World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is the game’s eighth expansion, due out on the 23rd. November 2020 will be published. It involves significant changes to character level boundaries and includes five new areas: Ardenwald, Bastion, Muldrax, Mau and Revendret. As always, there are a ton of new mechanics, revamped abilities, and a new system known as Covenants. Whether you’re new to the business, returning to the game or continuing your journey, you’re probably wondering what the best additions to WoW Shadowlands are.

Below we present some of the most important new features of WoW Shadowlands. There are also a few additions you might enjoy, depending on your character class and style of game. Of course, addons are not mandatory and only serve to improve your game. The community of addon developers for WoW is huge, so there’s probably something for everyone.

Best additions for WoW Shadowlands

The best additions for WoW Shadowlands :

  • WeakAura
  • Lethal cartridges
  • ElvUI
  • Details
  • Bartender
  • HandyNotes
  • Leatrix Plus
  • Banyon / Adibags

As mentioned, the word is more subjective. The primary purpose of these additions is to provide a balanced experience. They offer flexible action boxes, dungeon and raid information, and performance data so you know how well you’re playing. Some players like a more vanilla experience and prefer not to use plug-ins.


WeakAuras is the most customizable framework for buffering, debugging, and other information mapping. The most interesting feature is the ability to quickly share and import your WeakAuras scripts with other players. There is an entire website, Wago, that consists of thousands of user-created WeakAura scripts that can come in handy in any situation imaginable.

The learning curve may be steep, but WeakAura is a powerful tool that can do almost anything. Despite its capabilities, WeakAuras is a lightweight and does not blow up the game in any way. Take a snapshot and try to look at a few WeakAuras scripts per class. You won’t be disappointed.

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Changes to the Fatal Pattern

Dungeons and raids have a lot of mechanics to remember. Deadly Boss Mods takes some of the pressure off and tells you what to do in each boss fight. You need to get away from mechanics? DBM will let you know. Deadly Boss Mods contains combat mechanics for every dungeon and raid in the game and is updated regularly.

The addon can be quite strong, but does not negatively affect performance. Some parts of the addon are loaded automatically when you are in a particular case. Instead of memorizing everything, give DBM a shot, especially if you’re new to PvE content. Other similar additions are big wigs and small wigs.

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ElvUI is the most popular interface addon available in World of Warcraft. It offers the most extensive user interface customization options, but the configuration can be tedious. Fortunately, they have a way of importing templates that makes it relatively easy to imitate someone else’s configuration. If you plan on using this addon, I recommend that you look at all the settings and adjust them to fit your character.

ElvUI includes some default templates that depend on your class roles, for example B. Healer, DPS or Tank. You can unlock almost all elements of the user interface and move, resize and position them as you see fit, which is a must for many players. The best part is that it has the most active development teams, so you don’t have to worry about breaking important patches.

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It’s always good to see how much damage or healing you do in a dungeon or raid. You want to contribute to the success of your group, right? The details are the reference for the damage counters. The figures are displayed in an easily digestible format right out of the box. You can break down the damage into combat and spell type and get a detailed analysis. It is an excellent tool for improving damage and healing, and it allows you to locate those missing from your raid.

The details also support plugins like TinyThreat, which can be crucial in high-level dungeons. The risk of ending up in Shadowlands is lower than, say, WoW vanilla, but it’s still important to know. The addon also provides useful information, such as. B. received damage, and allows you to share these measurements in different chats with a single click.

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If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed in 15 years of World of Warcraft, it’s the action bars. Honestly, there’s a saying: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Blizzard seems to have stuck to this motto and stayed true to its bare bones over the years. For players who want a little more customization, there is an addon for that. Bartender is the most customizable action bar addon on the market.

Between all your spells, consumables, alliance abilities, and other items you use, you need a lot of shortcuts. The bartender allows you to customize ten action bars, as well as other bars like pet, bag, reputation and more. Change the number of locations per bar, add custom macros, and customize condition behavior for an advanced and useful user interface.

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Practice notes

That’s not to say that World of Warcraft’s default map is terrible, but it certainly lacks a few options. HandyNotes allows you to keep track, add notes and record different things on the map. It’s the perfect tracking tool to help you stay organized in a game where there’s a lot going on everywhere. Several plugins for Shadowlands are available in HandyNotes.

A useful addition to HandyNotes is called Oribos. It shows all provider locations and icons on a map, so you don’t have to turn around to find everything.

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Leatrix Plus

Leatrix Plus is the newest addition to our list and offers many quality of life improvements that are missing from the base game. There are many settings to automate tedious things like repairs, skipping search text, and automatically accepting cancellations. Honestly, there are too many options here, so you should check out their official page on CurseForge.

Perhaps the best feature of Leatrix Plus is its elimination of screen reflections and distractions that can impair your vision. You can also force the camera to zoom to the maximum, which many players do manually every time they log in.

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Banyon / Adibags

Finally, if you don’t have a standard shared pocket space, you have two good options. First, Bagnon combines all your bags into one giant bag. It also allows you to track the elements of your characters. It also has some pre-sorting capabilities to identify trash and other irrelevant items faster.

If you’re not a fan of a big bag, Adibags is a great option halfway. Adibags automatically categorizes your items so you don’t have to spend five minutes looking for an item you could swear you won. The standard World of Warcraft bags aren’t the best, and these additions make up for it.

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