Stardust is an incredibly simple card game that you and a friend can play in a matter of minutes. This is because the catch in Stardust is that you can only draw one card per turn. So, unlike something like Magic the Gathering, there are no “draw three and a card” cards in Stardust. That’s right, one card, and only one, per turn.

A few months ago I decided to try make some Stardust card-related content, but I wasn’t sure of where to start. That was when I discovered Stardust Tower Defense, a “tower defense” game with a Stardust theme, and I had a blast making it’s intro video and writing this guide. Now, Stardust Tower Defense is nothing special, but it is a lot of fun, and that’s all I really ever wanted in a Stardust card game.

Stardust is a fun game, made by the same folks who make the Marvel-themed trading card game, “Astonishing X-Men”. It’s a colorful multiplayer collectible game in which you assemble a deck of cards, and then play them in different ways.

There aren’t many cards that can compare to Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes White Dragon in terms of iconic status, but there are a handful that come close.

One of them is Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Stardust Dragon.

And if you want to build a deck around it, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to cards that go with it.


12. Dragon of Stardust

Stardust Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

A Stardust list would be incomplete without the legendary Dragon himself.

Even though Stardust Dragon is almost ten years old, it is still a fantastic monster with strong powers.

The LVL8 Synchro Stardust Dragon has 2500 ATK and 2000 DEF. And it’s with its Quick Effect that this card truly shines:

You may Tribute Stardust Dragon to negate and destroy a card whenever an effect that would destroy it is triggered.

This sounds awful; after all, you’ve just lost your monster.

However, you may return Stardust Dragon to the field during the End Phase if that exact effect is what sent it to the Graveyard in the first place.

This card has seen competitive play for years due to its excellent stats and strong negation effect.


11. Switch to Assault Mode.

Assault Mode Activate YGO Card

This isn’t a Stardust card, but bear with me!

Assault Mode Activate is a Trap Card that enables you to Special Summon a ‘Assault Mode’ monster from your deck by Tributing a Synchro Monster.

What is the significance of this?

Well, it allows you to summon the next monster on the list.

And, boy, is it a force to be reckoned with.


Stardust Dragon Assault Mode is the tenth game in the Stardust Dragon Assault series.

Stardust Dragon Assault Mode Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Put a Stardust Dragon in Assault Mode if you have one on the field and want to make it a little scarier.

Only ‘Assault Mode Activate’ may summon Stardust Dragon Assault Mode, which has 3000 ATK/2500 DEF.

That additional 500 ATK may make a big difference in battle, plus it still possesses Stardust Dragon’s amazing negation effect.

Another wonderful feature of this card is that if it is destroyed, you may Special Summon a Stardust Dragon from your Graveyard, so bringing it out is always a good choice.


9. Flash of Stardust

Stardust Flash YGO Card

The Stardust impact of resurrecting from the Graveyard is incredible.

However, it only works if they were drawn there by their own impact.

If they got into the Graveyard via some other method, there is still a way to bring them back.

The Trap card Stardust Flash allows you to Special Summon a Stardust monster from your Graveyard. Because it’s a Trap, you may use it during your opponent’s turn to conjure some unexpected negation.


8. The Starlight Highway

Starlight Road Yu-Gi-Oh Card

There are a lot of cards that can destroy several cards at once, which is even more true now that Raigeki and Harpie’s Feather Duster are no longer banned (as of this writing).

You may utilize Starlight Road to shield yourself against impacts like these.

This is a Trap Card that can only be played when two or more of your cards would be destroyed by an effect.

After negating that effect and destroying that card, you may Special Summon Stardust Dragon from your Extra Deck.

It’s not a terrible bargain when it comes to countering your opponent’s power move.


Majestic Star Dragon is the seventh dragon in the Majestic Star Dragon series.

Majestic Star Dragon YGO Card

Even if you tried to envision what Stardust Dragon would be like if you turned every knob to 11, you’d be well short of what this card is capable of.

The Summoning requirements for Majestic Star Dragon are high: 1 Majestic Dragon, 1 Stardust Dragon, and a non-Tuner Monster.

If you succeed, though, your opponent will be in for a world of pain.

This monster has 3800 ATK/3000 DEF, and whenever your opponent performs an effect, you may negate it and destroy all of your opponent’s cards!

This monster may also utilize the effect of one of your opponent’s monsters, shredding numerous plans in the process.

Unfortunately, you must give up this monster at the end of the round you bring a Stardust Dragon back from the graveyard — and it returns to the Extra Deck.

So make the most of this card’s abilities while it’s on the field!


Synchro Chase is number six.

Synchro Chase Yu-Gi-Oh Card

It’s possible that this one doesn’t contain the word “Stardust” in its title.

However, it is such an excellent support card that you will almost certainly want several copies in your deck.

Synchro Chase is a Continuous Spell that prevents your opponent from activating effects in response to any effects from your Synchro Monsters whose names include the words “Warrior,” “Synchron,” or “Stardust.”

As a result, you’re free to utilize your effects anytime you choose.

This alone would make it worthwhile to use this card.

However, if you Synchro Summon a ‘Warrior,’ ‘Synchron,’ or ‘Stardust’ Monster, you may Special Summon a monster you used for its material in defensive position – meaning you’ll always have resources to summon even more powerful monsters.


5. Spark Dragon from the Stardust Chronicles

Stardust Chronicle Spark Dragon YGO Card

It’s wonderful to sacrifice a monster to negate an effect, but it also means you can’t utilize that monster to attack.

If you’d prefer go about your business without being bothered, this monster will allow you to do so.

Chronicles of Stardust Spark Dragon has a 3000 ATK/2500 DEF and a unique take on the Stardust effect.

As a fast effect, you may banish a Synchro monster from your Graveyard, making it immune to card effects for that round — making it very difficult to deal with.

You may bring back a banished Synchro Dragon if your opponent manages to destroy this card, which means Stardust Dragon might return.


4. Warrior of Stardust

Stardust Warrior Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Disrupting your opponent just as they’re ready to summon their huge monster(s) is such a powerful move that it almost guarantees you a victory the following round.

Stardust Warrior may be able to assist you with this.

It’s an LVL10 Synchro with 3000 ATK/2500 DEF and the same Tribute effect as Stardust Dragon, but instead of negating special summons.

This effect may be used on any player’s turn, and it provides you a lot of power in the Duel since your opponent won’t want to special summon a monster that will surely lose.

If they do, they’re doomed; if they don’t, they’re doomed, and you’ll win either way!


3. Warrior of Stardust Charge

Stardust Charge Warrior YGO Card

It’s possible that this monster has nothing to do with Stardust Dragon.

However, it’s a great card that’s seen in a lot of competitive decks.

The LVL6 Synchro Stardust Charge Warrior has 2000 ATK/1300 DEF.

You may also draw a card when this card is Synchro summoned.

One of the greatest things you can add to a deck is draw power.

And once this monster is on the field, you may choose whether to utilize it as a resource for something larger or to activate its effect, which allows it to attack any special summoned monster, in the combat phase.


2. Dragon of the Shooting Star

Shooting Star Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

You need a lot of Tuner monsters in a Stardust deck to be able to Synchro summon effortlessly.

If you’re already doing that, this is a fantastic monster to have in your Extra deck.

Shooting Star Dragon has 3300 ATK/2500 DEF and needs a Tuner Synchro Monster and a Stardust Dragon as material.

You may also excavate the top 5 cards of your deck once each round and reshuffle them. This monster, on the other hand, gets 1000 ATK for every Tuner unearthed.

Although improbable, this might result in a full 8300 ATK – OTK potential!

You may also negate and destroy cards that attempt to trigger destruction effects, in addition to the ridiculous stats. You may also banish this card to negate an attack made by an opponent’s creature.

But if that banishment was permanent, this wouldn’t be a Stardust card!

If this card was banished with that effect, you may special summon it during the following End Phase.


1. Sifr Divine Dragon Stardust

Stardust Sifr Divine Dragon YGO Card

This monster is difficult to summon since it requires a Tuner monster and two non-Tuner monsters with a combined LVL of 12.

However, this is a formidable boss monster that you would call to win duels.

Stardust Sifr Divine Dragon has a powerful 4000 ATK/4000 DEF, and you may destroy any card on the field without targeting the first time your opponent uses a monster effect each round.

This monster also defends your whole field by preventing any of your cards from being destroyed for the first time each round.

The summons criteria are quite stringent. And if you manage to summon it, you’ll very certainly have already won.

However, this is the kind of card that may force your opponent to give up, which is why it is ranked first on our list.

You can’t go wrong with Stardust cards. They’re fairly cheap to buy, have a fantastic rarity system, and are easy to level up. Stardust cards are a fantastic way to play the game, and many of them are out there that will help you get to new areas effectively.. Read more about stardust warrior and let us know what you think.

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