before he even turns his head.
  4. If you’re not worried about getting platinum, you can ignore the latest anti-barrier hobgoblins and take care of Big Hydra. If you only have primary ammo, shoot and try to kill the boss.
  5. The stasis is very strong. Keep that in mind.
  6. Don’t try to eliminate the Wyverns in one fell swoop, they can eliminate you in one fell swoop. Keep them numb/frozen.

Good luck that night!

Scarlet, please don’t.

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The position of Grand Master of the Glass Road. How our team won the Destiny 2 contest.

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