The FGO world is one of the most prolific and popular gaming communities on YouTube. There are literally hundreds of content creators and millions of subscribers that tune in every week to watch their favorite players step into battle against each other for a chance at winning an array of awesome prizes like rare cards, exclusive guilds, or even characters from the game itself!

FGO is a popular game in the mobile gaming market. It has been recently released and is quickly becoming one of the most played games on YouTube. This list includes some of the best FGO YouTubers & Streamers worth watching.

The Best FGO YouTubers & Streamers Worth Watching –

When you’re not playing FGO, watching stuff related to the game might be entertaining.

It’s entirely up to you whether you use live feeds or extensive YouTube videos.

But, after experiencing sorrow at the hands of the gacha, it’s pleasant to witness someone else go through the same ordeal.

These are some of the top Fate/Grand Order content makers you should certainly subscribe to, whether you prefer spicy summoning sessions, tutorials, or news updates.


5. ZTL

ZTL YouTube channel page screenshot

Videos may be found at

When it comes to FGO videos, ZTL is a YouTuber that we don’t hear much about.

ZTL, on the other hand, is likely the most committed FGO content developer on the site, since he releases FGO guides and opinion articles DAILY.

These films vary in duration from 10 minutes on the lesser end to almost 30 minutes on the longer end!

If you’re looking for a daily dose of FGO material, ZTL is the place to go.


TouhouSniper98 is number four.

TouhouSniper98 YouTube channel page screenshot

@touhousniper98 on Twitch: TouhouSniper98’s videos on YouTube:

Your friendly neighborhood whale, Asian Psycho a.k.a. TouhouSniper98, is on a quest to NP5 and max skill every Servant in the game.

Touhou’s streams mainly consist of farming or summoning, and they usually include your daily salt need.

If you like pre-recorded content, Touhou’s videos are also worth seeing.

We suggest watching his “Guide to Every Servant” videos (like this one), in which Touhou spends an hour or two presenting brief instructions to every Servant in the game of a given rarity.

That’s commitment!


Finotaisen, no. 3

Finotaisen YouTube channel page screenshot

Finotaisen may be found on Twitch at Videos from L34Gaming on YouTube:

Fino as a YouTuber and Fino as a Twitch Streamer are two completely different personalities.

Fino’s Youtube instructions are generally approximately five minutes long, since he swiftly goes over all of the important details of a certain Servant or event.

On Twitch, however, fights erupt between the slow gang and the skip gang, since Fino will either skip the current roll or let it play out naturally if you donate a particular amount.

The overall amount of rate-up pulls will decide the winner for each gang, with most new Servants aiming for NP5.

On top of that, we get a continuous trickle of cursed catalysts from Fino’s darkest regions to aid in the summoning process.


2. Sean Kita

Kita Sean YouTube channel page screenshot KitakubuTV’s videos on YouTube:

Our list has to include the guy who gave birth to the famed Kita Sean Ritual.

For those unfamiliar with the Kita Sean Ritual, it entails rolling five singles followed by a multi-roll to “ensure” an SSR Servant.

Kita Sean is without a doubt the most well-known FGO content maker.

And his commitment to the sport is amazing.

Kita Sean, who is proficient in Japanese, often translates Japanese live broadcasts for his audience.

If you’re in desperate need of a boost to your gacha roll luck, go over to his YouTube channel!


1. Myst

Myst YouTube channel page screenshot

YouTube: Twitch:

Myst is your go-to guy for all things FGO.

He offers not just instructions, but also tailored tier lists, randomized challenge runs, and a plethora of salty streams.

Myst proudly embraces the title of King of E Luck, and his unluckiest broadcasts, although unpleasant, are fascinating to watch.

The hour-long “Salt Movies,” in which Myst uploads an entire vod of unsuccessful rolls, are perhaps his most popular series of movies.

Myst’s channel is littered with memes, like his bad luck with golden Caster spooks and his streak of losing “S E V E N” coin flips.

Myst isn’t afraid to play different games on his channel, and has done so in the past, including Pokémon and a range of horror games.

If you’re a fan of FGO, though, Myst is a must-watch for an interesting, witty, and spicy stream!

The voice of saint quartz is a popular Twitch streamer. He streams FGO and other games on his channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: FGO is still very popular and has a lot of users.

Who is Myst FGO?

A: Myst is a character in the game Fate Grand Order.

Is FGO actually fun?

A: Yes, FGO is actually fun.

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