Stardew Valley is an indie farming simulator developed by Eric Barone. It’s a game that revolves around harvesting and mining to make money while maintaining your farm and building relationships with the community. While it just launched in 2016, Stardew Valley has amassed more than 200 million players worldwide – making this title one of the most popular games on Steam ever!

The “pegasus horse stardew valley” is a mod that adds a new animal to the game. The mod comes with 4 different colors of horses, and all of them are free.

The Best Chicken Mods For Stardew Valley (All Free) –

Chickens are cute, not to sound like Shane.

They’re certainly one of Stardew Valley’s prettiest creatures. That’s a lot of competition!

My own preference is to name my hens after amusing things. “Cluck Norris,” “Bawk Choi,” and “Cluck Kent” are among the pen’s stars. Yes, I consider myself to be rather amusing.

However, Vanilla Stardew might get monotonous after a while.

So here’s a collection of chicken-themed modifications to cook up, well, spice up your game!


10. Change the color of the chickens

Alternate Chicken Colors Mod for Stardew Valley

Take a Look At This Mod

This mod adds two-toned hens and chicks to the game.

Instead of being yellow, a hatched chicken will be a lovely chick jumping about in a shade of brown or grey.

That chick will mature into a full-grown chicken, with four more realistic color options.

Although there are no new white chickens, there are brown and grey colored birds. The vanilla ones, on the other hand, are still available!


9. A Spectacular Blue Chicken

A Very Special Blue Chicken Stardew Valley mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Did you know that blue chickens are used to make chicken cordon bleu?

It doesn’t, but pearls do, thanks to this Very Special Blue Chicken hack!

These hens apparently didn’t think being blue was enough, so they had to boost the ante by laying pearls.

Pearls are a popular gift in Pelican Town, as you surely know.

So a bird that produces eggs is really unique.


Converting Chickens into Parrots is number eight on the list.

Convert Chickens to Parrots in Stardew Valley

Take a Look At This Mod

Whether you hate chickens or just find the thought of parrot mayonnaise amusing, this mod is for you.

All of your hens are replaced with beautiful tropical birds.

It would have been more amusing if they had been pelicans, but these parrots are quite cute.

It’s a good thing the farmer doesn’t talk much since they’d be hearing an echo all around the farm with these foolish birds all over the place if he did.


7. Pokemon Birds Replace Chickens & Ducks

Pokemon Bird Sprites Replace Chickens / Stardew Valley mod

Take a Look At This Mod

It’s quite OK if you don’t want to play Stardew realistically.

For the big Pokémon fans out there, here’s one mod that switches your chickens & ducks with various bird-themed Pokémon!

There’s also a shiny sprite for each Pokémon in this room.

(And, sure, Pokémon has a fairly huge amount of birds.)

Torchik, Ducklett, Piplup, Farfetch’d, and a slew of other characters are examples.

You’ll want to capture them all if you can.

I’m not sure what the rules are when it comes to Pokémon mayonnaise, but I’m sure it’s okay!


6. Improved Chickens

Better Chickens Mod for Stardew Valley

Take a Look At This Mod

Here’s a mod that retextures the game’s vanilla chickens.

They’re beautiful works of art that do an excellent job at remaining loyal to Concerned Ape’s aesthetic without being identical.

And this option completely overhauls all of the chickens: white, brown, void, blue, and even the golden.

The blue chicken, in particular, is stunning.

Is it worth it to romance Shane in order to get? Actually, yes, most likely.

Do I get to retain the blue chicken, at the very least, in the divorce?


5. Chicken with a Better Void

Better Void Chicken Stardew Valley mod

Take a Look At This Mod

It’s not that void chickens are bad; they’re simply misunderstood.

What if you were born with a unique personality?

It’s not their fault that they lay strange mayonnaise with frightening eggs. MAYONNAISE ALWAYS makes me feel uneasy!

This mod redoes the void chickens’ sprites to make them appear less like they walked out of Dante’s Inferno and more like they’re simply charming, squishy, and ethically ambiguous rather than wicked.

Let’s face it, they’re chickens.

What level of wickedness are they capable of?

Did you ever consider that the emptiness may be a better place than this?


4. Chicken Makeover

Chicken Overhaul Mod for Stardew Valley

Take a Look At This Mod

This is another mod that reskins and retextures all of the different species of chickens, but this modder also gives the chicks some improvements.

Instead of being completely yellow, the chicks are now closer to their adult stage hues.

If you acquire a blue chick, for example, you can be relatively sure it won’t develop into a void chicken.

Here, the art style is likewise really great. It’s near enough to the vanilla design to mix in well, but it’s a major upgrade as well.


3. Chickens With Aesthetic Values

Aesthetic Chickens Stardew Valley mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Forget about the mundane, realistic, and exact chickens.

This mod adds pink and teal chickens, which you may name “aesthetic chickens.”

You can create aesthetic omelets using attractive eggs from aesthetic hens. Isn’t that the ideal situation?

This mod seems like it would be ideal for Haley stans.

I could imagine her and the farmer shooting a lot of photographs with pink and teal hens on social media!


Roosters, No. 2

Roosters Mod for Stardew Valley

Take a Look At This Mod

Have you ever considered how strange it is that there are void and blue chickens but no roosters?

What are we doing here, hatching chicks?!

The blue hens are replaced with roosters in this version.

They still lay eggs, which isn’t quite right… but it’s still fun & makes it easier to immerse yourself in the game from a visual standpoint.

The roosters’ sprites, which come in brown and white, are also really charming. They stick to Concerned Ape’s aesthetic while also being quite believable.


1. Chickens in Pink

Pink Chickens Stardew Valley mod

Take a Look At This Mod

This mod is well worth a look for anybody who like soft colors, fairycore, or anything else in the similar vein.

When this is installed, all brown chickens are replaced with adorable pink chickens.

Perhaps not the most accurate mod available, but it certainly matches my pace!

The hens are charming, and they seem much cuter in the spring, when they’re surrounded by blooming fruit trees and splashes of color.

Allow them to explore your farm, blending nicely with the flowers and other seasonal items.

And if you found anything on this page useful, friends, I wish you an eggsellent gaming experience!

The “stardew more animals mod” is a mod that allows you to add more than the original amount of animals in Stardew Valley. The mod includes over 100 new animal sprites, and is completely free.

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