In the past, I’ve written articles on the best Exodia cards and the most complete Exodia Decks. That said, it seems to be an activity that still continues to fascinate and interest us exodia lovers. We’ve still got a ways to go before we’re done, though.

The Deck contains some of the best and most powerful cards in the game, including skill cards to gain advantage in battle, and to help you get the most out of each card you draw.

We’re going to start this off with a very simple question: why do you even need a deck of Exodia cards? The answer is simple, if you’re a casual player, then by all means, get a deck of Exodia cards. Why? Because a deck of them is the simplest, cheapest, and most efficient way to gain the most benefit out of Exodia. If you’re a casual player, you know what I’m talking about.

Haven’t we all wanted to build a deck with Exodia that could actually win since the very first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh? As strong as Exodia is, it’s so hard to have all the pieces in place at once. Let me help you with some ideas on what cards to add to your Exodia deck so you can destroy your opponents! The best strategy with bans is to deploy enough cards that give you traction, but don’t leave you completely defenseless. This list includes cards that help you play more cards, as well as some cards that help you keep your defense up.

15. Royal Library of Magic

word-image-12704 This map gives an idea of what the rest of the list will look like: Spells, spells, and more spells. The key to a good Exodia deck is to fill it with cards that give you draw power. If Pot of Greed ever comes off the banned list (and I don’t think it ever will), you can be sure it will go straight into this deck. The Royal Spell Library helps you generate some extra spell power by allowing you to cast an extra card for every 3 spell cards you activate. This map has two very interesting features: First of all, it doesn’t work once a turn. If you have enough enchantment cards in your deck to play 9 enchantment cards, you can play 3 cards in one turn! Second, this doesn’t just apply to your enchantment cards. When your opponent casts enchantment cards, you receive enchantment tokens and can also use their spells.

14. Shard of Greed

word-image-12705 We’re not allowed to have the Pot of Greed, so we get the broken version sold at a discount. Shard of Greed is actually very similar to Royal Magical Library, in that you can build tokens and play cards with it. Unfortunately, you have to destroy the Greed Shard to activate it. But when you consider that you can cast 2 cards with it, it adds a lot of value to any exodia deck. With each active copy of the Greed Shard, you gain more and more benefits. If you play 3 copies at once, you can place a token on each copy for each card played, allowing you to play 6 cards! The only downside is that it takes up 3 of your 5 areas for spell cards and traps. So make sure you use this strategy before you deploy traps.

13. Magnetic mass

word-image-12706 Forget Mjolnir, this is a real magic hammer with power. At least with Yu-Gi-Oh! This spell allows you to shuffle cards from your hand that you do not currently need. Unlike other spells, such as. B. Destruction of cards, do not lose resources! Magic Mallet is great if you have a lot of blocking cards in your hand, like Swords or Revealing Light, but need more cards to draw. Or if you belong to Exodia and want to play along.

12. Destruction of hands

word-image-12707 Here’s a card similar to magic mallet, but much better. You can use Hand Destruction passively to cancel your cards, or aggressively to force your opponent to change their hand. If you know that your opponent has a lot of good cards in his hand, he will be forced to sacrifice a few of them. It’s also a fast play spell, meaning you can cast it during your opponent’s turn. You can even combine it with something like Card Crush Virus, so you can read their hand before you play with them and make sure they’re throwing good stuff.

11. The heart of a stranger

word-image-12708 Technically this is more of a standalone deck, but Heart of the Underdog is very powerful if your deck is designed with that in mind. For each regular monster you eject, you can eject an additional card. The idea is that if you fill your deck with just regular monsters plus Exodia, you quickly build a full set! I suggest making these monsters regular monsters with 2000 protection, like. B. Giant stone soldier or mystic elf. This is a high risk, high reward strategy. For this to work, you have to make sure you get to Heart of the Underdog quickly, otherwise you’ll only have an armful of normal monsters and be picked up without a leg (Exodia) to stand on.

10. Dark mass production plant

word-image-12709 In Yu-Gi-Oh, it is common knowledge that even if your deck is well thought out, something can go wrong. Something about Fluffy Mouse and the best pictures of people? Perhaps you accidentally threw a piece of Exodia with Destruction out of your hands, or you found yourself in an awkward situation and had to raise the Right Hand of the Forbidden to protect yourself from a blow. Darkness Mass Production Plant returns 2 common monsters from your graveyard to your hand. So it’s a good safety net to always have these things on hand, no matter what. I would recommend using 3 copies in an exodia deck.

9. duality pot

word-image-12710 In a deck that doesn’t require much preparation (in fact, it requires almost no preparation), the Duality Spot is the perfect way to get exactly the cards you need when you need them. You can look at the top three cards of your deck, choose one and shuffle the rest again. While you can’t specifically summon until the end of the turn, it won’t keep you in an Exodia deck. And unlike the other draw cards on this list, Pot of Duality allows you to draw a useful card here and now! The only reason this card isn’t higher on the list is because it only works once per turn. This means that even if you roll another copy of the duality pot, you cannot replay it on the same turn. Exodia decks have a strong potential to draw an entire game in one turn, so you need spells that you can use over and over again.

8. Golden Sarcophagus

word-image-12711 This card is based on the Yugi Muto Millennium Puzzle Box, and it’s fantastic. They even made a mega-blik based on this map! The hype is well deserved, and in fact this card is still on the banned list. With Golden Sarcophagus, you can find the most valuable card in your deck and put it in your hand two turns later. Surprisingly, this is not limited to spells, traps or monsters. You can search all you want! It’s usually a good idea to search any of the parts of Exodia using this map. Just make sure your opponent doesn’t have a Mind Crush in reserve….. If you’re not sure, add a good draw card. Eventually you will get the coins!

7. Eleven from the beginning

word-image-12712 In any other deck, giving your opponent life points is practically a death wish. Why would you want to make your opponent stronger? Exodia decks do not need to do damage to win. So, upstart goblin acts as a free card trigger. Your opponent may have 15,000 health points, and that’s still not enough to resist the mighty Exodia.

6. Formal research

word-image-12713 I’ve often talked about cards that force you to pull from the list. But half of the game with Exodia is to hold out long enough to play all the pieces. The Solemn Judgment is practically a good old Nea card. This type refuses to summon monsters (special or normal) or activate spells and traps. Sure, it’s worth half your hit points. But like I said, Exodia games don’t really care about hit points. So you can really blow off steam. This card will divert your opponent’s attention from their larger monsters or strategies to avoid playing this card, giving you more time to summon Forbidden. Message: Almost all Solemn cards have some kind of negative effect (like Solemn Strike or Solemn Warning) and are also a fantastic option to prevent your opponent from gaining an advantage.

5. A day of peace

word-image-12714 If you want to win with Exodia, you have to a) delay and b) play many, many cards. So why not do both at once? A day of peace allows you to play an extra card and prevents you from taking damage for an entire turn. This means you hardly have to worry about what your opponent does next. It’s not like they’re going to hurt you. Maybe a few bad spells or traps to watch out for, but otherwise it’s fine. Unfortunately, the performance of this card has declined since it was placed on the banned list. But one round of defense still gives you enough time to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

4. Reckless greed

word-image-12715 Reckless Greed gives you more cards now for the price of cards later. This may seem like a fair exchange, but we can use this generous wording to our advantage. If you activate multiple copies of Reckless Greed in a turn, you may play up to 6 cards. But you only miss two stages of the draw! This means that you essentially get 4 more stages of trekking. Because this is a trap card, you must have them all in place before activating it. So the optimal strategy for Reckless Greed is to use all your spell cards to cast as many physical cards as possible during your turn, and keep your spell/trap areas clear. Then end the round by installing 3 copies of Reckless Greed. A well thought out strategy for an ill-advised card.

3. Extravaganza of pots

word-image-12716 In a deck that doesn’t need an extra deck, that’s as close to the pot of gold as you can get without breaking the laws of Yu-Gi-Oh. This bank allows you to draw one card for every 3 cards randomly dealt in an additional deck. So fill your extra deck with any Xyz, Synchro or Fusion monsters you have in your hand, discard them and draw cards! I mean, do you really want to play Gaia the dragon champion? But beware: once you activate it, you cannot play cards in any other way until the end of this turn. So make sure this card is the last one you play, otherwise you’ll seriously limit your options. I’d say he’s probably the most powerful (legitimate) bank card in the game. And it would have been the first pick, were it not for the fact that they can’t be drafted in this round.

2. Mystic Mine

word-image-12717 Mystic Mine, by far the best delay card in the game, has been the cause of many infuriating failures in modern Yu-Gi-Oh (and I should know, I’ve been involved in half of them). As long as you control fewer monsters than your opponent, they cannot activate monster effects or declare attacks. The only way around this is if your opponent casts a Spell or Trap card that can destroy other Spell/Traps. That’s not something you often see in modern Yu-Gi-Oh. By forcing your opponent to pause all the time, you have enough time to throw all the pieces of Exodia while he can sit back and watch. To maximize the potential of this card, use cards like Magic Jammer to protect it from destruction, or cards like Terraforming to find it as quickly as possible.

1. The Legend of Legerdemann

word-image-12718 Perhaps the best card for an Exodia deck is the card that shoots the best. And Ledger from Legerdemain hits the nail on the head. This card was released in Cybernetic Horizon and is the best draw card for decks that know how to be patient. You can discard the first 3 cards of your deck in 3 turns and put them back in your hand. While this term seems long, you can use it in conjunction with cards like Swords of Revealing Light (which protect you very well for 3 turns), and then you have protection for this long-term casting strategy! Combine Ledger with Mystic Mine (which can potentially protect you the entire game), and this card offers absolutely insane value. If Konami had released a card that allowed you to play 3 cards in a row, it would have been immediately banned. But for an Exodia deck where waiting is not an issue, Ledger or Legerdemain is definitely the next best option.While this is not a sponsored article, we have decided to include them as one of our top choices. This article will give you our top 5 picks of the best Exodia cards that you can buy.. Read more about best exodia deck legacy of the duelist and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good exodia deck?

This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy. There are many different choices for Exodia decks, and many different types of decks. The choice of which deck to use for your Exodia deck is up to you, but there are some general guidelines you should consider.

Is exodia the best card?

Last month I took a look at the 10 best decks in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh! for the first time. Now, I’m going to take a look at the best Exodia decks. (If you want to get the best Exodia deck list, it’s at the end of the post.) Why Exodia? Well, Exodia is unique among the various themes in that it is the only one that lets you target your own cards to summon and use. This gives you a little more control over which cards you use, but it also makes the game a bit more complicated. Exodia is a very popular card game in the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom. It was first introduced in the 1999 manga Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist written by Kazuki Takahashi. Exodia is a card game in which a player controls ancient Egyptian gods and uses them to summon other cards. The number of cards summoned depends on the level of the gods that are summoned. The cards that are summoned are called Exodia cards. Since the game has the same name as the ancient Egyptian god of the dead, he is also sometimes called Exodia. He is one of the Egyptian gods, and was the patron god of the kingdom of Thebes.

What card can beat exodia?

We know what you’re thinking, “This is an article about the Best Exodia Decks!” to which we say, “Sure thing!”. Exodia decks are powerful cards that are rarely used due to their effect on the game, and since the 1990s, we’ve seen little innovation on the main exodia theme. That’s why we decided to explore cards that have unique effects that are great for certain situations. We have searched high and low for the best Exodia cards to help you find the best possible deck to beat your opponent’s Exodia deck! Here are our top recommendations:

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