There are plenty of anime with only a few episodes. Here is an incomplete list that you might want to watch if you’re looking for something short and sweet.

The “best anime with less than 30 episodes” is a list of the best anime that have less than 20 episodes. The list will also include a brief description about each show.

The Best Anime With Less Than 20 Episodes –

“See Naruto, it’s fantastic,” or “Watch One Piece, it’s the finest program you’ll ever watch,” people usually remark.

Who has the time to watch 1000 episodes, anyway? I do, but it isn’t true for everyone.

Sometimes all you want to do is binge a fast episode that will stick with you. To be fantastic, an anime does not need to contain more than a dozen episodes.

As a result, I’ve compiled a fast list of fantastic anime with 20 episodes or fewer. So they can all be binge-watched in a single day.

Unless you’re a slouch when it comes to viewing anime.


The Animation of Ping Pong

Ping Pong the Animation anime

I know what you’re thinking: the art is strange.

This isn’t your standard anime look.

That is, nevertheless, perfectly acceptable.

You’ll be drawn into the narrative and its characters after you’ve gotten acclimated to the unique art.

When I initially saw this program, I knew nothing about the game of ping pong. But as I completed the eleven episodes, my love for the sport grew exponentially.

Don’t get me wrong: this isn’t your typical sports anime.

There isn’t likely to be another sports program like it.

Ping Pong the Animation depicts a gifted player, another athlete who has worked hard to improve, and someone who isn’t as involved in the sport as his peers.

We get to experience the emotions, attitude, and realism of sporty youngsters participating in sports—a less polished side of the coin in a sports anime.


Death Parade (#14)

Death Parade anime screenshot

Playing a few games to determine my afterlife destiny does not seem appealing.

Observing others do it, on the other hand, is more than interesting.

Death Parade digs into ethically ambiguous topics and personalities under the cover of games and humor.

Their tragic past and actions in the death game result in a reincarnation judgment or the irreversible deletion of their souls. Exploring the human condition fascinates me, and it results in fantastic characters that seem like they might exist in real life.

I truly wanted another season to pursue world-building in Yuzuru Tachikawa’s afterlife scenario.

To be honest, I’m pleased we even have this understanding of the cycle of death and human morality.


Akudama Drive is number thirteen.

Akudama Drive screenshot

The enticing aesthetics of this unusual cyberpunk dystopian civilization drew me in. And I remained for the strange people that had to use their unique powers to achieve a common objective.

They really excel in the action moments while they’re battling the superpowered cops.

It was also interesting to observe how the anime was influenced by other works, such as Akira and Ghost in the Shell.

The weird characters and bizarre concepts fit wonderfully into a heist anime. This one has a unique feel to it, but it’s well-made.


12. The Iron Fortress’ Kabaneri

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress anime screenshot

This is an animation produced by the GOAT Wit studio that is often neglected for some reason.

The artwork is just stunning. The shading, color palette, and character designs all appealed to me.

And if it’s from Wit Studio, you know you’re in for some high-quality animation.

The program features an intriguing idea that is influenced by the steampunk genre, which is something you don’t see very often in anime.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is a gorgeous piece of visual candy that definitely took a lot of time and effort to create, and I hope that more people will give it a try.


11. High School Boys’ Day-to-Day Lives

Daily Lives of High School Boys anime

This is maybe my second favorite comedy anime of all time. The first is Gintama, which I certainly cannot include on this list due to the fact that it has over 350 episodes.

This anime has provided me so much pleasure and happiness in only one season of 12 episodes and 6 specials that I will never forget.

Everything appeals to me:

The unexpected punchlines, the emotions, and the tongue-in-cheek humor all shatter the fourth wall.

You’d have to be deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly de

I think the punchlines in such dreadful action or horror flicks would make those lifeless fish-eyed folks laugh out loud.


10. Slayer of Goblins

Goblin Slayer screenshot

We waited for news of a new season after Goblin Slayer finished in December 2018. Finally, in early 2021, we learned that season 2 would be released very soon.

Orcbolg will continue to annihilate those tiny green creatures in every manner possible.

In the next season, I’d want to see more world-building.

The fantasy world is quite normal, but it would be interesting to learn more about the many races and their powers and traditions.

The adventure portion of this anime is quite entertaining to watch, particularly when the Goblin Slayer is out of his zone. If he travels to other areas, we may encounter a variety of goblins that will challenge him…

In any case, I’m delighted we’re getting more goblin gore.


Deca-Dence is a nine-letter word that means “decadence.”

Deca-Dence anime screenshot

Yuzuru Tachikawa pulled off one of the most unexpected turns in anime history.

Everyone expected this program to be a traditional monster-slaying anime set in an unusual location.

By the second episode, the filmmaker had clearly established that Deca-Dence delivered on its promises.

Nobody could have predicted forthright criticism of AI, multinational businesses, and the consumer-based culture on which mankind depends.

The notion is completely original. However, it is clear that it was influenced by a variety of media, including Mortal Engines, Attack on Titan, Darling in the Franxx, and many more.

Although certain technology features are outlandish and fantasy, the story’s themes of mankind and society are quite genuine.

I don’t want to give anything away if you haven’t seen it yet.

But believe me when I say that if you appreciate anime with a thought-provoking narrative, nice animation, and a catchy opening, you should watch a few episodes of Deca-Dence.


Terror in Resonance (Terror in Resonance) (Terror in Resonance

Terror In Resonance anime

Have you ever heard Kudasaibeats’ lofi song “The Girl I Haven’t Met”?

This anime features that female. Yeah, I was taken aback as well.

She’s a likeable character who I’ve grown to like.

She becomes entangled in the terrorist plots of the two brilliant main characters—but wait, there’s a perfectly legitimate reason, I promise.

I’m sure every terrorist has said something similar before, but don’t worry… you want them to succeed in their goals.

A horrible scheme exists in their past, and it is from this that a person returns to torment them. It’s a lot of fun to watch the cops attempt to solve puzzles and find out what’s going on with this gang.

And the ending is near-perfect and really well-executed.

I wish I could view this anime for the first time simply to reintroduce myself to everyone.


Id:Invaded (Id:Invaded) (Id:Invaded

Id:Invaded anime screenshot

It’s impossible to get bored watching investigators work.

That isn’t the case when Kenjiro Tsuda is voicing the protagonist. The secrets, backstories, and identification numbers all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The thoughts of these killers push you to work with the brilliant investigator to find out what’s going on.

But you’ll never be able to match their brilliance. This group of characters isn’t going to fit into any mold.

Normally, this pertains to the villains, but in this drama, it also applies to the protagonist.

He’s a brilliant investigator, but he’s also a killer.

That’s what makes the program so compelling, and it’s what makes you want to keep watching until he achieves his catharsis at the end.


6. Fluorite Eye’s Song by Vivy

Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song anime

In a single word, I would characterize this show as “cinematic.”

The whole narrative unfolds like a film. And the future dystopia scenario includes several well-known clichés like time travel, artificial intelligence, and… idols?

Okay, the idol aspect in this serious narrative may seem unusual. But, to tell you the truth, I couldn’t picture it any other way.

Especially the lovely OST, which never fails to make me cry.

I realize that not everyone will like this anime as much as I do, but I won’t stop praising it.


Sonny Boy No. 5

Sonny Boy anime screenshot

Sonny Boy is clearly not your typical anime.

In an universe (or should I say several worlds) that makes no sense, everyone here has depth, development, and diverse reasons.

It’s a coming-of-age narrative for all the youngsters who are trying to find out who they are and how to get out of the world they’ve been stuck in.

The nonlinear storyline presents a broad range of tales from many points of view. And it’s all brilliant: each world’s imaginative ideas, magical talents, and the children’s relationships all have their own deep themes.

But I’m not going to lie.

Despite all of Sonny Boy’s accomplishments, the OST remains my favorite part.

I’m not sure what to say. Punk rock is one of my favorite genres.


4. Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnation of the Jobless

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation anime

The Isekai genre is oversaturated and often mishandled.

I won’t deny that certain anime in this genre have… difficulties.

If you believe that all isekai is garbage, you’re in for a treat.

Studio Bind, an animation studio founded in 2018 especially for the purpose of turning this narrative into an anime, animated Mushoku Tensei.

This project is being driven by dedicated and skilled individuals. And you can guarantee that skill is on display in these eleven episodes.

We get to observe our protagonist develop as a brilliant magician from his early years. We observe as he is given a second opportunity to make up for his previous misdeeds as an unpleasant NEET from our world.

And Rudeus makes certain that this second opportunity is not squandered.


3. Erased

Erased anime screenshot

Winter has already established itself as my favorite season.

When I hear the opening music against a snowy white sky, my brain releases a distinct chemical.

Aside from the beautiful OST, the peaceful ambiance, which is fitted with dark undertones, evokes sorrow and nostalgia.

Reliving one’s youth with long-lost pals Is a dream come true for many.

Satoru goes back in time and discovers that opportunity, but he can’t afford to take it. He knows a little-known fact about his hometown: a sequence of unsolved killings.

But what can a ten-year-old do to put a stop to it?


2. There is No Life Without A Game

No Game No Life anime

This program should not be on this list.

Unfortunately, this anime is a member of the “Less Than 20 Episodes Club,” and there isn’t much I can do about it.

But, hey, this is supposed to be a list of the greatest, right? That counts for something, right?

The universe of Disboard, after all, isn’t a joke. A massive crimson moon hovering above a metropolis, a soaring forest reaching for the earth with its massive roots, and massive strange chess pieces strewn across the globe…

A magical spell is created on your senses by the bright fantasy dreamland etched in neon hues.

If Shiro and Sora ate a piece of the earth, I’m sure they’d think it was candy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tet turned the earth into brownies.

With the laws of Disboard and their abilities, the two brilliant siblings could really turn the earth into sweets by themselves.

I believe I’ve just ruined a story element…

Anyway, there’s a lot to think about in this anime.

There are a lot of unique ideas out there, and the brother-sister combo can explore them all.

Every time I recall my initial encounter with this anime, I’m more and more compelled to read the light novel.

I really don’t want to go on without finishing Shiro and Sora’s narrative and exploring the Disboard universe.


Priority 1: Wonder Egg

Wonder Egg Priority anime screenshot

This is an anime with a style that appears like it may have been made by KyoAni or Naoko Yamada, but it wasn’t.

They did, however, have a significant impact on this anime.

There are a number of parallels to be drawn here, from the adorable teenage females to the lovely lighting to the realistic settings.

And there’s a lot I want to praise about this anime, but the art is by far the most obvious.

When I initially saw it, I had no idea what to anticipate… but I certainly didn’t expect a dark magical girl anime with mind-blowing sakuga and a profoundly moving plot.

The animators and storyboarders clearly spent a lot of time and effort into the plot and characters.

They actually utilized flowers as symbols throughout the play.

The cinematography used to frame such images likewise seems to be well-planned.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget this concert.

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